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Yeah I guess I wasn’t very specific, of course its fine if people are unhappy and want to change services, but the amount of people that pounced on the omitted results from one torrent site without knowing the cause and just used it for self validation is wat I was meaning.

Hopefully the “DDG is turning into google” crowd can STFU now

Well thats the trickiest place to fix due to the flexibility and space constraints, its also the most high-stakes with regard to potential nerve damage. I know you are keen for repair, but healthcare costs money too…

Work - like in a garden where a cutty-grass will get you or high temperature acidic environment catching spinning swords…I mean whats the risk level at?

What is the size and area of the damage?

Most batteries are removable for safety, anti-theft, and maintenance purposes. Pick a bike that requires a key to remove battery (they can account for ~40% of the cost of the bike) then take it upstairs/into work to keep it charged.

1 Lemmy Bux to @TheAnonymouseJoker
For the bold and selfless rewards scheme that showed us that down can be up.

Questions about transactions
does the LIB process partial lemmy bux (maybe limited to 1/4 bux) Does there need to be a response for the transaction to be valid - for example if humanetech never responded or said they were not interested in lemmy bux?

[Employment Opportunity] Artwork for c/puns and c/wordplay
I'm offering 1 lemmy bux for someone to find or make nice icons for two newly created communities I created before I post them on announcements.

It would be great if there was a market place on the fediverse they could transition to.

21 days for “constant bickering” is a bit vague (and something a large number of us are guilty of)

More interesting than that though is your instance which I have never seen before, and the sudden appearance of right-wing trolls from that same instance. If we look at the timing…@Nemo accout 2 hrs old currently (same time @Julianus account was banned) and troll accounts x7 created since then too.

Maybe the banning served it’s purpose perfectly?

The thirsty responses are almost as bad as the main email “great message sir”

Good call to get his attention, and well done to get back safe.

Horrible to think about children and smaller people who barely reach the field of vision.

Somehow the people this applies to most still manage to arrive at “Ensure your SUV is tall enough to block distracting pedestrians from your view and gets at least a couple gallons to the mile”

There are android apps for lemmy called Lemmur and Jerboa

I read that a number of mods had been approached so they all had a vote and decided not to do interviews. It seems that, just like hyenas surrounding a group of herbivores, they managed to get one member to split from the pack…

“Linux, this is Mom, shes looking to adopt you so you be nice Okay?” “Mom, this is Linux”