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There is stable diffusion which is amazing, but it’s for image generation and not text.

I bet corporations like Google will also release their own AIs sooner or later. They are so effective as tools that you either use them or fall behind in innovation.

Such countermeasures will only lead to an arms race, and I think its likely that AI will win. Because any tool that can detect if a given text was written by AI, can also be used to improve that AI.

Most likely the way that school works will have to change to account for new technology.

I dont think so, because actual restaurants offer good food and a good experience. McDonalds isnt a real restaurant in that sense, they give you cheap trash which looks and tastes like it was dumped straight from a factory line.

You are really overthinking something that can save a few cents at best. Considering that 1000L of tap water cost around 2 Euros.

The only reason CNN is reporting about this is because their own “journalists” were affected for once. Julian Assange, a real journalist is being tortured and they couldnt care less.

Russia has major supplies of important resources like oil, gas, metals etc. Its also a fact that Russia has its own distinct culture, which defies the us empire on the world stage.

There is also some historical background from the rivalry between orthodox religion and catolicism, but this might be less relevant today (who knows).

There is “stable diffusion” which is open source and really amazing. But afaik its not from big tech.

Twitter is now in self destruction mode. They dont have enough workers to review such things anymore.

I honestly dont think it makes much sense to think with this concept of rights. If they have the power and the will, who is going to stop them?

“Cloud” hosting can be very expensive, look at the prices for aws. And all just for a single instance.

What do you mean right? As long as states have military and police, they have the power to decide who crosses the borders. And power is what matters.

TIL that Twitter spends 3 million usd per day on their infrastructure. 90 million per month, or a billion per year. Imagine how many fediverse servers that could pay for.

Its hosted in United States, so CIA and other agencies have full control over Signal. So not an option for me.

Having children. Its really impossible to describe how much it changes your live for the better (though its also very hard in the beginning).