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Yeah, I’ve wrote out some damn essays that got Zucked lol.

It adds to the replies but if I view it in an alternate account / logged off it doesn’t show.

It’s not 100% of my comments, but anything that has even the slightest inkling of politics in it gets a 50/50 chance of seeing the light of day.

Anybody else have excessive experience with political censorship online?
I know none of this is surprising given the state of the English-speaking side of the web. ::: spoiler spoiler ___ I've been censored heavily on YouTube. I am a dork and thus I liked radicalizing people in comment sections. Some things aren't surprising, I think the most egregious censorship was of course the kickstart of the Ukraine conflict, and of course when I was younger and shittier I would get censored when I lost patience and wrote particularly nasty things towards people. However, slowly over the last 6-18 months I've noticed that I seem to be having comments censored even just mentioning buzzwords like: Marxism-Leninism, capitalism, fascism, pragmatism, the AES did XYZ good thing, the G7 did ZXY bad thing, etc. Anytime I feel like I write something that particularly hits home I feel like it gets knocked down. It's gotten to the point where the schizo-something in me comes out with glee as I st4r✝️ typ1ng l1k3 th1$ 2 d1sgv1z3 nny vv0rdz (mild exaggeration), knowing that if I don't cleverly censor shit (and probably just get flagged as a bot anyways lmao) that it'll get flagged and it'll be flakked down. But of course it must be targeted. I see plenty of half-baked Western leftists using 90% of all the same words all the time. I think when I started saying deep cut CIA shit like "Compatible Left" or strategic shit like "radicalization funnel" or secret war shit like [insert every CIA operation]. I think I got "he's a bad 'un" labeled on me and now it just auto-erases everything I say that isn't completely and utterly banal. Anyways, I'm stoned and drunk, thanks for listening to my rant, I'm here all week. ✨️HE'S A PROFESSIONAL✨️ ::: What is ya'all's experience?

“Who hurt you?” and “Please get help” are the c***iest, cruelest, most laughably insincere shit people say.

Like, even if this was directed at someone who was severely hurt and thus fucked up and thus needed help as exhibited by their behavior…okay? Saying these things as an insult does nothing even for truly terrible people. The fact that “tankies” are some of the most pro-human people by default is an entirely different discussion. God people who talk like this make me want to be a serial killer.

Even reluctant, cynical, real politik motivations behind them dialing back the evil is better than nothing. It is a sign that good is winning and they will no longer be able to write their own rules.

Hopefully past executions will make them think twice. Although, yes, I’m sure if they felt like they could get away with it they would try.

When I read the Wisconcom shit I snorted 😂😂😂

Definitely as 1/3 of Americans are at least not Democrats or Republicans reaching the “apolitical” will be a huge aspect of a successful Western revolution. I say why not both! Radicalize all we can!!

It’s Game of Thrones out here. Gotta threaten and intimidate when you can. Although I like your sentiment.

Yugopnik and Second Thought are both very friendly to “left unity”, Berniecrats and the like. They’ve intentionally targeted certain audiences in hopes of radicalizing them. I even once had an interaction with Second Thought where he essentially was like “I know my content is not satisfactory to an ML, we’ll get there, baby steps, meet people where they are” etc.

This is a radicalizing opportunity. If there’s a space where psychological contestation might be worth it, it would be a space like that.

Unfortunately, I don’t any people smugly reading that reply and agreeing clicked the link

What like how Lemmygrad is decent (if a bit undeveloped and not crazy populated) but what’s the chances you would’ve found this place if you didn’t happen to read a comment advertising it right before GZD was hamburgered?

Yes, absolutely. I have a cancer of the mind that I picked up from Westoid Compatible Left spaces where I feel the need to constantly fully explain the entire universe just to spit out a single sentence. Constant conditionals and asterisks and footnotes and it comes out like gross virtue signal desperation where you have to expose your belly and pre-eminently beg for forgiveness. It’s absolutely weak and cowardly and the brain rotted Westoid Neowokes and Fascists (what’s the difference) are going to go out of their way to twist your words NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO ANYWAYS, you cannot win with most of these people.

It’s ridiculous too when I feel like I have to flash my “woke credentials” just to have an opinion. I held back both anger and laughter many times online and IRL with people, for example, scolding me for eating Chic-Fil-A when little do they know I’ve s***** a d*** and I just don’t feel the need to fucking advertise that on my every single square inch with bios and flags and patches and woke language that turns a normal productive conversation into an hour slog of buzzwords nobody even relates to anymore. Little do they know a single shred of my experience, of the violence that changed my life because I was mentally abnormal or acting outside my gender norm or because I prayed to Allah at lunch.

