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I tried to cipher what they produce or offer with no luck. Website offers infinite corporate speak with no meaning. Anyone familiar?

How has been your runit experience in comparison? s6 looks interesting

It’s dumb, rather silly in comparison and it does nothing other than keeping services going - on Void Linux you symlink your services from /etc/sv/{service-name} to /var/services/ and there it goes off doing its thing.

Systemd could probably provide some fancy features on my system but it’s a simple procrastination-station and so far I’ve not come up with anything I’m missing. Very happy camper.

(Lemmy is acting up for me)

It’s dumb, rather silly in comparison and it does nothing other than keeping services going - on Void Linux you symlink your services from /etc/sv/{service-name} to /var/services/ and there it goes off doing its thing.

Systemd could probably provide some fancy features on my system but it’s a simple procrastination-station and so far I’ve not come up with anything I’m missing. Very happy camper.


Been a while since I last messed with it and my Linux skills (damn that sounds corny) have improved over the years. But when I used to drive a systemd distro there would be some service that would stall and I just could not make it work as intended, remembering my frustrations.

To me it’s not about systemd being bad, just a case of it being hella complicated if compared to something like runit. Its reach is so huge it’s overwhelming for my poor brain to grasp.

It’s not you, it’s me kind of a deal haha


I haven’t measured it before. Guessing around -10,-7C somewhere due to residual heat from our living room and the glasseed balcony being wind resistant.

Apple tree, pear, cherry are all cold resistant but obviously unfit for a grow bag on the balcony. I’ve heard there are are types of grapvine that can do swell in hardiness zone 5ish, not sure which kind yet conflicting info on the webz.

Stockholm so, freezing winters. And these days insane tropic summers apparently.

Passion fruit eeeey? That sounds lovely, I’ll check out if there are kinds that can withstand temperatures of ~-15C

What should I plant in this 50L grow bag? Zone 7a, south facing glassed balcony
Some hardy grapevine? Perennial preferred. ![](

The other day I was saying to my wife “There should be trams for large stuff - wide door openings.”.

This tho, I want to know more!

And now modern living depends so much upon them that it’s an enormous endeavor to wind this back :S

I’d say it’s an enormous discomfort and an opportunity to create a meaningful living for all - somewhat along the lines of what “antiwork” represents.

I posted a reply but it sort of went nowhere for some reason. Retype, sigh…:

Tell these people that the US needs 300.000.000 EVs among a shit ton of other stuff before the end of 2050, I’m sure they’ll love it. Everyone loves digging for common and rare earth minerals.

Nothing beautiful about data that represents some of the most grueling, back breaking capital-slavery in modern history. Where the motive is to make a single nation somewhat less disgusting emissions-wise. Instead of focusing those trillions of dollars on reductionist approaches.

Don’t trust the salesman.

What’s your climate and civilization prediction?
I'll go first: The situation is really dire for keeping the global rise in temperature under 1,5C, not gonna happen as no nation on earth is even close to meeting their own goals let alone those set during COP. From my part of the world, Sweden I'm seeing less green forces being voted for than 10 years ago. Instead, fascists are being given more and more power globally. Governments are touting investments and commitment yet in the grand scheme of things jack all is happening. Eight billion mid-size mammals and counting are competing for comfort and security under various levels of despair under class rule. I'm predicting the charade of investments and commitment as well as the greenwashy non-solutions being held up will soon be turned upside down (~2028) by fascists whom have taken power (~2032) through the fears of people and we'll have a bleak future not unlike [*The Road*]( by the end of this century (~2080-2100) as food and water supplies will have destabilized (~2056) due to the unpredictable nature of the climate. ____ Edit: To clarify, I'm not happy about it -.-

Aren’t biofuels just another variant touching the same grand issue? From what I’ve gathered the growing, harvesting and refining biofuels differ wildly but all have in common an rather sizable amount of destructive land use - be it through deforestation, palm oli cultivation or the monoculture aspect of growing crops for fuel. Most of the biofuels are from palm, rapeseed oil or corn and it’s some gosh darn dirty business. The old saying *“can’t eat the cake and keep it” rings true for the climate crisis - going backwards towards some type of neo-classical future, keeping modern knowledge on how to fuck things up while mixing in tried and true concepts like no-til gardening, food conservation, sailing, coppicing and what not would probably be a more sane and doable route for humanity.

I’m 110% certain that the ultimate source of infinite energy, fusion, would be the absolute quickest way to destroy all the remaining living ecosystems on earth.

Near the router. Connected via wifi - usually in the livingroom it’s somewhere round 160mb down.

Love, thanks for sharing :)

So, like what’s your use case? Professional work or just faffing about with stuff at home, procrastinating?

I have no idea why someone like me, a non-professional, would turn to a corporate distribution with a “stable” release model and have it be a Canonical product or similar.

I got into linux for mainly three reasons: I could install the applications in a single neat command using the terminal (that shit was amazing coming from XP); It was not some big tech dictating and changing up my workflow on a whim; Lastly I had a moment of ethical reconing around 2016 and the ethics of FLOSS is superior.

Canonical keep doing things, trying out what sticks on a live audience and it’s generally not liked by people. To me it seems like a very unstable experience. It had its innovative days in the 00’s and it’s all appreciated but since long gone.

Often the critique aimed at Canonical and the Ubuntu team is disregared with “That’s a loud minority” – yes and no. Of the grand total of Ubuntu users there are a huge amounts of casuals and worker bees (tech folk given Ubuntu with little reason to stir up shit at their employment) who are not interested. Then there are those who are very interested in the tech behind the product, the enthusiasts - if you take into account the grand total, sure then there is a loud minority, but why would you take into account a large swath of uninterested people’s non-existing-opinions?

Sorry, went on a semi rant in order to say: if you choose a corporate distro you are going to have a corporate experience. There are independent enthusiast distributions out there that run their ship through enthusiasm and not corporate intentions.

Sure you know all this but I felt like expressing myself this morning haha…

I wish there was a global push towards more thoughtful layouts such as Colemak-DH and some standardisation between OSes. Like for instance I’m a Swede and need my ÅÄÖ but I also despise ISO Nordic symbol placements and perfere ANSI for symbols.

Currently using the SE variant of the US layout (Linux) which gives me ÅÄÖ on the third layer accessible via “Alt GR”+{ [, ', ; }. Now to make things more betterereer I have a QMK/Vial enabled keyboard where I’ve set three keys to automatically treat and chord the previously stated keycombinations to reach ÅÄÖ without having to hold Alt GR.

The result is a magical ANSI Nordic layout set in Colemak-DH (with chorded Dvorak style .,/)on a highly customisable Vial keeb.

The issue is that on something like macOS the us layout and (I think it’s Swedish/Nordic variant) the ÅÄÖ is situated under Alt+a, alt+o and something else which makes my board not work as I had intended it to work. On windows 11 I fail to even find how in the F you change your keyboard layout at all - it’s a god darn mess.

Can’t get enough of Void.

I install it using this method on my laptop but I go for glibc over musl. Post install I setup sway, PipeWire and what not and have a good time.

Package manager rocks, I don’t think I miss anything from the repos.

Awesome community around the distro. The fact that they have official documentation is great.

I don’t do anything productive on my machine. Procrastination all the way <3