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Posted for the comments. Original article : https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2023/05/22/carmageddon-daniel-knowles-book-review-paved-paradise-henry-grabar

Several Chromebook models can run Linux without messing with the firmware : https://github.com/eupnea-linux/depthboot-builder A cool project. I have a refurbished Chromebook with touch screen running Linux.

Guess my lack of proper English got in the way. Non profit sector was the wording needed.

Interesting. I’ve read Bullshit jobs by David Graeber and Utopia for Realists: How We Can Build the Ideal World by Rutger Bregman. Both books show how a significant amount of people is trapped into doing work which is not rewarding. The latter book reads a bit like a history book and also covers some history of how leisure time developed over time.

Non commercial, remote work. Low budget life (bikes, no cars), relatively low rent. Buying clothes at recycle shops. Don’t drink, no parties. Trying to be a responsible Earthling.

  • wake up

  • do some exercises

  • have breakfast

  • check email (if there is urgent issues, do some work)

  • listen to music

  • go shopping for food

  • check email

  • listen to music

  • have lunch

  • check email

  • listen to music

  • read books

  • check Lemmy

  • sleep

  • repeat

Freiburg, Germany - https://mastodon.online/@dmoser@mastodon.social/110141071465122607


Good observation. And not only Discord, but YouTube, Reddit Github and Twitter. Looking at their website design (and the name of the app, removing the word master became a thing with some open source projects, though not all) and this article https://safing.io/blog/2023/02/07/snowden-changed-everything this gives me mixed feelings. There is OpenSnitch to back though, which has landed in Debian Sid, and is available for Arch Linux : https://github.com/evilsocket/opensnitch


I actually liked the actions about the museum pictures, making the main headlines and with that perhaps waking up more people.

A comment I read today, somewhat related : https://mastodon.social/@austinkocher/109800607880492343

Is the web link correct ? That’s a very old thread, but where is the cash reward part ? Having Briar on iOS would be a good thing to have more people use it.

News 490: New Year’s Plan9’ing: FreeBSD Foundation’s Software Development review of 2022, what can we learn from Vintage Computing, OpenBSD KDE Status Report 2022, a Decade of HardenedBSD, In Praise of Plan9, and more. Tutorials Automation and Hacking Your FreeBSD CLI: The more we automate, the more we can save time and boost our productivity to higher levels. In this article we plan on looking at how to build more human-readable outputs in FreeBSD by leveraging tools like libxo to drive better output for automation APIs. OpenZFS – Data Security vs. Integrity: Data security is about preventing data from being disclosed, ensuring that only the correct people can access it. Data integrity ensures the data is correct, that it has not become corrupt due to hardware failure or other issues. With ZFS, you can get both.

Beginning in the second half of the 1970s, the world witnessed the birth and affirmation of so-called Big Tech – the five largest companies that operate in the field of information technology, which are also known today as “GAFAM” (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft). In the roughly 50 years since then, these companies have been able to build empires of intellectual property of technologies and systems – primarily through acquisitions of other companies both small and large, which allowed them to center technological innovations within their walls. “The GAFAM Empire”, a project developed by DensityDesign Lab and Tactical Tech, collects the information of more than 1,000 acquisitions made by these companies, in order to look back on the history of the industry through the limited data publicly available on the web. The information visualizes a landscape of acquisitions to identify common interests, which are then broken down into a deep analysis of GAFAM’s history. The project visualizes the data in different shapes and through different focuses, allowing the reader to understand a complex system of relationships that is constantly evolving and that is redefining the concepts of competition and monopoly.

1. Fish Shell 2. Nushell 3. Dune 4. Xonsh 5. Hilbish 6. Elvish 7. Oh 8. Solidity 9. Yash

I like to use https://yewtu.be as landing page, because it has been around for long with no down time and it has an easy name to remember.

My experience is that using any Invidious instance in combination with yt-dlp on the command line makes downloads already work. Just saying.

Have a look at the word pandemic on English Wikipedia, the paragraph about Current pandemics, and let’s ask ourselves why the continent of Africa is usually neglected in Western media ?


AIDS is currently a pandemic in Africa, with infection rates as high as 25% in some regions of southern and eastern Africa.

There were an estimated 1.5 million new infections of HIV/AIDS in 2020. As of 2020 there have been about a total of 32.7 million deaths related to HIV/AIDS since the epidemic started.[41]

Real time chat with a Lounge. Looking good!

I feel that bad faith arguments need to be called out on sight.