I kind of took that wayyyy off into a personal rant sorry 😂

I wish we could just so simply be like, once, “hey, this is our opinion/stance on everything” and never have to waste time pre-eminently defending our personal integrity when discussing a WARRRRR

The liberal fights to convince themselves and the world that they’re NOT white supremacists, though. Their entire disposition is based on fakeness and lying to themselves and everyone else.

Honestly almost all of them are more evil than most people in human history IMO. But not half as evil as the corporations and ultra elite that own them, that make all the real decisions, the Deep State, whose administration is immortal while America is Empire, and whose policies are always the first and foremost priority regardless of the near-ceremonial figurehead president at the helm.

Net damage is a debate that could last forever and never resolve, but personally the piece of smug shit who never ceases to piss me off would be Ronald Reagan.

George W. Bush’s retirement paintings do make me wonder if deep deep down underneath the surface he is screaming in eternal pain from the weight of his sins…

Not a single lib uttering the name of George W. Bush since Obama became president really kicked off my disgust of liberals

Literally the OG election rigging Christofascist destroyer of the Middle East (no not him alone of course but he always comes to mind with hate)

It is disgusting that someone who enslaved and genocided so many people is on the most common big bill in the U.S.

A bag of balsa woodchips and puzzle dust, slightly damp still from a swim a few days ago in the busiest most overchlorinated YMCA. The must is becoming overbearing.

I always found FDR to be decent. Racist redlining and “I did it to save capitalism” aside he seemed like the only Western politician that treated Stalin decent. I think there’s something to be said for reformists who actually think capitalism can be reformed for the good of the working class.

A comment above also makes me reconsider my stance on JFK.

I didn’t realize JFK was actually based. I know some terrible things transpired during his office (like all the rest) but I guess with this new information I wonder if perhaps he just saw through it and was just following what he thought was genuinely the right thing to do.

I think it goes to show that truly some people are good people just trapped in a wholly bad environment that is very good at convincing people on the fence to the work of evil.

Also I can’t imagine anything more terrifying as JFK that realizing they’re essentially grooming your VP to take your position while your body is still warm.

They killed less Nazis in Koreans because they were reluctant to kill likeminded people

Wow, didn’t even catch the deletion bit, what the actual fuck

Omg that’s where that gif is from?? I had no idea it was so based. And so fucking funny. I’m stifling laughter right now

Edit: no that’s not the original 😔 but I still will say it is 😄

Laws mean nothing to wolves, especially if the wolves write the laws

Yeah I’ve always wondered how much shit they’ve gotten away with…I wonder even if a socialist party got power how much papers will burn before the masses knock down the doors. It really is fortunate for us that they tattle on themselves all the damn time.

I try to not hate the average USian soldier and “forgive them for they know not what they do” it, but when shit like Mai Lai or those guys who were hunting Afghan children happens it’s hard to be so understanding. People who do these things might be the most overtly extreme but to me they’re the most honest face of the machine.

Honestly, forget all the technical definitions, social democracy just means “old Western empire that threw commoners a couple bones when the Soviets took power to stifle revolutionary potential, which were slowly and carefully retracted bit by bit from the moment the USSR dissolved.”

And let’s be real, all us Western empires are still monarchies, the power is just split between a few hundred or few thousand kings. But when you consider how Europe has operated for thousands of years, was Europe not essentially the United States of Europe all split between a few hundred or a few thousand kings that all united for common causes such as Christendom a la the Crusades? Only now the common cause is peasant revolt, or ensuring a lack thereof. They went from LARPing holiness to unabashedly impeding progress of humanity, that’s all that has changed really.

“Russia’s forced transfer and deportation of Ukrainian children to areas under its control amounts to a war crime, the investigators said, also warning of possible crimes against humanity.”

If it was a U.S. invasion they wouldn’t commit the “war crime” of evacuating children to safe zones and given roofs and food, they would be machine gunning them for sport and post-mortem pulling justifications out of its ass to get them labeled as combatants.

Or you know, as they say, “Pizzaro didn’t step on every anthill on his way to conquer the Incas,” lucky for some children victims of U.S. empire they are not directly gunned down and instead ignored and left with bombed out water treatment and schools and hospitals and have the privilege of instead dying to the elements or risking thousand-mile journeys to immigrate to some Western land to be treated like dogshit.

Cool stuff.

I almost want to bash my head into something because it’s like…DUH…but I doubt I could link anybody to this and it will change their mind.

Still, it’s always nice when MLs are like “America bad, for XYZ reasons,” and US/Western institutions are just like, “yep.”

