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We vote with our wallets. We vote with our attention.

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Its because its the only solution I have found to have hashtags (i want to display portfolio with add themes), blog, and possibly in the future, a shop.

Not specific enough to be spread as praxis. There are projects where [good] graffitti was used to value an area… is this a call for vandalising landlord’s property? Or generally bring down the appeal of an area? Feels like a superficial and vane approach to anarchism praxis. Here i’ll doodle on a wall and im an anarchist kind of thing.

Their competition is not actual restaurants.

I’m sorry but saying tourism is evil is a sad and narrow-minded statement. Travelling is inherent to life, exploration is an excellent human characteristic, and inter-cultural exchange is much much needed. It sounds like you got bothered by tourists and built that pessimistic view. Why not go travel, be a tourist yourself and broaden your worldview?

Now, there are less than ideal forms of tourism that can be very harmful, but the *evil *comes from behind that, usually, an unethical company wanting to profit.