Well, I can tell that I am fan of Socrates in the sense that asking questions instead of making assumptions (which you did in your comment) gives flexibility and more direction towards a good and rather balanced conversation rather than monologue versus monologue (For the latter I’m thinking about politicians in some countries who seemed to be mainly interested in their own person and their own party, rather than other people).

Because having been part of activism came with being in touch with more critical thinkers and people who already cared about their privacy in real life. Caring about privacy on the Internet was the logical next step.

If you were genuinely curious about a link between internet privacy and the pandemic, you would not ask the poster to waste everyone’s time specifying “which pandemic” we all know he was referring to.

Why the aggression and the assumption ? The question seemed sincere and harmless. There may have been more pandemics in other continents where we in the West almost never heard about.

MX-21.3 “Wildflower” released! – MX Linux
Some highlights include: *The Xfce releases now feature Xfce 4.18. *fluxbox gets a new mx-rofi-manager tool to save and manage rofi configuration. Read more on the website.

Cool. So Conversations can proxy UP notifications for let’s say Fedilab on my phone.


Public interest infrastructure. An alternative to corporate clouds built by tech co-ops. A bit similar to Yunohost.

which I hope is okay in this /c https://botsin.space/@fuck_cars_bot/109602602291354728

There were issues with Grub for EndeavourOS : https://endeavouros.com/news/full-transparency-on-the-grub-issue/

Why wasn’t this caught in testing?

We can’t answer this question absolutely but there are at least two factors to consider:

Not all grub users were impacted by this issue

Many Arch users don’t run grub



EndeavourOS ARM also comes with new features

EndeavourOS Arm now supports Pinebook Pro.
New linux-eos-arm kernel with amdgpu introduced for more generic Arm device support including pinebook pro.
linux-eos-arm ships with amdgpu module prebuilt for supporting devices like Phytiuim D2000.
Raspberry Pi Imager/dd compatible images available for download. Improves accessibility of arm i.e. users from any OS can flash eos-arm to their arm SBC
Improved headless server script.
Odroid N2+: vulkan-panfrost and vulkan-mesa-layers installed to reduce artifacts on plasma x11 sessions and improve overall graphics performance and stability.

From now on the Pinebook Pro is officially supported by us.

it ships with these new features: x86_64: Added a choice of bootloaders as well as the ability to not install a bootloader (systemd-boot is default selected) Switched to dracut from mkinitcpio Added an entry for Windows when using grub or systemd-boot and Windows is installed You can now choose to create a new EFI partition instead of re-using the existing one when using “Replace partition” or “Install alongside“. Grub submenu feature is now enabled by default (only default entry is visible extra entries are inside a submenu) Default wallpaper/background is now set by settings packages instead of welcome KDE/Plasma: Replaced the discover icon with a Konsole icon. Cinnamon: Replaced adwaita icons with Qogir GNOME: uses Console and Gnome-text-editor instead of now legacy gedit and gnome-terminal, Wallpaper follows night and day theme same for Console (it is set to dark only by upstream default) Budgie: is set to Qogir Icons and arc GTK theme and uses Nemo instead of Nautilus (to have even theming possible, Nautilus is not able to get theming from Budgie) Lots of Calamares cleanup work Reorganized and cleaned up the netinstall packages

The 1963 book “Robots and Electronic Brains” (by Robert Scharff) from the “How and Why Wonder Books” series is an early children’s book about computers. Let’s look at some of the interesting contents – and how the German translation “Was ist was: Roboter und Elektronengehirne” from 1967 changed some details.

Tails - Tails 5.8 is out
Tails 5.8 is the most important release of Tails in years. It includes both major redesign of existing features, important usability improvements, and hardened security.


The War on Cars
The War on Cars is a new podcast about the epic, hundred years’ war between The Car and The City. https://mastodon.social/@TheWarOnCars

Nice piece of art :) One problem with cars is that almost everyone seems to want to own a car, and with that taking up a lot of space on the whole. A train is not a thing that people want to own and have stored in their backyard usually.

I really like https://github.com/Swordfish90/cool-retro-term but usually I use xfce4-terminal or gnome-terminal.


Tails - Protecting abortion activists in Brazil
In August, we traveled to Brazil to learn how to improve Tails for the many people fighting for social change there. We trained 34 people on Tails: activists, journalists, feminists, and human rights defenders.

Which Linux kernel are you using ?
- Zen - Hardened - LTS - Realtime - Stable

How is it going with Lemmy / Reddit alternatives ?
There is https://littr.me Are there others and is code or ideas shared (Like ReactOS and WINE share things) ?

For watching YouTube without ads, besides the already mentioned Newpipe, Piped, and Invidious there is also FreeTube app which can be configured to use Tor proxy.