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where do you get your music from? (ideally: DRM free, online store with SEPA payment (or paypal), low price
My current way is: * bandcamp.com for some artists * buying used CDs from a online music CD reseller and ripping them * download a few from youtube via youtube-dl or something Now a few of those from youtube are great, i'd like to buy now the album. bandcamp.com doesn't offer it and it is too specific/too new to get a used CD. i could buy them from apple Itunes since it is rather cheap and it offers a DRM free download option (i think), but i'd like to avoid apple and its walled garden and bad user interface for linux people.

EU-Parlament beschließt Verbot fest verbauter Akkus
Nutzer sollen Akkus mit handelsüblichen Werkzeugen austauschen können. Ein Verkleben oder festes Verbauen von Akkus soll verboten werden.