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Hardly new, I’ve worked in Software for a couple FAANG-Level ones and the yearly speech by the CEO to all employees was always “Last year was an especially tough one with many hard challenges, and you’ve all done an amazing job! […] This year we will have to work even harder!” Yeah, that might be motivational once, but I’ve heard it ten years in a row… One of the reasons I exited that particular rat-race for good.

I avoid them like the plague. I don’t want to add another installation method (one of GNU/Linux’ advantages has always been the “exactly one way to install”, instead of dozens of different installers). I don’t want something that not only disobeys XDG (The only Poettering-thing I approve of…), but clutters my home with a visible folder, that happens to contain nothing I ever need to access.

Ah yes, the guy who funfamentally objects to the unix philosophy and is doing everything to make GNU/Linux the exact opposite of it… Yeah, no. Not interested.