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Fascinating project. First time I’ve read about a DAO and been intrigued

Can you please share any guides you used? You just described my ideal way of reading web content. I have a kobo in hand

Edit: Did some research. Will attempt soon https://www.mobileread.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3797096&postcount=2

This is how newspapers and magazines worked before the internet.

I think it is more important to break the cycle of consumerism and instead focus on community partnerships. Eg. On public the radio today, hosts won’t tell you how a company will make your life better with false promises. They simply say, “this programming is brought to you, in part, by [ community partner]”

This informs listeners of community shops that also believe in the value of news, without all the nasty tactics of advertising and manipulation. It is a model I can support, but it has struggled on the web were it is so easy to prey on users.

Also, sponsorships are not enough to sustain a site or syndicate with living wages. They also require individual donors, corporate donations, and charity from wealthy donors. Corporate and wealthy donors unleash a second set of nasty conflicts that need rooting out imo

Crazy how interested bosses are in automation now that cheap labor is harder to find

Fair. Ya, have your fun. Not my rodeo so whatever

This should be posted on the main page; it would help resolve people’s culture shock after leaving walled media gardens

If anyone is going to call me a fucking moron I’d want it to be her. Looking forward to future dunks

I’d like more info about the folklore mentioned. Top of mind, the devil’s crossroads, but that could be a path too

Pixelfed instances
Anyone have any suggested pixelfed instances? I am more interested in community than content. Happy to apply if needed

A collective dedicated to telling the stories of the communities they live in. More or less a news organization striped of ad revenue and elitist culture gates

I’d participate in a community news syndicate when not actively parenting. I’d collaborate with friends to make zines when I could. I’d help teach others how to tell stories when they wanted to learn. I’d learn how to build houses. Occasionally, I’d nap lol

Could have been my community. Car companies lobbied to pull out our cable cars and now we are fighting tooth and nail to get back to what we had

This. You can have more meaningful conversations by avoiding words that are not fully understood or appreciated by all parties. Plain and simple language connects folks quickly

I’m interested in answers too, I just get on and go. Sometimes I might stretch, but just basics on the legs and shoulders.

I do a mechanical check of the bike before each ride. I make sure the tire pressure is good. Verify the breaks lock. I wipe the chain down after each ride.

Realizing now I treat my bike better than my body lol

I’ll Make You Copies. But I Have Dreams, Too.
When the boundaries between you and your worksona can't be pulled apart. This could be me

Can confirm. Adguard and pihole block them no problem


The buffaloes are gone. And those who saw the buffaloes are gone. Those who saw the buffaloes by thousands and

how they pawed the prairie sod into dust with their hoofs, their great heads down pawing on in a great pageant of dusk,

Those who saw the buffaloes are gone. And the buffaloes are gone.

Yes, and contrary to popular belief the vast majority of journalists seek truth in their reporting. Take a look at the Society for Professional Journalists ethics page: https://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp

A journalist should only be as good as their reputation. I was taught my reputation was my only asset as journalist. If I couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth of my experiences what good was I to my community as a reporter?

Unfortunately, folks don’t value the truth and bastards like Tucker Carlson, Rachel Maddow, et. al. can assume the mantle of journalist and spout nonsense without repercussions. Instead they are rewarded. They don’t represent journalism or its intended goals. They are showmen and strawmen out to puppet propaganda.

All that said, Journalist’s also have an obligation to reduce harm. There are instances where the truth can cause more damage. As an example it is best practice to not name children or victims when reporting crimes. The public record is long and never forgets and no one should be forced to have the misdeeds of others haunt them though the web, forever.

I sometimes wish Journalism had requirements like Law or Medicine that must be met before you could take the title. It is so easy for bloggers and social media warriors to pick up the title and it has lost all meaning. What passes for Journalism today makes me sick more often than not

Ballads of Lenin

by Langston Hughes

Comrade Lenin of Russia, High in a marble tomb, Move over, Comrade Lenin, And give me room.

I am Ivan, the peasant, Boots all muddy with soil. I fought with you, Comrade Lenin. Now I have finished my toil.

Comrade Lenin of Russia, Alive in a marble tomb, Move over, Comrade Lenin, And make me room.

I am Chico, the Negro, Cutting cane in the sun. I lived for you, Comrade Lenin. Now my work is done.

Comrade Lenin of Russia, Honored in a marble tomb, Move over, Comrade Lenin, And leave me room.

I am Chang from the foundries On strike in the streets of Shanghai. For the sake of the Revolution I fight, I starve, I die.

Comrade Lenin of Russia Speaks from the marble tomb: On guard with the workers forever — The world is our room!

A young woman/ Planting seedlings/ Plants towards her crying baby

-Takari Kikaku

Poems are like the seasons. My favorites change, but this poem has been on my mind a lot lately

Same in childcare. a dignity deficit is suffocating critical labor, yet we have more billionaires then ever. Smh