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This is a difficult topic. Here in Italy the mass migration of the past decade has caused cultural difficulties, as well as some economic fears and resentment. I am myself an immigrant, but not a refugee. I believe in a right to refuge, but also in a responsability to try to assimilate without losing your identity. There is racism here against newcomers, but I find most people are open and welcoming to those that try to be a positive part of the community.

Got this type of setup on my home pc, my laptop has sway/gnome. It’s a bit more difficult integrating sway with gnome, still having to use the cli for bluetooth, can’t figure out how to have it managed by gnome networking.

Just got off the train, I gave up cars a while ago.

You can try an open source androi, I use e/OS. I only use F-Droid or directly get apks.

Srart bringing your twitter friends here and help us grow!

Consideration and respect for others, self-restraint, self-discipline, a willingness to actively take part in the community, humility.

Data should not be sold. Cookies and similar technology shojld only be used for site functionality. It should not be legal for any entity, public or private, to create any type of profile without express permission.

I've been gritting my teeth for years over officials using 'free' services that send comprimising data to data-mining companies that sell data to anyone. Privacy and confidentiality my big, hairy, pimple-covered behind.

I found this: WriteFreely that might be interesting. It’s a self-hosted blogging platform that federates through ActivityPub to any compatible federated service like Mastodon.

I am often labeled a liberal, and do not rant about people demanding their rights.

Sometimes apps will have minor feature differences between play and F-Droid, I’ve found that most apps in both stores have the ‘pro’ (paid for) version on F-Droid, for free but maybe not updated as frequently. I got Jeroba for Lemmy on F-Droid and am perfectly happy with it, but, then again, my phone has been thoroughly de-googled.

Chian is anything but communist, just another authoritarian-fascist regime.

Personally: Nextcloud, Kodi, Gogs, Apache2 all hosted on various Arm devices, all for my own personal use. Since I have only 4g connectivity, many of my servers are available as onion hidden services.

Interesting, but why install components that don’t work, ie microphone?

I’m not sure about Silverblue, but on Fedora desktop I had to manualy add the flathub repository, but it’s easy enough. I found the Fedora flatpack repo had a more limited selection of applications.

I find Fedora desktop to my liking: stable, customizeable and avantguardia. Just enough ‘blobs’ to work without losing weeks chasing down semi-functional drivers. Install software directly from their repos or through flatpack. They don’t try to reinvent the wheel like some distros.

Ubuntu keeps trying to reinvent the wheel, usually with triangles. It is unstable in a strange way, not because of the latest software but because of how they tweak everything. I always suspect it includes spyware. I moved to Fedora, which is just as avantguardia, but stable. If you like Debian based stuff, go with Debian Testing, and install the desktop and software of your choice.

Get a cheap computer, turn it into a web server, install wordpress, get a static ip and a domain name. Lots of tutorials online, especially for GNU/Linux and Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry Pi can be had for about 50 bucks, a static ip and domain name should run about 25-30 per year. You can also use any old computer you have lying around, just install Debian server or Rocky Linux. For a static ip and domain name I’ve had good experience with Best of luck!