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That’s why you remove the ssd/hdd yourself, or ask the tech to remove it for you beforehand. Even if it is totally encrypted. Also, learn repairing your devices, not worth it letting some random dude repair it anyway.

Whatever the company’s nationality, they will just fuck up the environment, local community (illness, children born with defects, …), and their subsistence when governement just lets those industries do whatever they want. Chinese business worldwide are no different than American/western; it is worth noticing that Chinese in some countries owns a great amount of industries, undermining the national businesses. This is just a modern form of colonization.

Both IMIP and IWIP are primarily owned by Chinese company Tsingshan Holding Group, which has been investing heavily in Indonesia’s nickel facilities since 2013. It has become the norm for Chinese companies seeking to get involved in the nickel-processing business in Indonesia to work with Tsingshan and its partners. Although the group reportedly plans to sell its assets in Indonesia, these will likely go to other Chinese companies. Tsingshan Holding Group did not respond to a request for comment for this story.

Ahmad Redi, an expert in natural resources and mining law at the University of Tarumanagara, believes that China’s dominance is a double-edged sword: On one side, it gives a boost to Indonesia’s state income and local economic growth, but on the other, it could mean that Indonesia’s nickel becomes a pawn in China’s larger industrialization agenda. “[This means] that maximum economic and added value potentials can’t be achieved by Indonesia,” he told Rest of World.

Additionally, Chinese investors are not known for having the highest concerns for environmental impact, Redi said. “The environmental damage and social conflict will cause Indonesia to suffer long-term losses,” he said.

😂😂 people who recommend Telegram and Signal as “privacy alternatives” 😂😂 people who fall for that 💔

Also read: how capitalism destroyed society and is going to destroy all forms of life except the capitalist class

Nice. Ditch WhatsApp. Use an app that has no user identifiers to begin with so no chance of that happening, that is apps like https://simplex.chat/

That’s because you have enough information. Most watching do not; and they are not the ones who decide to fund it. If people could directly choose in a transparent way what to do with their taxes, do you think most would actively and authentically choose to fund it?

anybody watching and enjoying the WC have some serious problems with their ethical faculties and a severe lack of empathy.

Most have no idea. The people with issues are capitalists, government, soccer teams, …

No (I do not consume anything sports unless it is for learning purposes). I like playing soccer though

What are your favorite science video content creators?
Mine's - [PBS Space Time](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_gcs09iThXybpVgjHZ_7g) - [Sabine Hossenfelder](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1yNl2E66ZzKApQdRuTQ4tw) - [Kurzgesagt](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsXVk37bltHxD1rDPwtNM8Q)

cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/195767 > President Xi Jinping pledged to redistribute wealth while turning up the heat on China’s upscale citizens and businesses. So, what keeps Chinese communism going? CaspianReports says it is because geopolitics, development, national security, stability. BTW ofc China is not Communist. What are your informed arguments?

Go with mulvad if you need a VPN for any other reason than anonymity then

Tor. VPN is not trying to be anonymous, it was not designed for that.

That is just for enhancing their own systems, surveillance capitalism, and so on… No need to read the article to know that.

No. I think people might just not have anything better going on in their lifes, do not know about any other topic, [include external factors], so that is most what they have to talk about. I dislike it as well. If they work for capitalists as most people do, talking about work for socializing with friends is worse yet (alienation and all that). Also, I think it is pitiful when people/workers identify with whatever the capitalist companyorganization they work for (capitalist company which explores the workers).

And some people still insist on an “American dream”. What a horrible joke the US is. Not even universal healthcare for a “developed” country. A place where capitalism, neoliberalism, exploitation stand above everything; systematically applying imperialism, war, propaganda, destroying, surveiling other countries for power and control while brainwashing the uncritical mass with “war on terror” 😂 Going backwards in human rights for a “democratic” country. Thank God I was not born there. I wish I can see a day when countries will mostly sanction the US instead. I wish US continues enriching the rich, that inflation goes up, inequality rises, so that it will led to increasing resistance. Unfortunately though, resistance doesn’t stand a chance against its defense, army. The best for enlightened people is just GTFO of there.

Fixing issues, adding features, hard forking when I disagree on some fundamental aspects including both technical and social/governance, collaboration…

You question should be towards the free software community in general. Specifically to Linux, I like learning from its documentation and development process, compiling custom kernels, looking at the source…

Worry about surveillance capitalism and mass surveilance instead. This “imperfect”, nothing to hide stance is just distraction from the real issue.

Innovative operating systems including Linux distributions, specially those which are usable?
In my experience, the most innovative distributions include [NixOS](https://nixos.org/) and [GNU Guix System](https://guix.gnu.org) (Nix influenced it): determinism/correctness, pure functional paradigm, declarative, atomic, departing from FHS for good, ... And they are pretty useful currently: [Nix has the most packages](https://repology.org/repositories/statistics/total), both are declarative so can easily reuse the configuration and apply in infrastructure as code, can rollback, can use for development (basically a way better alternative to Docker), can use in other distributions and Nix even on MacOS... Nix community being generally more practical, agile and flexible, while the GNU Guix community enforcing more correctness (building everything in their repositories from source including all transitive dependencies) and software freedom as GNU/FSF defines. Other distributions I could include are musl based ones, Clear Linux, Fedora SIlverblue, OpenSUSE MicroOS, and projects like sel4, Theseus OS, but I don't have much experience with them to describe them fairly. So please lets discourse about innovative distributions and operating systems, those which you have experienced, which you may be excited about.

The Problems of Open Source
cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/113521 > cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/113520 > > > Some quotes > > > > > Twenty years ago, the phrase 'open source' had a definite meaning in computing which is quite different from the sense it has now... > > > > > Why is Free Software so Bad in Quality? > > > > > > Most free software is poor or unusable. This is heavily disguised because protagonists like to use the isolated points fallacy to sell the idea FOSS is great. > > > > > > ... > > > > > > ...if you're lucky enough to attract such a team you need to keep them together. And for that you need capital and that is exactly where FOSS falls down. This is the main reason why so much FOSS is of poor quality.1 > > > > > FOSS was Built Out of Corporation and Tax Money > > > > > > Open Office was derived from Star Office which was the product of StarDivision and Sun Microsystems. It was not put together by a hacker living in his mom’s spare bedroom... > > > > > > Emacs was supported financially by people working at the MIT AI Lab, which means that it was funded by Uncle Sam... > > > > > > Linux is...mostly a copy of Unix, despite howls to the contrary it is deeply unoriginal, being based on ideas going back to the time of the Vietnam War. These ideas were in turn evolved within Bell Labs by its creators who were also well-paid professionals. Linus Torvalds really copied an idea whose basis had been funded by university and corporation money and without that basis there would have been no Linux. > > > > > Free Open Source is not often Innovative > > > > > > ...lot of FOSS is poorly written reverse-engineered copies of existing commercial software. Innovation is hard; it requires time and brains. Reverse engineering is a powerful disincentive to innovation since anybody who does spend R&D capital in innovation, can have their ideas reverse engineered. > > > > > > ...