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  1. lemmy.paxanimi.club для русскоязычных постов. Однако он пока совсем малыш, нужно развивать (постить чаще)

  2. Пока можно подписаться только в виде RSS либо через Mastodon. На Лемми основной фокус это сообщества

  3. Jerboa, Lemmur вам в помощь 😌

I think you can subscribe to a community in Jerboa if you open community’s page and tap on a little gray tick next to its name

Well, that way you’re able to follow the plot i.e. remember what’s going on and don’t need recaps

Also, if you’re travelling or have to wait for many hours, by binge watching you can make the time very manageable

I think by default people choose instances related to their region. That way you can communicate with likeminded people in the timeframe they’re the most active.

If not that then you look at the topics instance specialises in. For example:

  • mander → science
  • gtio → debate
  • fapsi → creativity
  • slrpnk → solar punk
  • hackliberty → tech anarchism
  • heapoverflow → programming etc

full list

If you don’t care about specialization and prefer simply more content you choose general instance such as beehaw or sopuli

That how ancap would frame discussion of human rights lol

Oh, they already have a few tested boards! looking forward to stable release

Kinda curious if we got users from hamburg who has worked with Libre Solar – I would love to spread around a review about them