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A lot of people would suggest GNU/Linux as operating system, my suggestion is FreeBSD.

  1. It runs rock solid.
  2. It runs on a lot of platforms. Architectures
  3. There is only one FreeBSD and not a hundred of distros.
  4. It has a very good BHYVE (virtual machine) and Jails architecture.
  5. One can run Linux Apps (no emulation!) within FreeBSD.
  6. There are a lot of applications, which you can find at FreshPorts, explained at one place and the possibility to contact the port manager.
  7. A lot of desktop environments and window managers. e.g. WindowMaker, what can be very slim and usable.
  8. It is very well documented: FreeBSD Handbook

Just my 5 (8)Cents. ;)

Yeah, found it. Thank you very much! :D

Okay, I did find Jerboa for Lemmy at F-Droid, lite and nice, but version 0.0.27… 😄

I used lemmur nearly every day, but since an upgrade it decided not to find lemmy.ml and other lemmy sites anymore. Now I found out at https://github.com/LemmurOrg/lemmur that the project is stopped by the developers. Is there another lemmy app for android? It's a pity, I liked the app, nice interface and very small and fast.

The Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse for business should be what you look for. I really don’t like this company, but their mice are good.

Me too, several times a day. Always something interesting to find.

BTW: Is there a nice CLI App for lemmy?

  • abook for addresses
  • neomutt for e-mails
  • calcurse for planning things (calendar app)
  • wordgrinder for taking notes (better than any office app)
  • micro for writing plain text
  • most as pager
  • mc for handling files, ftp and sftp too; nnn is nice for local use
  • links for browsing the net
  • profanity as xmpp client
  • toot for Mastodon
  • amfora for gemini capsules
  • gopher for gopher holes
  • dict for looking up words

These I use on a daily basis. I really like to test all these nice cli software because most of it is easy to use and beautiful. ;-)

Good advice, didn’t know that. In Germany, we really like to use SelfHTML.org – a very good site since the beginning of HTML. But, only in German.

I just tried SimpleX, seems a very nice tool! I even got it to install onto my Linux PC, easy, like stealing a baby it’s porridge! Thanks for the advice.

Still have to find a person to use it with. And to research how the telephony is working with the CLI App.

Yes! Silence! This is what Signal was before all the googleization, works like a charm. The most significant problem is: Where do you find people to change encrypted SM using Silence? I have just ONE fried who is using silence.

Signal is moving away from the SMS protocol, AFAIK. Is this right?

Seems, a blind chicken sometimes can find a grain. ;)

I mean, if you compare what kind of worse people got that prize.

This is, what DeepL translates:

Today’s PRF operation was outlined in a meeting in Alvorada

PRF targets irregular transport and reinforces effective especially in the North and Northeast regions.

The action spearheaded today by the Federal Highway Police that takes place on Brazilian roads with actions to hinder the transportation of voters began to be articulated on the night of 19 October. On that Wednesday, the hard core of Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign met at the Alvorada Palace and outlined the fundamental actions that should be taken in the final stretch of the second round.

One of them was precisely the operation that is being undertaken since early this morning: the heads of the bodies that assist the Electoral Justice, such as the Armed Forces, Federal Police and Federal Highway Police, would be instructed that their commanders should be alert to irregular transportation of voters, especially in the Northeast.

Obviously, this was never a concern with the brand of impartiality.

The expectation of the Bolsonarist command has always been that only possible irregular movements of Lula voters would be barred, prevented or hindered.

Says a member of the campaign:

It wouldn’t even be necessary to give an explicit order for anything. As the staff of these police forces is basically composed of supporters of the president, the consequence of an operation like this is obvious.

DeepL would have been quite a better choice to do the job …