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@dansup looks like a feature suggestion 😀

I think the point might be that your Mastodon instance does not federate (yet) with my Friendica instance. Don’t know about @Awoo though as you seem to have already interacted with Lemmy

It is something one can do in their browser. For example in Firefox I use this extension. In Fennec F-droid I can directly do it from the “search” preferences.

See this thread (from Lemmy, click the “recycle” kind of logo):


(solved)Why cant i comment in other instances?

I would like to comment this post
but asks me to log in. I am logged in in my instance and although I see people from ‘my’ instance commenting there too, when I try to log it says it does not find my account. Do I have to create an account in this instance first? What am I doing wrong?

off-topic : Not sure you’ve noticed since you pasted the link, but this was actually a quote-sharing of your post. On Mastodon or Lemmy, the kind of “recycle” logo links to your post.

Related thread started by @humanetech a few days ago


The AI Art Apocalypse. Is the future for many Artists looking bleak, with AI’s like DALL-E 2 on the rise?


Hacker News discussion: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3…

#art #artwork #artist #AI #DALLE #poll

It would be especially hard to place before the light if there was a dedicated turn lane.

I think in that case “before the stop” should be understood as “before the turn lane”

Interesting idea ! Then the votes would have the meaning that the post/comment is (not) appropriate in the community in question.

Here I’m just using the world “liberal” as an antonym for conservative.

“progressive” is the word you were looking for 😀

There is no meaning to the vote numbers here on Lemmy, yet they are used to rank comments and posts.

The fact that they are used to establish a ranking does give them a meaning : one votes posts and comments depending on whether they think they are worth showcasing.

A lot of people seem to vote posts and comments based on whether they agree with their opinion, and I think this is some (mild) form of propaganda.

That’s the key indeed. Testing “a large number of cases” is not a proof per se, but can be proven to be sufficient, which is what happened with the four color theorem

Of course it does, federation is the one reason I can have a Lemmy experience from this #Friendica instance !

Other platforms address that via a remote interaction button, that propose you to open the link on your own instance when you click the comment box.

A nice workaround is to use your lemmy instance as a custom search engine : with my settings, I just have to add l/ at the beginning of a post’s url to open it in lemmy.ml

Note that unlike on walled garden, there are two ways of “adopting” Lemmy : creating an account there or interacting with Lemmy content from another fedi platform.
This is a major selling point for both ways

I would love it to be lass “arborescent” in its structure.

Reminds me of this post where I said :

The things we refer to as “threads” are actually “branches of a tree”. […] It would be useful if a discussion branch was not only shaped like a thread, but also had the usefulness of one : sewing, or tying together different discussion topics.

This post was about the “Comment/response toward post.”. I also like your "Posts toward users. ". Coauthoring is definitely valuable ! Relatedly, one could imagine a channel (like on Peertube) owned by several users. Then the channel could publish their common work.

The official word is “community”. One thing I don’t like about it is that it is too generic to be reserved for that usage. Like it is hard not to confuse “a Lemmy community” (a sub) and “the Lemmy community” (the set of people exchanging over Lemmy). “Lemmunity” was proposed in another comment, I like that !

A lot of people use “sublemmy” or “sub”, but I don’t think it is a good idea to copy the Reddit terminology. Also, let us recall that “subreddit” means “subdirectory of reddit”, so maybe “subinstance” makes more sense.

In the ActivityPub language, it is a Group, maybe it would make sense to just call it a “group”. It would make things less confusing when posting a issue on another fedi software asking for more compatibility with Lemmy.

Note that Friendica calls a Group a “forum”, which also makes sense. I think Mastodon plans to call it a “group”.

In some contexts, two choices can be argued to already be too many.

Say you have two products identical in use but for some reason one is better than the other. Higher demand will make the better one more expensive. The lowest wages will be set so that the poors can afford the cheapest product, and so consuming the better one becomes a class privilege.

Now say the better one is better because it is more ecological. The poors officially have the choice, but are financially constrained to consume the less ecological products. And now the consumption of less ecological products can be blamed on the poors who “choose” to buy them.

OK gerotophilia makes that one seem obvious, but what if I said the same about my sister? My sister may completely be my type, and I may spend a lot of quality time with her. Yet, I won’t develop romantic feelings, because I have integrated the social norm that would make it wrong

why would you even want large states?

