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Huawei is not the only one. Almost all software companies have some KPI that employees are farming. (speaking from experience here)

Gettin killed at a mass shooting during a July 4th parade is probably the most American thing ever. Founding Fathers would be proud.

It’s probably because those with decision making authority have no idea what open source is and how it works.

That being said, China is a huge contributor to open source. For example Huawei and Alibaba are among top kernel contributors.

Turkey has a pretty ambitious plan for Linuxification. Same with the Münich city government in Germany.

is pizza hut still in Russia?

McDonalds is a public health disaster. Russia is lucky to be rid of it.

Here are some google alternatives:

Brave Search: https://search.brave.com/

SearX instances: https://searx.space/

Excerpt below: "Realistically, there are probably a bunch of people at the company who shouldn't be here. Part of my hope by raising expectations and having more aggressive goals, and just kind of turning up the heat a little bit, is that I think some of you might decide that this place isn't for you, and that self-selection is OK with me."

Paid for by the Microsoft guy.

It’s a shame that a once-reputable outlet like the Guardian has turned into this.

Having an open ISA like RISC-V increases competition in the market. Better for us consumers.

Original page in Portuguese is linked above. Here is the translation: https://translated.turbopages.org/proxy_u/pt-en.en.33eea8cb-62bd52ba-1c657967-74722d776562/https/www.gov.br/anatel/pt-br/assuntos/noticias/aberta-consulta-publica-sobre-requisitos-usb-c-em-telefones-celulares

I agree that it’s not completely open, but having an open ISA is alteady a huge step forward.

ARM is owned by a company. RISC-V instruction set is open.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/340026 > This is great for moving RISC-V to mainstream. Pine64 makes great hardware.

But I assume the binary compiled for ARM won’t work for RISC-V

The reason young men went hard-right in the last decade is because left-wing movements stopped talking about issues that affect men. The vacuum was filled by people like Jordan Peterson.

You can’t build a popular movement and be dismissive of half of the population.

nice! do you know if it’s just a matter or compiling against a different target or is there more?

Isn’t Armbian for arm chips? They also support RISC-V now?

I’ve seen this in other places as well, especially hackernews. Why is that?

Atom is very lightweight and has lots of plugins. VSCode is packed with features that just clog my workspace.

I don’t have much context, why would you get downvoted? Sounds like a good feature to me.

Not suprising. With the recession people are buying fewer expensive cars probably.

I don’t have a TV. I’m asking to understand what it runs inside.

Is this something a router-based DNS filter like PiHole remove?

Not really. They removed a huge number of videos, and I haven’t seen any analysis into what was really in it.

Yes, same with Tumblr.

I actually prefer Atom to VSCode. I’ll probably keep using it even after it’s shelved by Microsoft.

Didn’t PornHub pull a tumblr recently?

Apps make it easier to invade your privacy and collect data. Data == Money.

US Sanctions are resulting in a chipmaking boom in mainland China.

I’ve seen this so many times. It’s usually the fault of the journalist who either does not understand the subject, or has a narrative to spin.