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I was surprised Hong Kong would give up their payment system that seems to have worked just fine for a Google platform that was charging “service fees”.

I wonder how much lobbying happened /s

I like how Cory Doctorow has managed to unite several seemingly disparate themes by focusing on a monopoly. From content moderation to AI, there is the close connection to how centralized systems breed most of the social ills we are facing.

Identification brokerage. What exactly will Twitter add to the identity verification matrix? When you sign up, and want to get those sophisticated things, they ensure you give them verifiable proof you are who you claim to be. Phone number which you can receive a text from periodically, email address which implies other people verified you, date of birth (I do not know how this helps other than then running triangulation on it from other ID providers) etc. After you do all this, they then ask you to pay to be “verified”. The status aspect on Twitter notwithstanding, it sounds like those “irrational” market outcomes.

The funny thing will be governments paying for this, when they are literally the origin of the very documents Twitter uses to verify people.

> In the case of Watergate, it was hard to unveil Nixon’s complicity, but the moment the President’s involvement was established, he was gone. In the case of Greece’s Watergate, our parliamentary sovereignty was jettisoned so that the guilty PM could stay put. In this sense, Greece’s Watergate bodes more ill for democracy than America’s original.

Biometrics + AI + Fear converging into a perfect storm for the very idea of "public" events. It sucks!

I don’t ever remember using any of these so called voice assistants. Ever.

I don’t know what you mean? If I am the admin of an instance or the moderator of a group, I could delete comments or is this just not possible? Some of the darkest side of the internet can rear its head and the gap between their posting and your deletion can be catastrophic.

Why doing this? Wouldn’t it be enough to block the illegal instances and those who are explicitly against your topics? You depend on the effectivness of admin rules of those other instances. Using an allow list or a block list has significant implication on spam.

please go ahead and test it, happy to help with testing if you ping me. It is a great idea which I also contemplated quite a lot.

If that would be possible, how would you moderate comments, seeing how random things can get? Federating with only approved finstances (federated instance)? What if you keep your blog, then push every post you make there to your solo-community on a finstance? You can engineer your comment section on the blog to pint here or fetch the comments content from fediverse to your blog…

I read my feeds on Firefox using tt-rss’s webapp. I self host a tt-rss[1] instance so I can archive the stuff I care about.

[1] https://tt-rss.org/

A history of privacy - with bed and sleeping as a proxy.