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Start by addressing the assumption that sentences can be evaluated.

NATO applicants are supposed to be free of active territorial disputes at the time of joining. Has that consideration been dropped for Ukraine?

EDIT : grammar

How is that supposed to work? Firefox’s own products in itself are not that reassuring for user privacy. It was better when Moxie collaborated with them to improve whatsapp code. At least that guy’s products were respected for privacy at that time.

If you don’t wear seatbelts you can hurt other people in the car.

Good point. But then, seatbelts mustn’t be compulsory for people driving alone.

If you don’t have vehicle insurance and you injur someone they won’t have any payout on top of being injured.

They still have some solid options:

  1. Asking me/my estate to pay. Suing me to bankrupcy in case I fail/contest.
  2. Being insured themself for accidents.

In money terms, the business of insuring cars is mostly about repairs of cars.

Many things.

  • consentual poly-gamy/-gyny
  • not wearing seat belts or helmets while driving
  • not having vehicle insurance
  • having alternate legal tender in personal business