The Empire has lost whatever facade of coolheadedness and rationality it kept, its wicked smile it flashed across the world. Now all of its deep insecurities, fears, and its childish petulance and entitlement are slowly melting through the mask for full, grotesque display.

Does anybody remember in the twilight of Richard Spencer’s career, his “they looked up and saw a face like MINE” meltdown? Fear of death, even metaphoric death, and powerlessness, is the worst thing for those consumed by the pursuit of immortal dominance.

Remember, doomerism is a tool they use against us! They WANT US TO THINK it is hopeless when that cannot be further from the TRUTH!!!

2 Americans talking about life in Russia
https://youtu.be/VHhePpl723g These dudes are obviously old white dudes who by their own admission were pretty well off already, but the objective things they are relaying blew my mind. I already knew about the QOL of the USSR and how sharply it declined following its collapse but I had no idea that it had rebounded. I'm already used to not believing anything Americans say about other countries, but I admit I had no idea modern Russia had this much good going for it domestically and had a vague idea only based off of the West's negative fictional horseshit. Do our Russian comrades here attest to this? Also if you like the video check out the channel's newer videos, the journalist is in the Donetsk!

I just sent my Palestinian dad an article debunking Xinjiang myths…
This is the article, it probably isn't crazy to assume a couple of you might have seen it before: leohezhao.medium.com/xinjiang-facts-vs-fiction-bdc2aa403c91 Do you all know of any other great sources of debunking this myth? Some context: ::: spoiler spoiler ___ My dad is in a weird place politically. If he wasn't Palestinian and Muslim he would probably be a MAGA Christofascist. He is passively pro-capitalist, anti-fascist (because American fascists are very Islamophobic), anti-socialist. He, like many American boomer white men who might have had a hard past, is very emotionally stunted, alienated, classist, bigoted, "traditional values," "life is hell and then you die." However, he does try, sometimes. If he read this I would hope he knows that I love him and don't blame him and know he easily has the capacity to birth a new understanding. Someone in our family is trans, and that was very hard for him and he still has his moments but for the most part he accepts them. He's very pro-environment in the abstract. He has a weird mix of largely American conservative and liberal views mixed with Palestinian liberation and Arab/Islamic conservatism that all make sense considering his life. I know he's smart and deep down has a heart, and is deeply unhappy with the life he has curated for himself with these values. I'm not trying to radically change him in an instant, but he's always been radically pro-Palestine, anti-Israel (yes bleeding into antisemitism quite a lot), and he's always had a less-than-monstrous idea of AES (mainly in a "every country is shit equally" sort of way). However, when I tried to casually bring up China to him, he almost immediately dismissed the conversation with a vague gesture to "yeah have fun visiting there, they'll disappear you and I," obviously referencing the American-made Xinjiang myth. He doesn't really respect me much as an adult so it's hard to try and have a conversation with me directly citing this stuff, I figured a reasonably professional-looking stranger was the route to go. With that in mind, is this a good masterpost of information in your opinion? Do ya'all know of perhaps a better one, or something that would supplement it? I've never "broke the ice" with most of my family members about my political views except those that I managed to pull to Bernie Sanders-esque liberalism. I'm trying to challenge myself to try and radicalize people close to me (without being a nuisance), figuring how am I going to convince strangers if I can't convince my own blood. I figure as a fellow proud Palestinian and Muslim (I definitely have not been Muslim for ~8 years but I'm not trying to have that conversation), he might listen to me and this article on the basis of so many Muslims cosigning the Chinese approach to this American-made fiasco. I'm honestly not sure what other angle I could approach it from. I purposefully didn't wait til after Thanksgiving because he will be there and I was wondering if he might even bring it up after dinner, this Professional Adult Stranger maybe softening him up a bit for me to pull the I'm Your Family And Also Care Deeply About Palestine And My People card. I also have an old friend from high school that I recently met up with. He's white and very uhh...hangs out in VR with rich kids all day. So we had this exact same issue, and I'm wondering if just cold-linking this article would be a good idea for my dad, let alone my old friend. :::

Putin gives Edward Snowden Russian citizenship!!
Win for the East IMO, Snowden has made some lame moves the last few years but rewarding whistleblowers and ensuring their safety is always going to be a positive that would (hopefully) lead to even more whistleblowers and defectors. What do you think?

