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I consider Russian regime historians more as fantasy writers than real historians.

He was ruling the country back then, who else could be responsible for that? Well, USSR and later RF even admitted they did it.

I base on history agreed by historians all over the world. Simple as that. If you want to counter it, please go ahead, make discoveries and investigations.

Don’t spread misinformation. There’s one history agreed on. Russian history is a fantasy one.

None. I know him from e.g. Katyn massacre of ~22000 Polish.

So subrscribe to communities that are about fun :)

Haha, same here, not going as planned, but no serious issues.



Yes, what I would love to have is synchronization, so that I can have same feed on all my devices (Android and Linux). I use Liferea on my desktop so far, but it lacks synchronization service. I wouldn’t like to selfhost just to get better RSS experience, but if there’s no other opportunity I will have to, and it will probably by Nextcloud for its News.

I wish it was XMPP instead of Telegram :)

cross-postowane z: https://lemmy.ml/post/292412 > There is no way for the surveillance to be bypassed, the company says. The roll-out is planned in Germany.

Or maybe we need employee-friendly offices? Not like current crowded open spaces.