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Really interesting. I wonder if the re-blockade at the end of Trump’s term had something to do with it, though that happened in 2020 iirc. From the looks of it, it was really close to being commercialized in the US.

I don’t know if I read here or somewhere else that anecdote about communists historically being able to radicalize bourgeois’ children since they often grow up distant from their parents, it comes to mind when reading this

You gotta do what you gotta do. As MLs we know that political power is not handed over but taken by force.

It’s hard, but somehow Hugo Chávez managed to turn the Venezuelan military Bolivarian and anti-imperialist. After a coup attempt.

Well, they’re not a mod, so there’s no way they could be looking at his IP. And the reason he was suspicious was because of his English, that’s pretty racist if you ask me. It’s implying one cannot be possibly able to type perfect English as a native Spanish speaker, like I am.

According to a Peruvian friend a lot of it was just plain racism and discrimination due to him not being from the capital Lima. Just didn’t want an indigenous man from outside the capital ruling over them.

This is what happens when you try to appease the far-right as a leftist president with no prior political experience

Well, for starters it would involve ratifying and complying with the San Andrés Accords that the government signed with the EZLN but hasn’t followed through to date. Giving indigenous peoples permanent/proportional political representation and congress seats both in their respective regions and in the federal level. Giving them proper self-determination, returning them their ancestral lands and respecting whether they want industrial resource exploitation in their communities or not. Teaching indigenous languages in school as second languages, maybe according to the region. Affirmative action to repair the poverty inherited from colonial slavery. And so on. I think the EZLN website is a lot more eloquent on this topic.

For a moment I thought it would be some fun spooky occult thing, but it’s just antisemitism. Sad!

To add my 2 cents from the Mexican perspective (other latam countries might be somewhat similar but I’m not sure), the colonial modus operandi was different here. While the US wanted a white ethnostate and did all they could to exterminate the native population, Spain chose to enslave the native population instead and create a caste system. The tribes that resisted slavery were exterminated, though. After independence, slavery was abolished and all Mexicans were given the same rights. The early independent government (early 19th century) promoted mestizaje (race mixing) as a way of creating a homogeneous national identity. We are also taught in school that most of us are mestizo, in other words, a mix of Spanish and indigenous. For that reason, most Mexicans self-identify as mestizo. However, up to 21.5% of the Mexican population identifies as indigenous.

Up to date there have been very few reparations or affirmative actions for indigenous peoples. After centuries of colonialism and racism, most indigenous people are very poor and live in marginalized communities that have their resources constantly predated by the expansion of capitalism. Also, racism still exists and it’s very ugly. There are lots of issues really. Those are some of the reasons the EZLN stood up to fight. They also want proper political self-determination and representation.

There’s also a sizeable Afro-descendant community that was just recently recognized by the government.

So, it’s a different situation than that of the US. I won’t go as far as to say that today’s Mexico is a settler colony, but there’s a lot of work to be done to decolonize either way, to remove and correct the vestiges of colonialism and racism, and elevate indigenous people to the political and social level that they deserve.

Regarding the stolen northern territories, I don’t need to explain why the US takeover was terrible for the Mexican population there or why it was a blatant, unjustified act of imperial expansion that should be condemned to this day. Suffice to say that Texans killed and beheaded Mexicans for money under government orders.

The part about forced sterilizations really hit me. It’s one of the things they’re claiming China is doing, while US lackeys actually did it on the poorest sectors of their own populations. Yet another case of the US projecting their own crimes against humanity on other governments.

Probably one of the most incriminating US documents I've seen so far. A must-read for every anti-imperialist. Also, it's a pretty good article for Wikipedia *right now*. There's already talk about "making it neutral" so it could change soon.

I don’t even know if there are that many active users here. It’s pretty weird

TIL Algeria still has socialist policies, and quite based ones

Not really, because then that would apply to many third world immigrants who are legitimately fleeing poverty, violence or lack of opportunities, but who are also apolitical due to lack of education, and who might have had legitimately bad capitalist comprador regimes back at home.

Sometimes it’s nice seeing fascists and capitalists being so honest and direct about the reason they do what they do: class interests. No beating around the bush with concern trolling, no religious/racial/cultural/ideological/“freedom and democracy” nonsense, no, just straight up power and money.

Untangled the article:

Meloni (…) said Rome should “repatriate migrants and sink the boats that rescued them”

[Saviano] was asked on the political TV chatshow Piazzapulita in 2020 for a comment on the death of a six-month-old baby from Guinea after a shipwreck in the central Mediterranean.

Including in his remarks the leader of the far-right Northern League, Matteo Salvini, who as interior minister introduced a decree imposing fines of up to €50,000 (£44,000) on NGO rescue boats bringing people to Italy, Saviano said: “I just want to say to Meloni, and Salvini, you bastards! How could you?”

Saviano, who lives under police escort and has been in hiding from the Neapolitan mafia, the Camorra, since 2006 after being threatened by mobsters following publication of his book Gomorrah. He faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

In a previous interview with the Guardian, Saviano, who has repeatedly criticised the treatment of migrants in Italy, said: “If I am sentenced, I will respond to my words, but I will never regret having lost my peace of mind and perhaps even many readers for defending the voiceless.”

Meloni’s lawyer, Luca Libra, said her legal team was evaluating whether to withdraw the lawsuit. “The lawsuit arises from the hatred used,” said Libra. “I taught my son that the word “bastard” is an offence. We will still evaluate whether or not to withdraw it.”

“I’m sick of witnessing this disgusting profiteering by Saviano,” Meloni replied after Saviano’s TV appearance. “Is it normal that this serial hater is allowed to defame, without the right to reply, people who are not present on the talkshow? I have already asked my lawyers to proceed with a legal action against him.”

Gotta say this has been one of the best social experiments ever

LOL I’ve noticed this on youtube sponsorships too, I believe they just grabbed a bunch of flag graphics alphabetically

Shower thought: the ironic dank meme that goes “I have committed crimes against humanity/x committed war crimes in y country between the years of z and w” is a psyop to desensitize young people to real, factual, serious statements about the CIA, US army and similar.

What the actual fuck, NSFL warning on that first link (it’s not a picture but the description is graphic as fuck). I swear I learn about a new US atrocity every other day here, each more horrific than the last.

When you catch yourself believing you are dealing with fellow humans, remember this is how they think of us. Class interests over everything else.

So much for being white, western and civilized. This is the respect the US has for its closest allies.

Both Mexico and Brazil at the same time for the first time in history, too

One of the communist parties here supports them and their stances, and I do too, the thing is that well, they stopped fighting a long time ago and don’t really consider themselves communist or ML at all, even though they stemmed from a revolutionary ML guerilla army, though they don’t consider themselves anarchist either. Generally speaking I critically support them because of their anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, ecological and de-colonial positions, but politically they’re kinda weird. Other communists call their stances “postmodern” and I kinda agree as well. It’s a long story and I feel like I should read more about them to understand what they think exactly.

Does anyone have that graph comparing USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and I think CAD or AUD recently, with a very clear negative correlation between USD and the rest starting this year? I can’t find it

Agree. Either way, if Xi is the right choice right now, so be it. The world is at a pivotal point right now and China needs the absolute best in power.

with the interest set at inflation

This is particularly evil. I know you’re talking about it being a thing of the past, but for anyone who is ever offered this kind of scheme now or in the future, I can say from personal experience: avoid it like the plague. Please, please, PLEASE, do not get a loan with interests set at inflation. Do the math, it’s designed to be unpayable. You could end up paying several times your original loan and still not be done with interests. It’s pure evil.

Lol I love this interview. Basically told them to cope and seethe lmao