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Not a single one of those war hawks are in prison for this. Such a travesty that they don’t have to pay for their crimes.

I very much agree, it should be studied, and if it indeed does have medical benefits, then it could be offered along with other pharmaceuticals.

CGTN has been progressive when it comes to trans rights for at least a decade. They regularly have a trans woman, Jin Xing, on to have interviews about the challenges she faces, and the progressive role the state and media can play in pushing forward equaility.

I read some takes on this from Chinese ppl to get their perspective, and I’ve come to agree with it. Some points:

  • There is no historical or cultural use of cannibis in China. People just don’t smoke it, and those that do only do so after they adopted it while being in western countries. The decision then becomes, do we allow the import of this non-indigenous substance and industry?
  • They’re have a strong anti-drug stance given the history of Opium used as a tool of colonization, pacification, mass suffering, and death. The introduction of new, non-indigenous drugs is not taken lightly considering that history.
  • It stinks. Most people live in close quarters, in large apartment buildings in cities. Alcohol is something that you consume, and doesn’t usually affect strangers. I live in an apartment in the US, and I had to get a door stopper thing just to keep the gross-smelling stink out from a neighbor down the hall. For some reason I’ve found the vast majority of potheads in the US to be some flavor of “don’t tread on me” libertarians, who love to do exactly that to other ppl with their smells.
  • The weed / drug industry is not a productive industry, and is harmful from a Marxist perspective. Most charitably, you could liken it to something like an unhealthy food, which isn’t something any country should be giving it’s citizens access to.

There’s also the issue of not letting the nazis take undefended territory. Western pacifism has somehow brainwashed people into thinking that it would’ve been more ethical for the USSR to cede all these territories to the nazis in order to keep the “moral highground”, and not be called an aggressor. Years of the nazi’s scorched earth policy in eastern europe show how wrong that is.

This is a big problem especially in the US, where anarchists will do the FBI’s job for them and believe any accusation, no matter how unsubstantiated, and use it as ammunition against every other group. Very effective way to wreck solidarity and divide and conquer.

Of course some claims are true, and some aren’t, but they need to be investigated and questioned. Most times when you ask for evidence, it never gets beyond “this 3rd party I know said they were bad”. We know the CIA uses these tricks against black separatists, communists, hell even pacifists like MLK, and any group they don’t like, so we have to stay vigilant.

Preach comrade. These streamers goal of making money through youtube’s psychologically harmful “engagement” algorithms is toxic and harmful to everyone they come in contact with. Their drama-inciting hair-pulling content is not helpful or beneficial for anyone but themselves.

Galeano, in the introduction to his Open veins of latin america, states that the only reason south america isn’t as densely populated as Europe, is intentional underdevelopment, and colonialism. The European powers intentionally depopulated the indigenous of many of these countries by turning their economies into mono-crop / mono-mineral mercantile export ones from the 1500s onward.

I’m sure someone has tried to figure out earth’s carrying capacity, but we’re not even remotely close to it. There isn’t even any vital resource whose production doesn’t scale with population growth.

The fear-mongering about population growth is really only coming from euro-amerikkkan capitalists and white supremacists like Bill gates, who are mirroring their 1800s counterparts with population control attempts in places like Africa. Bill Gates openly says he’s trying to stop “population increase in places we don’t want it”, showing his fear of the growth of potentially threatening non-white populations.

Does anyone well versed in kirby lore know kirb’s politics?

Just looks like an alternative to google and apple maps made by a few US corporations who haven’t gotten into the map game yet. Pointless considering openstreetmap already exists.

Whoa they still haven’t added encryption? That was a big ask like 2 years ago.

Existential dread sets in every year I feel like I got nothing done.

Deeply pathetic and sad that they’re happy about banning the only sub against US foreign policy.

My partner and I use hedgedoc, a collorative markdown editor, to keep a shared grocery list.

lol I love the zapruder theory, and is probably true considering how long its lasted.

But really tho, the US is not a monarchy, its a capitalist dictatorship… I don’t think there’s ever been a case where a US president has successfully gone against their capitalist masters and gotten away with it. The only possible time I can think of, was the new deal, where FDR had to campaign to convince capitalists to fund all the new deal programs.

Even the problems today in Ukraine are because of him… maidan began on his watch. Things would have been fine with the status quo but amerikkka couldn’t help itself.

He even came clean in an interview that the US was responsible for the coup. He’s responsible for funding all that nazi terrorist incursions into the donbass.

I can’t wait to see the epic levels of copium we’ll see once China starts getting energy from its fusion reactor program.

Richest guy in colony who had the most to gain from independence.

They’re willing to do this if European governments threaten any US officials.

Unhinged behavior from that maintainer. How do they not realize how racist it is to deny a patch due to someone’s nationality?

Reddit’s not shy about doxxing pirates, so this unfortunately will probably happen.

That’s the line the US is selling, that China and Chinese companies like Huawei are “spying on the world”. As usual it’s the US projecting their own strategies and nefarious behavior on their enemies.

The US’s prism program, the crypto AG revelations, hell the US spying on Angela Merkle’s phone all got revealed more than a decade ago. The US in its imperial arrogance, doesn’t hesitate even to spy on its allies.

Do you have any proof China is doing the same?

lol. It’s a really calming way of speaking tho.

Good, why would you want US tech giants operating in your country, hoovering up data on all your citizens? Which they got caught doing by the way:

Unsatisfied with beating up the criminal underworld with his bare hands, Yen trains himself for a new target… the source of crime itself: poverty.

All these HK martial arts stars become the basest communists for some reason.

That, and westerners are so deeply pessimistic about humanity and the future, that they think that because their governments are run by greedy assholes, that’s it’s a universal trait.

IE the “it’s human nature to be evil” argument. No, it’s just your bourgeios / capitalist dictatorships only that incentivize and reward selfishness.

Great choice tho, food always tastes better when you have to work for it a little.

What’s your favorite legume / peanut / nut variety, and why?

You ever see that documentary about Chavez, “The revolution will not be televised” ? It’s so damn good. Such a wholesome, wonderful person.

I'm learning chinese, I think those characters are "Thank you, US"

insert immigrants into this Malcolm X quote

In reference to [this.](https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/1580511197559783425?s=20&t=Yqf6bZABHrLYhVXASMF1gw)

srsly tho the more you read him, the more you realize Deng was a young soul in an older body.