Even if not states, we need some form of large-scale organisation, especially when we are facing global challenges (like climate changing) that require a global response.

To me, the Left stands for abolition of private property and money.

That’s only the left on one political axis though, but politics is more than just economics. For example, LGBTQ+ right movements are leftist in some sense, but a priori don’t stand anywhere on the economical axis.

A more general definition of the left is through progressism, as opposed to conservatism. As I seem to understand from other comments that you are French, may I ask whether you know (/ what you think about) the Peertube channel !esprit_critique ?

Thanks for the clarification ! This indeed makes the code readable, although way more complex than the original logo. Also, not everyone has an app able to read that svg on their smartphone

Being a QR code, it opened my browser…

This is very much a problem with the app you use to scan rather than with the QR code itself.

I agreed a priori, which, as you probably guessed, is exactly why I put that parenthesis 😀 But I think in practice the starting point already is too complex. For example, I opened inkscape and saved the empty image, the result is already more than 1KB. Similarly, Lemmy’s very simple logo is already 3KB.

or, addressing this question requires a collaboration between math postdocs and psychology postdocs

I didn’t know there was an actual limit to the size of a QR code, but as we see a big problem with (raster) images is that the QR code rapidly becomes much more complex than the image itself

I think QR-code is not intrisically an online thing. You can basically represent any string, it’s just that it’s often use to represent a url.

Starting first, money, and money, as well as money.

I think you forgot racism 😁

Most young bitches just simply need to be informed that saying no is an option.

Someone had to take that one out of its context

I use it very seldom when I am a bit sweated, have to go somewhere important but don’t have the time to shower. A chemical shower as we call it 😁

I find it a bit strong to basically equate a liberal defending their liberal opinions using mainstream media sources with impersonators poblicly spamming defecation pictures …

The main goal is to praise the most voted condidates, the others being diminished is only a side effects. Exactly how a popularity contest works.

The difference with a popularity contest being?

Devs : let’s not do user follows to not make this a stupid popularity contest.
OP : did someone say popularity contest ?

Note that I myself follow a lot of users 😀 (just not lemmy ones, as it doesn’t work)

No one here talked about germany and coal. No one. Germany invested more than france or US for renewables. Coal is not renewable. Nice try tho.

Germany invested a lot into renewables, and is completely ditching nuclear. Except that it ditches nuclear too fast with respect to the renewable sources it managed to build, hence importing more fossil than before.
That was in my first comment, you agreed with that, we mentioned it again later, and now suddently nobody ever talked about that?

Even if they didn’t need more fossils, what I’m complaining about is that they still need as many fossils. They focus on ditching nuclear when the climate emergency is to first ditch fossils. Yes, I know they are some fossils involved in nuclear also, but it still pollutes way less than fossil based energy. And pollution is by far the most urgent problem.

Yes, there remains the problem of dealing with the waste. Yes going on with nuclear is only buying time. Time is the thing that we lack of in the global warming problem. So, for the thousandth time, yes it is more urgent to get rid of fossil-based energy.

We can get rid of both? Great, let’s do it. But visibly we cannot ditch both of them that fast, as our fossil-based energy use is still growing, despite all the investment in renewables.

No one mentioned coal here, did I nope. I mentioned multiple times, wind , water etc. Glad you ignored everything.

I’m talking about Germany. Germany did not invest enough in the past in renewables, is ditching nuclear too quickly and now imports more fossils. Thank you for not reading.

Also, yes, from the start it’s been about fossils. It’s been about me saying that fossils should be ditched in priority over nuclear, that nuclear be used in transition.

At some point earlier you were arguing the fossils may not run out as fast as we think. So yes, you were defending going on with fossil based energy being at least equally as good as nuclear. At some point you tried to make it seem like I was in favor of nuclear as the long term solution, but I never said anything like.

I already covered research in the opener. Your logic is nonsense as you can use the money you waste for nuclear graveyard that you could put into research and fusion as well as upgrading the old energy network. I already said that, thanks for ignoring to make no point.

In the time that you wait for the research results, you still need to produce energy. Nuclear is better than fossils in that regards, especially consider the climatic emergency.

We had 50+ years as transition already and we did not enough, no we need to act now,

So what we just stop using electricity until we can have enough renewable production? But no, you said yourself we should go on with tech and even planes, so not that either.