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Euro centric is a loaded term. It’s a kind of Indo European language but most people on Earth speak an IE language so it’s the most efficient route.

In my opinion, this is a ridiculous question and demonstrates why we need better education in the humanities.

Very difficult to implement and potentially little reward. I’m not convinced the community would benefit much from a bunch of machine translation. I think the expectation is reasonable that people will gather in communities based on the languages they know so if you have speakers of Italian on Lemmy, for example, they will use an Italian instance or Italian communities. This is already well supported by the software.

If people from different linguistic backgrounds need to communicate using a common language, the best choice would be Esperanto.

Honestly? I think it’s not worth the trouble. It sounds cool but we’re better off without it

I didn’t think that would work but I’ll have to try it. It’s seems every instance numbers the posts differently

Lemmy should have something to make this easier, but I don’t know how that would work

You can but you have open it from inside your own instance, so like in this case you (on Sopuli) gotta go to and find it. It was posted 1 year ago, so good luck!

Listen, my mother was already annoying to begin with. As for myself, I have been a tourist many times and can confirm we are annoying.

Of course they have, since capitalism turned its back on them

You are right and they aren’t “bad people”, they are just annoying ;)

What? Saying that saying that is a fallacy is a fallacy

Yes that might be more up to date. I think liberal can still carry a connotation of not being conservative, without the connotation progressive carries of being socialist.

Right, your second paragraph is very important in my opinion. One may feel, that since the bad news is already out there and widely recognized, then what is the point of adding to it? Focusing on the positive makes sense because it’s possible that there just isn’t enough of it out there. I think unfortunately it’s hard for people to maintain a sufficiently broad perspective and say, OK, how do I put all this information together? Since the polarization occurred, if you have just negative sources of information and positive sources of information, and then they compete to see who can be more negative and who can be more positive, then kind of lose the plot.

Constructive criticism is good, in any case. I think when we interact on Lemmy we should be mindful that Lemmy is already not a mainstream platform or audience, so let’s suppose if 80% of the user base already has sympathies for communism or the People’s Republic of China and can possibly be swayed, but they encounter too much of a push from overly zealous users, it might turn them off. In other words, there can be a sort of backlash that could occur if you are preaching to the choir and simultaneously making them feel, that they are in the wrong. People easily get stubborn and dig in.

In general I agree with what you wrote. What I’m trying to say is this, that the good and bad elements are/were there, and it’s not easy to make generalizations about it without going into detail about exactly what is going on. We may all have our biases, and I’m not merely complaining about bias, but the prevalence of extreme cases of bias, where we turn it into something that’s just black and white either for or against.

Because the user posted their question here.

OK that makes sense

Also why is this in “Ask Lemmy”?

OK so I have lived in the former USSR for a while. The USSR is not really understood by people who haven’t lived in it. The truth is in between; yes it’s not like how people in the USA had been led to believe. Not entirely. We were told most of the bad things and hardly any of the good things. However, most of what was bad about the USSR is true, but people just have a hard time understanding that it was a real place and some things about it were nice, especially if you are into that sort of thing.

That being said, the idealization and white washing of the USSR online is just absurd. All of this revisionism and fantasy by kids online thinking the USSR was wonderful and amazing, is far from reality.

It’s the same story the PRC. Lemmy is just full of whitewashing, propaganda, irrational idealizations, and so on. This post is really a case in point. “Oh Uyghurs are just going to art school and dancing. They love it!” Like I don’t even know how you can write this and not realize that you don’t live in reality. I don’t think you’re lying in purpose, but I can tell you are gullible and naive.

Chinese and Soviet propagandists have an answer for everything. If you take their word for it they’ll have you believe it is all rainbows and unicorns. The problem is, it just isn’t how they say it is. Too much spin, too many lies, and lots of people desperately wishing it was all true.

I think it’s important to join a server that blocks lemmygrad at the very least, and eventually (some day) perhaps even blocks The problem with is that it’s essentially a Trojan horse for lemmygrad, and the admins themselves are consciously involved in this, so a blind eye gets turned to communist trolls and propagandists who are being shepherded in while opposing (humane) viewpoints get censored for political reasons.

As for who specifically is on my block list, I’m not going to shame anyone but so far one person has got on for personally harassing me, and the other is the well known propagandist who also needs no introduction. You’ll see his spam whenever you browse the network.

Personally I’m not a big fan of blocking. I’d rather resolve things at the personal or community level rather than splintering the community into a thousand splinters and everyone getting trapped in their own bubble. I can understand the need for it in extreme cases, and of course that’s a call each user is able to make for themselves.

There is a lot of subjectivity when it comes to defining what is conservative or not. A conservative position in one country might be considered liberal in another country. (Here I’m just using the world “liberal” as an antonym for conservative.) Because of this it’s hard to come up with a general principle of how popular politics and conservatism might correlate. Perhaps if we posit, that a conservative position, is any position that has been previously well-established in society and politics, then you could guess that popular positions become conservative ones by definition.