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Americ*ns are the kind of people who plot to stab you in the back, and then whine when you thwart them.

My impression has always been that his administration only championed civil rights in order to remove a powerful talking point from the Soviet Union, and to head off the appeal of communism among black Americans . He also kicked off that dumbass Apollo project – basically a dick-measuring contest with the communist bloc – which ended up pouring a lot of money that could have gone to improve race relations into a literal hole in the sky.

Yeah, and I don’t know if I’d exactly call him non-racist.

I dare anyone not to be stirred by this.

the bill will “restore bodily autonomy to incarcerated folks by providing opportunity to donate organs and bone marrow” and “recognize incarcerated donors’ decisions by offering reduced sentence.”


And Teddy Roosevelt was one of the least openly racist American presidents up until maybe JFK. Think about that.

Now I get why the US is so scared

Maybe they’re going for the Zeppelin coolness factor.

“Our country is being invaded by Chinese balloons!”

Yeah, well, get your own industry, losers.

The great danger posed to America by… aircraft first developed in the 18th century

Not gonna lie, when I first heard about the “Snake Island Heroes,” I thought it was from some He-Man and the Masters of the Universe reboot.

1957: America panics over Sputnik

2023: America panics over a stupid balloon

Man, have the fascists gone soft

US intelligence be like: “look at this PLA soldier with his dangerous weapon”

It pains me to say this, of course. Ukraine has fought a just war against an unjust – even barbaric – aggressor. And the country has fought well. Indeed, not only have the Ukrainians put up a better defensive fight than was generally expected in the run-up to the war, but they have taken the fight to the enemy, even pushing the Russians back on several fronts.

But Ukraine has lost the war nonetheless.

Translation: Noble and inherently superior Aryans overcome by the sheer mass of Asiatic subhumans.

Exactly. As Xi said to Scholz, political trust, once broken, is very hard to regain. Merkel’s open admission that Minsk II was a ploy to buy the Ukrainians time basically obviated the chance of any rapprochement over Ukraine. If somebody in Berlin or Washington had reprimanded her, or issued an official denial – "this woman doesn’t represent current German or NATO leadership, and her version of events is not accurate " – the situation could maybe have been salvaged. But people either echoed her, or said nothing, and Russia now knows the west is absolutely not to be trusted.


Ukrainian positions in the Kherson area are starting to come under heavy shelling.