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That’s so cool. And I have never heard of it. And it even has the rex game.

If this is not some kind of joke, it is sooo crazy. I specially like the Mercedes one.

Long time ago, I created a script to take the link I had on the clipboard and download it as ogg. If it is useful to someone… https://git.sr.ht/~iortega/scripts/tree/master/item/download-audio.sh

You need xclip to make this work. It is POSIX compliant, so I guess it works on any UNIX system.

Actually, I don’t really play any games nowadays. I spend most of my free time learning japanese instead of on games. Although, if there is a game I occasionally play, that is Melee.

I thought tattoos and piercings were associated with aggressiveness, violent behavior and being part of dangerous groups (mafia or similar), so they would be less likely to get through job interviews. At least around here though.

I know the topic is not about this… but as long as the service doesn’t run on free software, it’s like “I don’t care what you do” to me

It’s always fun to see how most of Asia is red. And then Japan.

I’m just happy using pass. I made several scripts to create new passwords and get usernames and passwords. I may end up using a GUI some day though, but not yet. And if I have more contents on encrypted files, I just use pass from the command line. I like having everything on git and the repository itself on a USB stick. Although I’m currently curious at Himitsu. If I have time I might try it.

nah, it just goes on with its life as if nothing happened and once a girl finds him living in the forest he starts to make more friends (and enemies), but he beats them all and sometimes they eventually become their friends. He may even become the strongest in the universe.

A master in martial arts adopts and trains him. But it is unmanageable, until it falls from a cliff and it becomes a good alien. Then he keeps training with what the alien considers now as his grandfather, until a full moon night, where he dies and the alien is left alone.