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of course you are wrong for not supporting Russia. the Ukrainians wanna play western games in their region and they accepted the proxy war on behalf of the other NATO members, now they pay for what the Americans pushed them to.

remember that Iraq done nothing wrong to Ukraine, so the Ukrainians helped the Americans during the invasion, now they feel what means when someone invade their country.

as you mentioned the Ukrainian nazi government killed 100s of thousands of people in Donbass no human rights groups cried for them. if this was happening in middle east you see everyone barking about it, this tells you how the western governments are into neo-nazis.

😂😂😂 So Ukraine is allowed to issue a kill list for normal people even if that’s against the international law? wow Ukraine is living the golden age. if that happened in China or middle east, you hear a lot of voices telling you that’s a war crime.

by the way that’s one nice picture of her.

Its to late, no one will give up his/her product for stupid regulations.

It does not matter if they are afraid or not, for the Germans its not their decision. when the big bro (The US) decides they go to war, they go to war.

Can i install lemmy’s backend from the master branch but connect it to a front-end from other repo?
I want to install lemmy's backend from lemmy's master branch but use other lemmy UI who supports RTL. is this possible? if yes, how can be done?

What are the best recommended server specs for lemmy and which Linux distribution?
What are the best recommended server specs for lemmy and which Linux distribution? for testing purposes.

what is Lemmy and what is lemmy-ui on github?
on GitHub lemmy has 2 repositories. i'm wondering what is Lemmy and what is lemmy-ui? which one is used for installation?

Not safe to read it if you travel in bus in london at night.

I’m a pregnant male now because of Russia. F you Russia. 😂 The western world is getting silly more than ever.

If this is really Chinese balloon, then the US warning system failed successfully. exactly as the Russian drone who flew over 3 NATO countries without being detected last march.


Maybe China is doing some tests on the US soil.

You invade their country and you proud of killing them and they fought back? this west shit is shit.

Facebook had enough engineers and computing power did Facebook kill Snapchat or TikTok? I believe the original idea can win at the end whenever you have in hand to compete.

Did google kill Facebook with google+? Did microsoft kill android with windows phone?

I don’t know, i might be wrong!

Is chatGPT going to end more than 20 years of Google control over search engines?
chatGPT recently started making it loud, that way Microsoft rushed to pour $10 billion into it, so with this new model, are we going to witness the end of Google control over the way we search?

The Israelis are always at the top of the list of making things that harm people. They made NSO`s Pegasus before, now we have this.

You can do this unless someone decided to pop it for no reason.

Both speak same language, both have same religion, both have almost the same culture. and they want to kill each other for no reason, what is the problem with these nations?

Why i feel that Elon musk paid all that amount of money just to destroy twitter? anyone agree?

I don’t see any good reason yet. using your computer or smart phone to tweet make damage to environment if you are not aware. the other reasons, i don`t know. still not good.

I agree with this decision. what is the idea of tracking these private jets?

In fact there is already an RTL fork of lemmy-ui which could help you get started.

i saw this one, as i had a discussion about it on Github.

I absolutely don’t mind merging any changes with Lemmy as will pay for this by one way or another, all is care about for now to find a developer who can implement all these changes.

1-I will ask someone to help with the RTL.

2- Card View on mobile is very important, so yes that’s to be done as well. (I don’t like the current view of Lemmy on mobile) Hexbear.net on mobile is good.

3- I will ask the developer to add Q&A option to the posting form, when the option is checked, a Q&A label must be shown next to the title of that post.

4- Fields for sponsored links to fund the service. Donations culture is not that big in my place.

5- The homepage on desktop will be redesigned, the list of posts will be in the middle, with 2 sidebars, on the left and right.

Can i get updates from Lemmy if i deploy my fork on Gitea?
I'm not that technical person, i need to hear from you. I'm planning to hire someone to modify a Lemmy fork for me as i need to add new features, also i have to declare the source code to align with AGPL-3. The question is, if i put my code on self-hosetd Gitea can i get the important updates from the master brunch of lemmy on github? especially the security updates. Please tell me if this is possible!

Asking his soldiers to execute prisoners of war makes him more than a clown, he is a WAR CRIMINAL, there is no difference between him and ISIS leaders.

If the buildings were faulty, then handing them over to unassuming inhabitants is plain murder.

In this case, i completely agree with you, this makes sense.

What i meant is maybe the contractor is unable to complete the project for financial reasons. i saw such a case in middle east, the contractor went bankrupt, the government decided to take the project and give it to the people who paid for the apartments, and supported them with long term loans to complete these apartments.

I saw something like this, but the question is why not giving them to people who paid for these houses already instead of destroying them? some of them are not completed yet, but still better than nothing.

I’m not sure, Putin is shorter, this guy looks tall. I know he is standing on something, but still, his body shape looks taller than putin.

What prevents lemmy team from making Cardview on mobile like Hexbear?
So the question is clear from the title. i was searching the web and found a website called Hexbear https://www.hexbear.net/. after looking at it for a minute found that this website is a modified fork of lemmy, but checking further found that hexbear shows the posts in cardview which looks better than the standard view of lemmy on mobile. Any plans to allow cardview for lemmy on mobile? here is how it looks on mobile ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/ca0cc40f-be68-4f4a-a9b9-1fa937d33e7e.png)

I still don`t believe that al-Qaida did the 9/11 without any help from someone inside, someone works for the government.

This is something the CNN will not mention.

Don’t forget the money, he will leave the office billionaire, he’s playing the role very well.

This is the different between the east and the west. In the east, you can’t expose or prosecute the politicians. In the west, you can expose them, but also you can’t prosecute them. At the end, the result is the same. the democracy and the justice system are a myth.

The Ukrainian government does not allow any journalist to get to the frontlines justifying that for not trusting them, maybe some of them will give information’s to the Russians.

But in fact they don’t want them in the front so they don’t see the dirty work the Ukrainian army is doing.

Policy opinion: am i going to suppress the freedom of speech if i ban religion topics and porn on my instance?
At least for me its very difficult to make the line between preventing hate speech and allowing the freedom. I'm thinking to launch a lemmy instance, but the targeted audience is very sensitive to religion topics, and i'm sure if i allow it, this could lead to hate speech at some point and may fuel violence. Also, from my prospective, i just want my audience find new good things far from porn, porn sites are a lot, and i don`t want to mix it with other topics that can very constructive. So please tell me your opinion, if banning these 2 topics can effect the freedom of speech.

Is this some sort of secrets? The CIA has a good history in funding every party that harm people, so no longer a secret.

LEMMY under AGPLv3.0: Can a i modify a fork to allow ADS?
Forking and modifying lemmy to allow ads will revoke the license? according to AGPLv3.0, you still can use the code for commercial purposes. Please clarify.

Best resources to install lemmy on digitalocean
I'm not into these cloud and docker stuff. i have limited knowledge of installing software on VPS. i have installed discourse on digitalocean successfully, it was simple even with docker presence. Is there any type of resources that explains the installation process step by step for beginner people like me?