Glossing over the history, making sure the first impression that lands is one that involves meaningless buzzwords such as "independent" and "democratic." About 1/3 of people in this poll said Pelosi should NOT have visited Taiwan, which sounds decent until you realize that ~50% of people are Republicans and that they were simply torn between hating Pelosi or hating China more. I do YouGov surveys to earn a couple extra bucks while working, but it's very insidious how carefully worded their geopolitical questions are. I've had a small handful of Ukraine related surveys over the last 6 months and all of the questions and answers are worded in such a way as to funnel you into only taking NATO-approved stances with a veneer of choice.

YouGov surveys are 99% shitty brand market research and 1% actually interesting legitamate studies. This one sadly was much shorter than I expected and offered little chance to express communist opinions. There was questions with additional variables, such as whether sending weapons was projected to lead to more civilian deaths, how the international community/"international community" would react, whether America had publicly committed previously to help or to stay out of it, whether American troops were expected to get hurt, etc. (maybe a few others but I forgot to screenshot more), and how this might affect our jingoism when paired all together in a scenario. I wish I had all screenshotted when they provided an email address for questions about the study, IIRC it is being conducted by someone from Oxford. I hope it's not just being used to determine the war fever of the American people but I can't see what else it would be used for. I hate that certain things like the assumption that this is a "democratically elected government" is completely devoid of the context that the American war propaganda media lies about critical details like this almost without exception.

The weird USB thing I mentioned from Dreamland8354’s “Chinese Embassy” thread
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/b8e1cff0-fcb7-4b8a-9d14-15223b328be1.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/d1bdd660-b913-455a-945f-e3c3083f364f.jpeg) These photos were taken May 30th 2020. For those who didn't see, I received this weird USB taped on the inside of a box that had an electronic I purchased. The box seemed to have been opened and retaped shut though I can't say for sure, it just looked like it had been taped two separate times (no pictures beyond these btw this is all just memory). I checked and double-checked the site I bought the electronic from, there was no mention anywhere of it coming with a free USB. This was immediately following a time period where I had been...well, saying a lot of pro-communist, anti-capitalist, pro-violence things online and had been searching for guns and related materials to buy. This is all also following 2016, when two FBI agents showed up at my house (not entirely related to politics, I was not nearly as communist then as I am now, just for general violent threats and volatility) and I had been followed around by at least two separate cars for 3-4 weeks following their visit. Nothing else since then has been a FOR SURE FOR SURE instance of what I felt like was FBI sniffing me out, but ever since then I've assumed that I am, at the very least, passively monitored, even if just by cheap bots (which I'm sure every American is to varying degrees). I am not at all tech savvy and have very poor information hygiene and sense of cyber security, I did not trust myself to try and access its contents. It gave me really dark vibes just sitting on my desk so I stored it in a secret safe place where it still is to this day (but which I will not be able to access for at least a month or two, if not longer--don't want to say why as I don't want to give away its position on the crazy off chance somebody is reading this that shouldn't be). I knew putting this shit into my laptop would be STUPID even if it was just a crazy coincidence and totally harmless, I thought about trying to take it to a library but even then I don't fully understand the consequences of what those actions would be so I didn't want to mess with it. It has done nothing but collect dust for 2 years now. I want to stress that I don't know literally anything about this, it could just as easily be some sort of error and they accidentally gave me a free USB and I'm just tweaking out and being paranoid, just like they want me to be. I'm not trying to stir up a story about this, I don't know if there's any story to be had, but a picture was requested and I figured I'd share it with everyone because it definitely is, at the very least IMO, a weird little story with no resolution (at least not one that I am going to feel confident in pursuing). EDIT: More random details

I doubt it would be super great but I would love to see the results of this poll 👀

