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Why are usa ships near china. Yankees always invade invade invade. Thousands of kilometers away from their coast. Those rogue ships should be treated like the pirate ships they are.

The capital parasites get told that they win when they get profits. It’s propaganda. The goal of propaganda is manipulating the human mind. Normally, humans hate being a parasite, so they have to be manipulated.

Bigots would scare off other modders. It is the smart business decision.

By US standards, the nazis would be left-aligned because they found the one drop rule to be too extreme…

usa is the most fascist country ever and if you live outside of it, that is easy to see.

But the people there get mind controlled every day, by the biggest propaganda apparatus ever.

Maybe they can be used to dry something?

If you want frozen peaches, go to reddit, they have glowie admins, glowies like having lotsa bootlickers.