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It sucks that most people live under governments that will fail them at every opportunity.

That’s true. My old friends just weren’t very nice. I’ve also decided to try to re-connect with my brother more.

I’ve done an event with PSL. A goal of mine is to become more active next year. I also have some non-political activities I enjoy. I’m confident better people for me are out there.

I agree. It would take generations to change the general mindset here in the USA.

IRL news…after probably hundreds of bad experiences…I’ve decided I’m going to look for some new friends. It stinks that by far this biggest factor in making friends is usually proximity.

I’m not sure how or where I’ll meet new IRL friends…but it’s much needed.

Did the situation get resolved with those downvoting weirdos?

There is a new podcast called The Great Proletariat Revolution Podcast, hosted by Andrew Smith. He’s a bit eccentric sometimes, but very entertaining.

Both events are very misunderstood in the west. I wouldn’t trust narratives you’ve heard. However, deadly mistakes were made during both events. Just remember that most events can have good and bad aspects.

Yes. I like it overall. Still get some of those ‘western ML’ type posts every now and then though.

The downvoters thought I was too pro-landlord

🚨 possible lurking landlord 🚨

We see you downvoting 👀

Edit: hate to admit it, but I love being petty about the random downvoters 💅


Whenever someone tells me if I don’t vote I can’t complain I just say ‘are you gonna stop me?’

Now the most milquetoast libs possible put ‘this machine kills fascists’ on their guitars.

Yes, it’s very unfortunate. I just tell people ‘please join a community organization. It’s basically the only way to actually help right now’

All good.

I actually had started following them again recently. I like their content overall. I really don’t have a good solution to address the vaccine issue in capitalist society, especially the wretched USA where healthcare isn’t even a right.

You just made a ton of assumptions about my minor criticism. I still said I still support most of what they say. I said these discussions are difficult due to capitalism and history.

Don’t put words in my mouth.

I think the Revolutionary Blackout Channel is a great Channel to follow if you don’t already.

I go back and forth on following them. I agree with most of what they say, but they veer off into anti-vax stuff sometimes and I can’t support that.

I hate how capitalism has ruined discussions about medical care, especially in the USA. Black people in the USA have every right to be skeptical of the government and even vaccines, given the history. Sad all around.

That’s nice. I’ve actually been enjoying it more recently. Both sites are fun. I actually enjoy my time on them. It’s almost like all the fun of Twitter with none of the downsides.

Gotta say I agree 100%. The biggest thing now seems to be propagandizing the population to accept that nothing better is possible, suppress intellectual curiousity, etc. Most of this stuff is out in the open, it’s just never discussed. In fact, most people will think you’re crazy if you mention it at all.

Everybody knows about the Iran hostage situation and how the hostages were held until after the election in order to ensure his defeat.

Gotta say, thats objectively quite the flex.

2000 election was quite literally stolen. Plus both parties are 100% beholden to capital.

I’m confused about your use of the word color revolution. I guess the tea party could be considered one. Color revolutions stir up and amplify existing sentiments, usually to overthrow a problematic government.

The USA ruling class absolutely does not want uprisings here.

Exactly. Honestly, I don’t want to interact with clueless libs on here. If I wanted to do that, I’d go anywhere else.

Libs will be mentioning this nonstop still for decades.

Isn’t it basically consensus even among the military and the ruling class that this would be a disaster for the USA? Although that hasn’t stopped them before.

Falsehoods like this are so dangerous because people will be parroting it 10 years from now, even after it’s been completely debunked.

Looks like that weirdo got banned.

I’m an atheist but I still try to be respectful of others religious beliefs these days. Acting like a reddit atheist isn’t going to win over anyone.

Wow. Just looked it up. I’ve definitely seen some wall-worthy takes from those types.

Sometimes I just 😂 at the random downvotes. Some salty lib lurker most likely.

Poll - average worst takes by pfp
Probably missing some but just threw this together real quick.

I haven’t seen the movie in forever, but I feel like it probably still holds up?

Economic Update/Richard Wolff
I know this gets brought up all the time…and I need to stress that overall I like Prof. Wolff. I think some of his ‘misses’ are from being a Marxist in the USA over the last few decades. I actually think he’s great at explaining Marxist ideas to people who aren’t familiar. But I’ve noticed every few weeks he will have some straight up clueless liberal on his show. I’m not saying that someone who isn’t explicitly ML can’t provide good insight, but sometimes he has people who wouldn’t be out of place on MSNBC. Last week he had Ana Kasparian on! She has been pushing anti-homeless nonsense that sounds identical to Fox News. Citations Needed even has an episode about her and TYT. I don’t know if I can stomach that interview with her. To his credit, he will never explicitly agree or disagree with a guest and let them talk. But some of his guests I’m not so sure about.

Sorry, still use Kindle. Might get off it one day.

Also I’m not a liberal, but if you want a Bible quote I got one 😎: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/92519943-7eaf-4a50-b5c2-b1ff37071811.jpeg)

cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/401856 > https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/exclusive-us-navy-jet-flew-across-baltic-hours-after-nord-stream-burst-2022-10-07/

Oh look, another US military ghoul. Scum of the earth. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/6f39f905-ff12-45b9-89ec-3ab60398353e.jpeg)

Decent short thread RE: ‘MAGA communism’ AKA rebranded national socialism

I know there’s already been several posts, but it would be kind of funny to me if the whole page was ‘Gorby dead’ posts.

Amazingly enough, I am a mod for this sub. Probably why I could see it. Blocked.

I wonder if it’ll be the old CIA/FBI narrative of ‘shot in the back of the head 27 times, ruled a suicide’

Is Western social media getting worse?
Twitter obviously has always had huge downsides, but if you heavily curated your feed, it was sometimes ok. There were socialist/communist circles that had decent discourse. Recently (last few months), I’ve noticed almost EVERY thread is infested with combative libs. I also see literal pro-Nazi/fascist threads. I’m talking about praising Hitler and calling for ethnic cleansing. They never seem to get taken down and are very active (often with little resistance). These threads are not something I’ve dug for either. They are easy to stumble upon. This is almost exactly what happened to Reddit, which is pretty much worthless now. I haven’t logged on in weeks. I need to research more, but I know most social media companies have been infiltrated by ‘former’ US security stooges from the CIA etc. I know anything remotely left wing gets suppressed by the algorithms, but I’m pretty convinced they are pushing hard right content.

Just an FYI, I just thought the response was funny. I don’t know if Beiber actually was doing a Nazi salute and I’m not going to look into it further.

![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/f6ff4bb8-e8f6-472d-a07b-b7a8076720ae.jpeg) Can hear him saying this 😂

I’ve become more acutely aware of this recently. Most Americans are functionally illiterate on most matters, yet they never admit they may not know. Why would you think you know something you haven’t learned about? Saying you don’t know something is usually not a sign of weakness. This attitude needs to change.