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the dignity of dying in an overcrowded hospital ward while saying goodbye to my loved ones over facetime, how could china deprive me of this

turns out the tankie superpower of always being right (again) just comes from not having the memory of a goldfish

it’s so painfully obvious that whoever wrote that was born to wealthy parents and has never faced hardship of any kind in their life

liberals talk a lot of shit when they only read three of those authors to begin with

I would show up an hour late and bank a fuckload of overtime while using the company shitter

lmao Cuba is green, I’m pretty sure whoever made this is just fucking racist


this is what you get when you ally with the west Zelensky, thrown under the bus to serve yankee imperial ambitions

Zelensky: huh, pissing off one superpower has been working really well for me, let’s go for two

oh boy we had fun with this one on the subreddit. posted a video juxtaposing this with footage of the People’s Armed Police politely avoiding children running about as they went about their duties, and all sorts of libs showed up to howl in that thread

they would sooner resort to racism and spinning ever deeper and more intractable conspiracy theories than to acknowledge their media might be full of shit

if this isn’t fixed I will be forced to declare this a degenerated workers community