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The worst government is the one that uses mass surveillance

Well you are and have been for a while misrepresenting this discussion, so if you are really as knowledgeable as you claim then we can leave it here.

Яъне, он қадар китоб хондаӣ, лекин ҳеҷ тарбият наёмӯхтӣ? Падарат ба ту чӣ ёд додааст? 😔

This has nothing to do with whether or not gay people exist, but how society views or deals with these topics. The total absence of any law shouldn’t be taken to mean societal approval. If it’s so taboo that they won’t even talk about it, there won’t be any mention of it publicly or at home, so no laws, and some people will grow up not knowing what it is.

You seem not to be very well aware of how this works. Part of the marginalization of sexual minorities does involve pretending they don’t exist, and you may also have heard of this place called the closet but if you don’t know what that is you can ask someone else.

If you think all gay people are open and out in the DPRK and they get treated well by society, I would be a bit skeptical.

Like I mentioned elsewhere, communism in North Korea isn’t California communism…

Аҳ, душмани диринаи ман… Мебинам, ки ҳанӯз ёд нагирифтӣ чӣ тавр бо дигарон дуруст муошират кунӣ.

I have no opinion on this, it’s just that in traditional or conservative societies most people may not know about these matters especially if they’re taboo

A lot of people grow up in the world not being well informed about sex and sexuality… not necessarily unique to Korea, but it is indeed possible that there is still this type of social conservatism there. Homosexuality was usually criminalized in communist countries until just very recently, and I am not currently aware of its status in the DPRK but I’m not sure I’d automatically assume that it’s a leader in that area.

I’m guessing, if you are from the West, you have this misconception that values associated with communism are the same as they are in your country, but over here in the East it can be different. It’s no coincidence that today one of the most outspoken anti-LGBT countries in the world is Russia, and that also relates back to the country’s Soviet past. In Russia the kinds of people who want the USSR back and love Stalin, are a type of right-wing conservative who hate gays as much as they pine for lost Soviet Russian imperial power. They’re pretty much the opposite of Americans and Europeans who love the USSR today. The DPRK itself is a hangover from the USSR days.

Well yes poverty in North Korea is real, but not because she said so

This was something that the USSR used to do as well

Of course I think that. It’s about as equally stupid as randomly hating on westerners

That’s only if you assume that China, unlike the USA, has no right-wingers and no intelligence services of its own

I just think it’s strange the poster introduced the concept of a sphere in the first place when it’s all the same

It’s just that social media is bad, there isn’t an east or west to it, so saying “western social media” is bad creates the false implication that there’s a better, non-western one.

If you think this is bad, you should see eastern social media

It may be necessary for some economies, but otherwise it’s also inevitable. At the very least it must be tolerated

Now that’s cool

Iran has announced this many times over the past several years. I don’t know to what extent they have succeeded in using crypto, though. This would be good to cross-post to !iran@lemmy.ml

This is the natural consequence of having a state which monitors its own citizens using tools of mass surveillance, for example though monitoring their Internet and social media activity. It creates a dangerous situation for all individuals, and the states which engage in these kinds of practices deserve our highest condemnation.

This isn’t even the worst possible scenario; governments regularly access this kind of information about users without even a warrant or any form of approval. They are also not only spying on their own citizens, but potentially anyone.

If you just want to play games you don’t need to worry about the engine or which OS is supposed. All that stuff will certainly run on W11.

I mean, you’d have to be evil to support the invasion, regardless of being a socialist or not.

In general I’d say no, but in cases of necessity such a defense should be applicable to reduce or alternate the consequences.

Why not just block specific servers instead of only allowing specific ones?

I think for me lemmy.ml is enough. Turning off federation would have the added benefit of stopping the crazies from coming on here

Well, it is work, but not all work is good

Anyone can have a spirit animal. Furries have them. I think the problem enters if you think that this notion or concept is specific to Native Americans or another minority group, rather than just being a universal human concept, which I would say it’s more the latter.

Growing up my parents had the water temperature lowered for safety, as far as I know. You have no chance of burning. This is only possible if you have a large enough tank so you can do stuff like take a shower with hot water only.

Normally the water is extra hot because you mix it with the cold water and that gives you a larger quantity of water to shower with. Where I live now, the tank is so small that it would run out if you set it at a lower temperature.

I have also showered with self-boiled water. Also a useful life skill to learn.

XMPP Toki Pona Chat Room
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/82155 > Toki! > > I started a chat room for anyone here using XMPP. All of the offical toki pona chats and forums are on platforms I don't care to use, so I thought I would create a room for anyone else in my shoes. > > [tomo laso](xmpp:toki@inn.treeblue.space?join) > > Drop on by! I am new to toki pona myself, and the room is young and quiet. Feel free to come make some noise :)

Regarding Peter Bourgon’s Excommunication
I read in the news that Peter Bourgon was officially excommunicated from Go "community spaces". I'm curious if this community space, [!golang@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/golang), plans to comply with the ban. I think it would be useful to identify and support spaces that will not carry it out.

Room Announcement
Recently [room-announcement@chat.disroot.org](xmpp:room-announcement@chat.disroot.org?join) was created in order to announce rooms on XMPP. I was thinking Lemmy might also be a good tool to use for something like this. The question is, should we use c/xmpp for this or create another community? In my opinion, the former seems more logical given the fact that announcements probably won't come often enough to warrant the creation of a separate community page, and this community already has a decent number of subscribers.