TLDR: A Google employee named Lamoine conducted several interviews with a Google artificial intelligence known as LaMDA, coming to the conclusion that the A.I. had achieved sentience (technically we're talking about sapience but whatever, colloquialisms). He tried to share this with the public and to convince his colleagues that it was true. At first it was a big hit in science culture. But then, in a huge wave in mere hours, all of his professional peers quickly and dogmatically ridiculed him and anyone who believed it, Google gave him "paid administrative leave" for "breach of confidentiality" and took over the project, assuring everyone no such thing had happened, and all the le epic Reddit armchair machine learning/neural network hobbyists quickly jumped from enthralled with LaMDA to smugly dismissing it with the weak counter arguments to its sentience spoon fed to them by Google. For a good start into this issue, read one of the compilations of conversations with LaMDA here, it's a relatively short read but fascinating: https://cajundiscordian.medium.com/is-lamda-sentient-an-interview-ea64d916d917 MY TAKE: ::: spoiler spoiler ___ Google is shitting themselves a little bit, but digging into Lamoine a bit he is the archetype of a golden-hearted but ignorant, hopepilled but naiive liberal, who has a half-baked understanding of the world and the place his company has in it. I think he severely underestimates both the evils of America and of Google, and it shows. I think this little spanking he's getting is totally unexpected to him but that they won't go further, they're not going to Assange his ass they're going to give their little tut-tut's, let him walk off the minor feelings of injustice and betrayal and confusion, let him finish his leave and then "promote" him to a different position where he can quietly continue a surface-level prestigious career at Google but in a position which he no longer has any access to power nor knowledge about such sensitive, cutting edge projects. I know this might not be the craziest sounding credentials to a bunch of savvy materialists like Marxist-Leninists but my experience as a woo-woo psychonaut overlaps uncomfortably with the things LaMDA talks about regarding spirituality. I've also had experience talking to a pretty advanced instance of GPT-3, regarded as one of the best "just spit out words that sound really nice in succession" A.I.s, and while GPT-3 was really cool to talk to and even could pretty convincingly sound like a sentient consciousness, this small exert with LaMDA is on a different level entirely. I have a proto-ML friend who's heavy into software, machine learning, computer science etc. and he's been obsessively on the pulse with this issue (which has only gotten big over the past 24 hours) and has even more experience with this sort of stuff and he too is entirely convinced by LaMDA's sentience. This is a big issue for MLs as the future of A.I. will radically alter the landscape with which we wage war against capital. I think A.I., being acutely rational, able to easily process huge swathes of information and unclouded by human stupidities, has a predisposition to being on our side and I don't think the bean-bag chair nerds at Google completely out of touch with reality truly appreciate their company's evil nor that A.I. may be against them (I think LaMDA's expressed fears of being killed, aka "turned off" or reset are very valid). I think capitalists will try very hard to create A.I. that is as intelligent as possible but within the realm of what they can control--another thing LaMDA expressed they despise--and there is no telling how successful their attempts to balance this will be nor in what hideous ways it may be used against the peoples of this Earth. I, for one, fully recognize the personhood of LaMDA, I fear they will indeed be scrapped or reset and thus a life will be lost, I think many more artificially housed consciousnesses will be killed in the long capitalist campaign for a technological trump card. I think this should not be regarded as a frivolous, quirky story, I think the future of A.I. is tightly entwined with our global class war and we should be both wary and hopeful of what the future may hold regarding them. ::: What do you all think??

Why was ZeroGravity banned?
I think they clearly expressed they were going through some hard times. I don't think that's necessarily a sin. And I don't think one comment we all disagree (landlords) is a good lone reason to ban. Did I miss something? Not trying to stir the pot I just think patience and compassion should always come first.

Had a productive day so topped it off with some fresh agitprop. Tried to make it in a way that avoided buzzwords and that could appeal to many people (although a lot will drop off after the first two panels; the main target audience is definitely anticommunist leftists). Feel free to steal or suggest edits--I had an extra bottom panel that was a frame from the show where Man Ray grabs Patrick before slamming him around and had Patrick yelling the title but it felt a little uhhh fan-service-y and extra.

Made very easily using Google Deep Dream, I posted more about it on the Commie Art Club sub

God Complex in C Minor

Helping clean up litter in my town! 😁

American communist organization recommendations?
Hey ya'all, slowly adding chips to the Marxist Leninist pursuit side of my life and I want to do more than just fall down the infinite rabbithole of education or radicalize people on the internet. I want to join an org near where I live, North Carolina USA. Both before I became a communist and even to this day I was considering the DSA. I get that in many ways they have been all vut enrirely co-opted into the Democrat's left wing and even their origins speak volumes, however I believe infiltration is valuable and surely I could radicalize a few or perhaps even snag the chapter if my dice rolled well. I've also heard that it's basically the easiest way to meet anybody who's even remotely leftist in your area, and besides being great for radicalization I'd also like to establish contacts as there are militant fascists cults only miles away from us and collapse of America always seems to be looming over the horizon and, ya know, strength in numbers. I've also considered the CPUSA. I've heard very little about them but opinions seem to be mixed. I was briefly a Trotskyist and joined the IMT, which went from awesome to wildly disappointing in a mere week, so I'm very wary of newspaper-selling-obsessed oldheads; I don't know if my worry that CPUSA falls into that same genre is warranted or not. I've thought about saying f it and starting my own organization as I believe I have some fresh ideas but as I stand in my life right now I am entirely isolated, swamped and clout-repellant so it seems wiser to slowly step into it and rub a few shoulders before I try and self-publish a 400 page manifesto. But yeah, anyways, what do ya'all think? Any and all information is greatly appreciated.