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Running has a way to make the bad thoughts go away

Hahahaha. Tbh been loving gentoo. Its not really harder than arch; the main downside is compile times which can be avoided by updating at night

Look on the the arch wiki, you can tweak snapshot/cleanup frequencies, which is nice

Honestly id back up the initial claim. Pick any video and its always very high quality, informative, and funny

Currently in IT and its like a 7/10. Users are a pain, but working on systems is somewhat fun.

Heard its better on windows, with the smaller battery i get around 7h from 90 to 0 on Gentoo with normal usage. Though ootb without any optimizations it was closer to 5h.

Yes its a high quality product. I was also skeptical so i waited for 12th gen, as i had a friend that preordered one the minute they were anounced. Ive had mine for a bit less than a year, my friend closer to two, and neither of us have had any hardware issues.
Obviously theyre still a young company, so theres still some risk i guess. But its probably my favorite laptop ive had.

Its not all sunshine and rainbows obviously, there are a couple things that could be better. The speakers are meh, the screen is ok, but in my case these were not things i was worried about

Ive been very damn satisfied with my framework, and the new stuff they are coming out with is somehow even cooler!

Oh dont worry, thats not how i took at all! Just pointing out that i know im not helping :')

You’re right, i am equally to blame. But thats why i still use reddit, because i like to lurk.
Ive commented more on here than i have on reddit over multiple years

I daily drive linux on the laptop i use the most. All servers are linux. Other than that, my gaming rig is still on windows, work laptop is macOS. Im a tinkerer, so playing with different OSes is fun to me

Theres not enough posts on here to fill al of the voids in my life. E: Also a lot more trans communities

I’ve never been a daily user of their stuff, but always thought the name was great!

Feels like this comment chain shouldnt have turned into China vs US…
I dont think its controversial to think that governement officials shouldnt have any form of social media on their government issued phones. Its insane that governements have worse digital practices than a lot of mid size businesses

In terms of aur clones theres some pretty young projects out there, check out MBR (makedeb repository) or Pacstall. Ive heard of them in passing but have never tried them out tho

Ever since ive made the switch to Sway on my laptop i have been completely unable to get the thing working again. I havent tried in a couple of months, but it was a known issue then

Not really the answer you were looking for, but ever since i started using soulseek for music, ive found a lot of stuff that i had never heard of and now love from browsing the files of people who have music that i like

Guild wars 2 and stardew valley when i have time

Ive barely used Nix, so i cant be of more help than this, but IIRC the .desktop files are created elsewhere. Like inside the nix config folder or something like that

Normally you get paid at the same time on the same day every 1-2 weeks. And you should be getting a paystub physically or digitally detailing what you got paid for

Id say stick to arch-based and try out EndeavourOS. IMO thats the one that should be pushed instead of manjaro even though i get why that is not the case. Also isnt your ubuntu problem just the file manager? As in its dolphin (or whatever the default is) doing that and not ubuntu as a whole. So you could go ubuntu and just get a different file manager