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If you actually do this doublecheck that you’re not moving near militaly bases or military industry, those are sometimes out in the middle of no where

I’m a native English speaker and I have no idea what they’re talking about. I don’t think they realized you were alluding to the EU politician that called Europe a garden and the rest of the world a jungle.

Someone said that their mother didn’t have any retirement and they were irritated that their mother was hoping that they would support them… then everyone dogpiled to say that their mother was a lazy piece of shit evil narcissist.

Meanwhile in another comment chain people were dogpiling a “boomer” for telling them that they weren’t “adulting correctly” if they couldn’t put aside a retirement fund.

The irony is almost painful…

At least someone was recommending guillotines as a solution!

Unlikely. But you might drown in a septic tank if it derails while you’re on the toilet.

They did grant copyright for everything but the midjourney generated images

I didn’t know of this specific event, so I’m glad you shared. So often the genocide of native americans is elided from history. The part about settlers calling it a race war of extermination reminded me of a quote I saw recently of some late 19th-century US politician who was talking about the oncoming acquisition of overseas colonies. They described manifest destiny as creating living room for white settlers (and that was a good thing), and I was struck by the fact that (1) these people were just admitting that they were waging a genocidal conquest despite all the hemming and hawing of my US history classes and (2) this makes it pretty clear that the US is/was the “intellectual” (not really the right word?) predecessor of Nazi Germany. I mean, I had seen people say that was the case, pointing to Jim Crow laws and the 1-drop rule vs. Nazi race “science”, but I thought it was more general and not Nazi Germany literally copying the US to the letter.

It looks like they had 4 episodes available at first but for me 2-4 are now hidden. Hopefully they continue releasing more for free on youtube since I enjoyed the first episode.

Didn’t this just premiere today? Is this an official upload?

You’re taking away my freedom to experience urban blight, this is basically genocide

Maybe I forgot but I don’t think I heard about an attempted coup in Germany, can you fill me in?

Think about the time you used making this post. You could have used that time volunteering on behalf of Ukraine in some way. Ukraine is disappointed. How selfish.

I think the core essence of the Western Spirit is best described by Chaucer’s The Miller’s Tale

Although companies like Google and Apple are now deliberately rerouting virtual assistant responses from their once-passive defaults — Siri previously responded to user requests for sex as saying they had “the wrong sort of assistant,” whereas it now simply says “no” —

Now I’m picturing these voice assistants turning into Susie Green from Curb Your Enthusiasm if you get weird with it.

And it was well before the internet existed and it ended up as the basis for CIA torture techniques, not literal mind control.

Or it could just be someone struggling with mental health, what makes you think it’s an “op”?

Also none of that has anything to do with MKUltra, right?

Most of LatAm is mestizo, with both European and indigenous heritage. This is not to say there are not issues with racism and oppression and other indigenous rights issues, but it’s not really 1:1 the same situation as anglo america, nor between the different regions/countries. I’m not really qualified to add much more though unfortunately

TFW you meet a Latin American student at a US university who only knows 1 word in Spanish “from his nanny”.

I think I’ve heard that the CPC sometimes recruits or installs members into shareholder/boardmember positions if they want to keep an eye on or reign in a private company. I don’t have a source though so take it with a grain of salt.

When golfers flee the Great Golf Genocide will western countries let their ships sink rather than let them in?

Tbf having to play golf is against the geneva conventions

I also like that the big problem with zero-covid was that a lot of businesspeople lost a lot of money!!! oh no!!!

Sarcasm‽ With high-level analysis like that you could get a respectable job at BBC or NPR or somethin’

I think this guy is a different profile than the ones that kill working people, leftists, minorities. He seems to be the pie in the sky QAnon type that thinks everyone seeing Pelosi in a wheelchair would trigger a massive paradigm shift. On the other hand the usual right-wing terrorists I think target people with less power than themselves, as a sort of power trip or something. This is just my speculation though.

I think another problem with the confronting racism is that racists are way less likely to say something offensive if they’re around someone they think will call them out. And there’s also Democrats who think they’re anti-racist and support some good things but still hold extremely racist and infantilizing views, and they seem incapable of even recognizing how these are hurtful. And you can’t do much on an individual basis about systemic racism.

I’ve also run into some of that disdain for the South, which I think is to a certain degree unwarranted as you correctly pointed out that the West Coast’s hands are not clean either. However I have seen some people say the South is less racist or something? Where I have lived in the South, which were generally white majority areas/neighborhoods, I ran into a lot of overt Repub racism and insidious Dem racism on an individual level, and the poverty stratification along racial lines (esp. black) and the de facto segregation was absolutely flagrant. The cute little story about rude New Yorkers vs. Southern Hospitality is fake as shit in my experience and I always felt like the polite veneer of most white Southerners would peel away the moment they sussed out that you weren’t a conservative Christian (given you were white in the first place).

Unfortunately I don’t have any answers though.