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Presented by Standard Oil and the Ford Motor Company

I haven’t gotten around to watching the Wandering Earth films just yet but the book is incredible. It’s “just” a collection of short stories, but the Chinese author’s (Cixin Liu of Three-Body fame) perspective on possible futures and critiques of the present is so refreshing.

GT claps hard. Their snark towards the west makes me feel warm inside.

In Germany refugees from places Germany helped destabilize like Syria were being evicted from their government financed accommodations to make room for Ukrainians. We were paying for Ukrainians to take taxis wherever they wanted to go. Many communities and employers requested donations for Ukrainian families in need. Jobs were created for Ukrainian refugees who weren’t qualified for the positions offered. All well and good, we should support all refugees in such generous ways. The story looked very different in 2014 when the majority of Syrian refugees were coming. There was very little such community assistance, the fledgling neo nazi political parties took advantage of the situation in quite the opposite way, and white Germans still view (PoC) refugees as freeloaders.

IIRC in the US it’s basically controlled by the Silicon Valley intelligence contractor Oracle. One of the top staffers at TikTok Canada is a “former” intelligence agency employee.

The whole thing is fearmongering and in some form protecting the market share of the US social media companies which are more fully integrated with the US intelligence apparatus.

My partner recently got a prescription for fucking salt water (4% sterile saline solution) which she couldn’t get at any of our local pharmacies. I can imagine a couple reasons for some issues but this seems more like a complete supply chain collapse.

Get some quality handmade Japanese carbon steel knives, and learn how to use them and sharpen them. I’m filled with joy every day simply by chopping vegetables.

Honorable mention to Eglin Air Force Base as well.

As much as I wanted to watch this show (I’m a total space nerd) I just couldn’t get past the incredibly heavy handed American exceptionalism and red hating.

Also, comments are quarantined because of tankie infestation? Fuck that noise. USSR won the space race, boots on the moon or not.

The German military is absolutely useless. The kit doesn’t work and the soldiers are right wing extremists. It’s in such bad shape that the €100B in additional military funding approved in 2022, more than double the standard annual budget, won’t even suffice to get the Bundeswehr into fighting shape.

Not the majority though? I thought he was “just” the largest landholder, but only with a single percent of the total.

Yeah, he’s a mixed bag. Sometimes you’ll get very pointed analyses of global economics, sometimes it’s just bs. Apparently his family were Trots so maybe that’s part of it. In part he’s right, in that productive capacities need to be built up and developed, but his insistence on the necessity of “mixed economies” and in some cases industrial capital is definitely off.

I’m reading Caliban and the Witch at the moment and that’s a big part of what the author talks about. Not just how that imposition happened in the colonies, but how it happened simultaneously in the “colonial core.”

Can’t speak to all theory, but the US government hired Michael Hudson to teach them how Superimperialism works in the 1970s. Apparently the CIA used the book as a manual on how to do dollar dominance better.

Westerners are incapable of viewing relationships with South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia outside of the lens of colonialism and imperialism.

IIRC Haiti still owes the French reparations for having won independence.

Also when you point out that Russia was more than willing to sell gas to European customers the whole damn time all you get is a “nu’uh no they didn’t” followed by the head being stuffed into the sand.

This story is incredibly strange and unnerving. How can a relatively well known and respected journalist simply disappear for six months before other journalists finally notice and start asking questions? Meek isn't even meaningfully anti-establishment although he's pissed off the military from time to time. It looks like he's pretty tight with the military and intelligence communities. It's clear to all of us that we cannot trust bourgeois media, but this is really something else, especially with new conspiracy theories of Chinese and Russian public figures disappearing being generated seemingly on a weekly basis yet nobody publicly stated that they noticed this guy's disappearance for six months.

Workers of the World, Unite!
In memory of the destroyed project of socialism in Germany, what better way to spend October 3rd (Germany's so-called German Reunification Day) than to discuss the successes, mistakes, and lessons of the DDR. Putting such a positive light on this topic is still beyond taboo in mainstream circles, and anti-communist mythology runs deep in Germany even today. One way we can make revolutionary inroads in any capitalist nation is to educate the working people about the successes of their socialist peers and all the tried and tested ways we can work towards making life more meaningful for all of us.

Which one of you legends is responsible for this?

Maintaining Personal Relationships with non-Communists
I really stepped in it last night. My partner is livid with me for suggesting Stalin wasn't the evil dictator he's made out to be in the west. For a German who grew up with anti-communism and went to some very liberal universities for political science it was too much. They said something to the effect of "this feels exactly like if you said, oh Hitler wasn't that bad, he was actually a good guy." We're in the midst of planning our wedding and they were suddenly at the point of doubting that they know who I am and if this is a relationship they want to maintain. We have a hard time discussing politics as it is. We are still not so great at interpreting the nuances of way each other speaks, and our background knowledge is very different. So we have to figure out what we do from here. I can't come at this from the direction of "trying to convert them." They already think I have gone into a conspiracy theory ridden and propaganda laden hole, and believe me, I ask myself the same thing every day. It really weighs heavily on me, as some of our close family members have fallen into conspiracy theory echo chambers. We've decided we need to go back to basics and make sure our core values align, which I genuinely believe they do. They're an anti-capitalist as well, although don't have a strong idea of what to would be better, just that it shouldn't be communism. I'm not sure where to go after we sort out what our shared values are. There's a certain condescension I sense when it comes to the leftist sources I read, many on recommendation from GenZedong members. I'm often met with "leftists just make up all kinds of stuff to suit their narrative," or "how do you know that's a primary or reliable secondary source, it's so easy to fake anything these days." Meanwhile they go to Wikipedia and see that Stalin killed millions and signed a treaty with the Nazis, even as they understand that much of western capitalist media is propaganda as well. We can't have any useful discussion on current events at the moment because we have vastly different knowledge of what's happening, as well as entirely different analytical tools to pick it apart with. They're also terrified I'm going to say very extreme things in front of their family (privileged petite bourgeois liberals). I try to be careful but at the same time I won't pretend to not be a communist. We have political discussions often and I'm not one to just sit those out. I'm sure my family would react poorly as well, but with the geographical distance to them it's not as present an issue in our minds. How do you all deal with this? How do you have these discussions and share these ideas with the more soc-dem or liberal minded people in your lives?