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First blocking mastodon links, now this…


— Hugo Chavez

At first (when it was still codenamed Hongmeng) it was nothing more than a crude android fork, but everything changed with version 2.x because they went from being a mobile operating system (android), to being a distributed operating system (HOS is platform agnostic), native (embedded) Javascript support and its own Typescript implementation ( eTS). And since version 3.x they are already rewriting the critical components (android core/APIS) to avoid legal conflicts with Oracle and western big techs, as well as the future migration to their own programming language: Cangjie (as far as I understand, very similar to Java/C#), so HOS as a future project will resemble a JVM/.NET on steroids and closer to be an universal system in many aspects.

Made in China. Hence the fear of the entire Western technology sector.

More info

Getting Started with eTS

the genuine Android competitor. Too bad that even the official tools to develop in its ecosystem are only available on Windows and Mac.

It surprises me since most of these, apart from being written in Java/Kotlin, are forks of existing projects in Android/IOS.

He doesn’t buy a social network, he really bought was the best training engine for his artificial intelligence division (especially the one related to robots, which curiously seek to be “as human” as possible.