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When he climbs on the tank and nothing happens to him, it’s very telling compared to how the US Police would handle that situation.

The bill should just be called the ww3 act if they wanted to be honest about it. The US is basically saying your resources are ours, and if you don’t play ball, we will invade. Is the Biden administration serious about invading Saudi Arabia? You think gas prices are high now? What happens when the daily output from SA goes to 0 barrels per day? The ruling class in the US has truly lost it.

The ability to change your mind is one of the signs of a well-developed adult mind. Congrats on digging yourself out of the hole.

also don’t quite get how the US is fucking up this bad

The potus is 80 years old with the mental chops of someone over 100.

Depends which Americans and Europeans we are taking about. My lifestyle might decline, but not nearly as much as the lifestyle of my bastard landlord.

Hillary Clinton literally happy that a fascist won merely because it’s a girlboss.

What’s confusing me is why empty education centers is bad. Doesn’t that imply that the students can come and go?

It’s just the new version of the Nazi party. Co-opting the language of socialism worked for Hitler, maybe it will work for them.

Pretty bold to claim success when Europe hasn’t had one winter under this war.

I’m sure he also won’t be downsizing any of his multi-million dollar mansions.

Just like their spiritual successors in “the squad”.

Haha, wow, no chance he would even be charged in America, much less convicted.

He didn’t escalate shit. If anything, he obstructed the CIAs plans with his desire to alter the deal so it would benefit trump personally.

And the vaping illness suspiciously vanished, even though black market vape cartridges didn’t.

It was first detected there because China has a robust public health system. There’s some epidemiological evidence that it was spreading in Italy before that, but was being misdiagnosed as influenza.

Is this one of the festivals where the very not racists run around in blackface?

Organize, organize, organize. The worse material conditions become, the more likely it is a revolution will happen. When the time comes, the proletariat needs to be ready.

Does any AES country need or want anymore gringos? We shouldn’t be trying to gentrify these countries, we should be fighting for the proletariat in the place we were born.

either way German industry is screwed.

And if history has taught us anything, it’s that those german industrialists will sit on their hands and do nothing when they are pressured.


It’s gotta be a troll. He misspelled source three times and auto-correct on my phone fought me to do it once.

“There soruces”

Either an illiterate person or a 12 year old.

For a scientific approach, you must stop categorizing “drugs” as a monolithic block. Each drug must be analyzed and appropriately regulated to balance the good they do against the harm they cause.

This right here. Big pharma got psychedelics criminalized because they’re extremely effective in 1 dose. They wanted drugs that you need to take every day for months or years, so they took what they learned from LSD and Psilocybin to create things like Prozac.

Biden literally asked people to turn over socialists and communists. You might be on a watchlist somewhere, but that’s different than the local Kops also knowing you’re a communist. Be careful with who you tell.

Mushrooms are a product of evolution that began millions of years before apes stood erect.

Most of the “weird homeschool kid” comes from the overlap of religious extremists who homeschool. Their kids are “weird” because they’ve been brainwashed into believing a Bronze Age ideology steeped in violence and de-humanization.

No doubt about that. Eventually material reality will catch up with them. How many agents can you really have in an era where even the reactionaries are attacking you? Reddits business managers do the work for them.

You can’t have endless war without occasionally arming your opponents.

Uhh, they banned it like 6 months ago but left it “active” so the FBI could compile data. If you are still posting there, you’re definitely on a watch list. Delete Reddit.