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You might have to dumb down the murder justification a bit more for me

That explains a lot actually

Reactionary… To murder? Wtf is this place

I don’t see any reasons given in your links that justify murder

Fuck you, you’re defending murder. Read that

Why did they need to attack Ukraine though? What issue could Russia have with NATO expansion that’s enough to justify attacking Ukrainian civilians in cold blood?

Did Russia invade Ukraine or is that propaganda?

Speaking for myself it’s all the mob-like defenestrating, mysterious murders, poor treatment of gay people, and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine but that’s just my own personal disagreement with those things

Edit: also I don’t like Putin staying in power forever, flippantly threatening the world with nukes and WW3. Long story short they have quite a PR problem

Civilization still has room to improve, my question is more whether it has time. Nukes and climate change aside, I do believe there is a path to a better world. It can’t be perfect though. A perfect world would require some fundamental changes to human biology and psychology.