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The balloon has been acknowledged by China as theirs. It’s probably not a spy balloon.

UK seems very pathetic with how they have nothing but financial capital in their name but do not have the military to back it up and force other countries to play by their rules. They resorted to being US’ dogs for now but how long will this go on for?

I have never used tiktok partly because it’s banned where I am but it looks like they have 100% capitulated to American demands which is why they are still allowed to operate there. I don’t know how much control the Chinese government has over their American operations.

Shen Yun Performing Arts is a United States-based non-profit performing arts and entertainment company that tours internationally, producing dance performances and symphony concerts.

Important to not mistake “state” for “institutions” apart from what other people have said.

When Lenin talks about the state, he is talking about the state as a tool for imposing class domination. For example, using the police to quell protests and so on. He does not mean things like social safety nets will be done away with and we will live in a libertarian dystopia after the withering away of the state. There will still be institutions that for example ensure that everyone has adequate access to hospitals, clinics, etc. to ensure that healthcare is provided.

You are right. At the core Keynesianism is about spending to induce demand. This is the macroeconomic aspect but by context I meant there are specialised applications of the theory in areas like monetary and fiscal policies and employment.

Keynesian relates to the work of John Keynes, a British economist. What it means exactly depends on the context.

Why do you say degrowth relates to western chauvinism? From my understanding it is meant to point out the disproportionate rate of consumption in western countries and call for reducing consumption to less extreme levels. Correct me if I am wrong.

I think the posting of animal pictures is related to stress relief. But why it is cats specifically I am not sure. They are cute so there’s that. But not sure why cats and not dogs.

The method is planting maslins – a combined mix of cereals that can include rice, millet, wheat, rye, barley and more – and harvesting them all together to be separated or used as a single product.

Good luck getting monoculture obsessed agri magnates to do something like this

An Era of Darkeness by Shashi Tharoor?

We should have a sub for this type of stuff if we don’t already

For asking questions?

You know what this means? That being lazy is HUMAN NATURE. We need to arm capitalists with whips to remain productive.

It’s a class analysis of the general time period and the assassination so it does somewhat fall in his realm of interest. He does admit in the book that it was his first time academically studying ancient history.

It’s probably because most of the users are children.

For ios or android use a third party client where you can disable ads. For android my favourite is “rif is fun”. Not sure what the options for ios are. Maybe someone else can help or you can google.

Tweets: > The propaganda over Sri Lanka is ridiculous. US state propaganda outlet VOA, British mouthpiece BBC, and Indian media are blaming China for a supposed "debt trap" > > But in reality Sri Lanka owes more external debt to the US-dominated Asian Development Bank, Japan, and World Bank Earlier in the thread (only two tweets in it) he also talks about how media is trying to show the protests as pro-US when they are not: > [Derek J. Grossman] worked at the CIA, DIA, and NSA, and is at Pentagon think tank the RAND Corporation, and he is portraying the protests in Sri Lanka as an anti-China (pro-US) color revolution 🧐

Source is *Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism* by Kristen Ghodsee

[Link to article.](

Assessing Xi's Interference and Subversion Act (AXIS) Act
> This bill requires the Department of State to periodically report to Congress on whether and how China's government, the Chinese Communist Party, or any other Chinese entity has provided support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The report must address specified matters, including any efforts to (1) help Russia's government or Russian entities evade sanctions or export controls, (2) provide Russia with technology to support Russia's military or intelligence capabilities, or (3) further Russia's disinformation and propaganda efforts.

Link to tweet: