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I expected a whole gtk/qt theme, but it looks like it’s just a wallpaper?

I ordered several times from https://stickerapp.com/ and was always very happy with the result.

I would say so too, if it was more than just a hobby. Nevertheless, anybody can add the Creative Commons license to their work as long as it is their own work.
Hobby bloggers like to make this their own. But I understand the point you’re making.

And I’m running several lawsuits against individuals because of copyright infringements. So it definitely matters enough.

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you. Copyright infringement also matters when private individuals are affected. E.g. when a private person uses CreativeCommons, MIT, or GPL license. CreativeCommons is mostly used for text.
In addition, you need to read the TOS of the platform to see if they do not take the rights, as Facebook does, for example.

I was always happy with the combination of transmissiond running on a file server and transmission-remote as client, available for Linux, Windows and Android.

Besser wäre noch ein wenig länger gewesen, aber es ist zumindest mal ein Anfang.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to get a small SSD instead of a USB stick and connect it via USB using an external enclosure? There shouldn’t be much difference regarding performance, but there should be in lifespan. You could also split partitions up and use the free space for other things.

Why is it so hard to send a correct UserAgent?
Especially with the rush from Twitter, there are more and more bots and crawlers coming up from the Fediverse that just can't manage to send a correct UserAgent. Many apps, which want to make usage of several platforms, just submit the framework they use for their connection. Like `python/1.2.3`, `Dart/1.23` or `http.rb/1.2.3`. The biggest problem with this behavior is, that I as the operator and administrator want to secure the system, but I would lock out legitimate software by targeting only the UserAgent. Especially the `python/1.2.3` in particular, but has also attracted malicious attention many times in my log files. I'm really grateful, that Lemmy developer decided to use a customized UserAgent, so that I as admin can directly see what request it is and where it comes from. That makes it so much easier to make the decision of harm or no harm. On my servers, I started to block all requests with a “default” or empty UserAgent, but I wonder, how it's possible to fix this issue in general? Any ideas?

I prefer distro packages, because they don’t need to install dependencies, which are already installed. But for testing out a program or in need of several versions of one and the same one, it’s a great deal.
But even for testing or running multiple versions, AppImage is the better solution, in my opinion.

As I see the downvotes on this, but not on the real stupid ones, I’ll don’t open such a safe space. I think, that many still will not understand, until they suffer by themselves. I hope, the down voters will never need to find a safe space. Good luck!

EDIT: I see, that all of a sudden the traces are quickly erased. This shows how much a safe space would be needed. However, I will discard my idea!

Why not? I could ask the other way. Why creating new Mastodon/Pleroma/Friendica/… instances, when already many exists? A lot of them even without a clear topic and a lot of spam.
And why shouldn’t I use the Lemmy software? Should I prefer an old BBS, which have no apps? Or should I use a static homepage with a disqus like comment option?
The Lemmy software offers a private option and a clear, topic based structure. And federation is optional. Or do you use all functions of the Friendica instance you are? Do you use any option in your phone? If not, why have you bought it? Reinventing the wheel?

Looks nice. Let’s wait and see how it progresses. In any case, it seems to have a lot of potential.

Utopia has always been just wishful thinking and will always be.

ahh. Thanks for clarifying. I only know this as AI.

What’s an AGI?
Sorry for my stupid question, but I read it the first time now.

It would. But Tweets with a link to an external social media site are down rated by the algorithm and don’t reach that many followers as it should.

The only thing I know is, that far too many people don’t even use it to near the 10% level that scientists have predicted. If at all.

Yes, numbering is different. But when you search for a direct URL, your instance will download it, if not already exists, and shows you the local cached version with the number your instance gave it to.

Just open search top right and enter the url there. When the search found it, you can open the post on your instance, where you’re already logged in, and comment.

Interesting. This scene wasn’t seen in the German version of Family Guy 🤔

OMG … XMPP is dead? I need to close my 14 years old XMPP account /s