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The problem is, even with the huge shift to electric cars, this is not changing, even though issues of weight are even worse there. Tesla has the model x and are hyping the cybertruck. Rivian started with a pickup. Ford led with their F-150 lightning.

Also known as cunningham’s law, and certainly not specific to reddit.

I stick with the stock graphene os keyboard.

That seems like a likely issue. A bad software keyboard can absolutely ruin your experience. I use swiftkey (used to be fleksy, but that’s been effectively abandoned) but just prevent it from connecting to the internet.

Theres a growing demand for physical keyboards on their devices

Where is this growing demand? I also see one or two people in the comments like this, and I get that you may want it, but I’ve seen no reports indicating it’s anything but extremely niche.

On a side note, which keyboard software do you use on your phone? Maybe that’s the problem.

Musk didn’t own twitter when I made that comment. Twitter has revealed how bad he’s gotten. I don’t think my comment applies anymore.

Nice artwork, do you know where the original is from?

??? = tell people to send bitcoin to an address to show whatever they want.

yeah well, we’re talking about the illegal stuff

Two options I’m guessing:

  1. Well, why would they bother, the whole world knows it’s all a shame anyway, it’s all just posturing. Well except the tankies, and they’ll suck it all up.
  2. Putin has surrounded himself with too many yes men, and is now living in some sort of dream world.

I suppose pointing out an obvious fact that explains people’s perceptions requires a formal academic paper now.

Unfortunate time to comment this. I’ve realized my error now too, not that it matters.

“everything I don’t agree with is just the CIA in disguise”

Yeah every year, that link is specifically for that vote.

I mean they are direct quotes, you can look up other articles to check.

It absolutely does, because if you’re dabbling in crypto, it affects others too

My bad, that was r/worldpolitics. Forget I said anything.

Default subs aren’t a thing anymore. Especially since r/worldnews had the whole anarchy thing.

I should’ve been more clear, when I say “None of this is going to happen” I meant the things in your post (re @Catraism-Stalinism) though it ends up applying to most of the answers as well.

“Centrism” isn’t really a position one can have… what you mean is “in support of the status quo” which is IMHO also right leaning as it is inherently conservative.

This is why we need more diversity of thought

I will screenshot and come back to this thread in a few years and laugh.

None of this is going to happen.

I think you want nfc, it was supposed to be what qr codes are now.

I don’t know why you guys are happy that conservatives agree with you

He did though that says more about the pope than the war

Ireland is a weird example, considering it’s size (also isn’t it part of the west?) But briefly:

  • Most of the internet and it’s platforms were invented or first adopted in the west
  • Most of the internet is english and started as practically 100% english

China has had some massive platforms for example, but they’ve always been china-exclusive.

I feel you’re really overestimating the how willing and able normal people are to make repairs on today’s anti-consumer laptops. Most people will just have a laptop for a few years at which point enough things will break that they’ll just buy a new one.

Where framework comes in is it makes it possible for normal people, so when screen/touchpad/keyboard/ram etc. do finally go dead they can replace them, they can easily upgrade storage/ram/cpu etc instead of having to buy an entirely new device and so keep it around for far longer. Better for the environment and the consumer.

I also don’t understand your hate of expansion cards. As I said, if you’d rather use dongles and stuff, go ahead, but most people do find it a hassle and most devices don’t use thunderbolt/usb-c.

I don’t think there’s an issue of buying them either, they’re one of most prominent thing framework sells and they have also open sourced all schematics and stuff. I’ve already seen some enthusiasts design and sell some cards, and once framework gets in the hands of enough people, I bet some larger third-party companies will start doing so as well. And that’s still better than other laptops in which if you dent a port or something, it’s pretty much useless forever. In fact with framework, even if you break all your cards and all ability to purchase more mysteriously disappears, you can still use the internal thunderbolt ports.

but the main issue is part availability which you’ll run into on any modern portable

Do you mean like the current supply shortages or finding proprietary parts? If it’s the latter, then framework does solve it.

Its nice framework seems to want to solve that but adding more parts that can fail is not the answer.

I don’t understand this, the laptop has no more parts than a normal laptop, they’re just easier to change and repair.

The pro:con ratio isn’t enough for me to recommend this laptop to anyone especially normal users.

What are the problematic cons here? I have found it to be very competitive with other laptops in the price range, and that’s before you consider it’s reparability and environmental aspects.

Maybe if they supported coreboot along with plans to support different architectures down the line

I don’t see how these are useful for normal users.

Adding swappable connector things is even more pointless these days when a USBC/thunderbolt dock makes them pointless.

I think about this the other way around, since framework has these expansion cards, you no longer have to bother with dongles and docks. Even apple of all companies realized this and brought back a multitude of ports to the macbook, though of course, you can’t choose them like you can on framework. There’s no particular downside to consumer for this. At worst, they’re just a another part that can be replaced when they fail.

You clearly haven’t bought an ultrabook recently.

Not to mention most of that is stuff you would never really need to swap out unless it broke.

That’s the whole point

They are swappable ports using thunderbolt. + the screen, bezel, keyboard, touchpad, battery, wifi module, mainboard etc. are basically all easily accessible.

Framework wasn’t founded to push free software, but rather repairable hardware. I don’t know what you were expecting.

Plus if you were following them, you would know they had linux info from the beginning, it was just not put in a simple page like this yet.

(And why is it two years late)?

Google search is dying, Reddit is the next search engine
Essentially saying that due to seo spam and commercialization, Google is now useless for search and more and more people do site:reddit.com. I think it's a little extreme but agree generally. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/073f5202-c6b1-407c-b60e-797a52a3c06f.png)

What comes first, cereal or milk
READ THE SUB RULES BEFORE COMMENTING. Options: - Cereal - Milk - Other Also, don't you dare say bowl. Edit: after seeing cereal win by quite a margin, I have concluded that you are all savages.

Do you want Lemmy to become mainstream?
Some people might find the answer to be obvious (yes) but I've rarely found it so. In fact, this is a question I often find in the linux community (regarding linux going mainstream, not lemmy) and people are pretty split upon it. On one hand, you may get benefits like more activity, more content, more people to interact with, a greater chance you'll find someone to talk to on some specific subject. On the other, you could run into an eternal September like reddit, where Lemmy would lose its culture, and have far more spam and moderation issues. I don't know, what do you think?