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It is bc muh greedy corporates. If we tax the rich it will all solve itself

I noticed that too. Pretty much any western community is delusional about west. No matter their knowledge or their profession they all have the mentality of a child when need arise

Agree all the way. School is just bullshit. We learn to obey and get used to exploitation.

To see the downfall of western society no need to look further youtube trending page
Like holy shit these are videos that a toddler would watch. Are westerners really this dumbened? You have to be willing to insult yourself just by browsing trending. Thumbnails consist of people opening their mouths and making the dumbest looking expressions. And to think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Not at all. I think my life and my country is fucked for a long period of time. That’s it. I’m gonna work for so little. Hyper inflation gonna fuck me up.

Because people inherently know what is in their benefit as an individual and as a class. They are only brainwashed by capitalist education and propaganda to go against their natural interests