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they where never on trial so getting away with it is as easy as doing nothing

I know a few socialists who are in the youth work sector (young adult social work, one of the activities is taking them camping with other colleauges and they teach life skills) and do exactly this, might be worth looking into as a career path!

I wish people on the ultra-left would understand its not that we love deng, its more we love Xi and recongise Deng was the route to him.

I am looking forward to when we hear about Xi-ism as a prevelant ideology in the same way Mao/Deng periods are considered because I think the CPC under his leadership are bringing China far more to the left and most importantly realizing Maos revolutions vision in a modern context.

Just never forget he had a massive team working around him and always considered his work to be a group effort.

The rock starring of induviduals is 100% a liberal tendancy, not to deny his greatness just to point out its all a team game.

because they do actually listen to reasonable protest; I heard it best described that the majority of the protestors where not anti-gov, as they understood that they where just trying to minimize human suffering.

The issue the protestors where having was basically that in some local provinces if even one positive case was ID’d they would lock entire towns/cities down instead of doing more reasonable measures like induvidual quaratine; this is because they believed that the province members where more scared of upsetting the higher ups with any slip up versus sacraficing a lot of quality of life simply because they would rather do a broad, easily implemented strategy than divert more funding/time into smaller scale responses.

The protesting has seem to worked though and they are adjusting there approach too it; we will see how it pans out but I actually think its a sign of the strength of democracy in China.

Consider a tradesman versus a libarian who has rich parents and went to a privately funded school.

The tradesman may make 90k+ while the libarian will make 20k on average, but one is much higher of a class than the other.


Because the libarian is able to talk and engage in culture that the tradesman is not; the types of culture that each engage in; football vs the opera is a classic example gives them the social connections that the tradesman would never have. They are able to make political connections, sway the opinions of the rich and can engage on a higher plane of culture than the tradesman.

Furthermore they might make less on face value salary wise but will have social connections gained at the private schools to people who will go on to become prime minister and CEO of companies.

Look at the PPE scandal in the UK; people being given corrupt acsess to contracts worth 60 million just because they where friends with the PM in high school; imagine the tradesman doing that.

This is called ‘cultural capital’

edit: drive by downvotes that add no rebuttals lol

this is a marxist definition of class and something the USSR was aware of when it made the opera free and over-produced cavier so it was dirt cheap

lenin is a sweetheart

ah yeah i got mixed up with the tsardom/vs traditional monarchy they had.

I meant the tsar, Ivan was the first person to establish this

I should clarify I really dont know Russian feudal history all that well; ive just looked into this before and seen that homosexuality was a common practice up untill about the 1500’s

yeah the russian orthodox church is really the root of all the bullshit reactionary stuff under the surface of russian culture, it sucks.

even when stalin/lenin tried to go against it and legalize homosexuality/abortion there just was not the public support to maintain these policies due to the churchs infulence

pre-monarchy for russia, not for europe.

Ivan the IV was the second ruler after Russia established a monarchy, the reforms against homosexuality began to creep in with the monarchs adherence to christian doctrine. (this regression on homosexuality actually happened in a lot of places cause of the same thing)

edit: I was mistaken on this meant the tsar not monarchy

the names of the people I sourced are in my quote feel free to look em up.

it was an observation a lot of people made while visiting pre-monarch russia.

fun fact; homosexuality was completely normal in russia up until the monarchs the tsar was founded and they tried to westernize the country and introduced anti-homosexuality laws to try to appeal to the west more (they wanted to be more christian)

it worked and because of that the church in russia got really fucking rich and infulential, to the point that the ussr could not get rid of it and why it is still a prevelant force in maintaining russias stance on homophobia.

The Austrian royal councilor Sigismund von Herberstein described in his report Rerum Moscoviticarum Commentarii (Notes on Muscovite Affairs) his observations during his travels in Moscow in 1517 and 1526. He stated that homosexuality was prevalent among all social classes.[5][6] The English poet George Turberville who visited Moscow in 1568 when Ivan IV ruled Russia during a bloody phase, was not shocked by the carnage, but about the open homosexuality of the Russian peasants.[7] Adam Olearius also reported that homosexuality among men existed on all levels of society and was not treated as a crime.[8] There are also reports of homosexual relationships between women.

given that homophobia is newer than ‘lgbt ideology’ which seems to just have been a naturally occuring thing till christians pissed on everyones morality it does make russias stance on this cringe, because it is a christian take for the most part and christianty is cringe as hell.

christ = the west so at the end of the day it is the enternal anglos fault

biden managed to get a cia operative to wrestle the phone away from chen and post that tweet but he managed to get it back via his material analysis of the situation

Pretty much most people here left reddit because they kept banning far left communties and because its ran by the CIA (Jessica Shoosh is one of the highest staffers of reddit and she is ex-CIA.)

No sense giving anti-communists free ammo is there?

They wanted to contain us in a little box, we took our box and fucked off.

Inflation is the devaluing of workers labour in favour of the global banks.

The west handled it well because they where able to exploit the labour of third world countries to peg up there own ecomonies due to colonialism, but in recent times China in particular have been undercutting the wests monopoly (gained through violence) on these manufacturing trade relationships and actually offering them more reasonable terms that arent enforced with bombs and boots on the ground like NATO does it.

I think thats why inflation is starting to get out of control in the west, the global banking system is starting to achknowledge that it is no longer the dominanent politcal force globally and is adjusting.


It should be said there are like 1001 reasons why the west is going down the shitter right now as well, stagnat liberalism comes to mind.


Marx’s work might be considered euro-centric but Lenin 100% no, he analysed the global domination and mechanisms of capital and its pretty universal imo

Im searching for a source for this, do you have one?

probably some hyper-fash shit where they want to kill both parties for being both jews and muslims

Its a compisite photo of several different people

hes not a real person he is a fake person made in photoshop by a photographer


this is who did it

Yes this looks exactly like this. What you write later i never even mentioned, and i actually agree with you, except the “recreational use

So if we accept your position on recrational use, we also accept that the same conditions will likely happen that have formed in America; the revolution will be hijacked by reactionaries who are able to eliminate demographics of comrades who use drugs recreationally; Claudia Jones was literally deported in this way and she was an instrumental theorist. Think about how many black communist labour has been locked up in the same way.

Your position is ignorant to the way the drug war is utilized and where the sentiment and attitude even orginates from, mainly the tying of problems to its occurence in society rather than it just being a symptom of a looted and broken one. It is not the cause, it just is one of the few avenues people can use to generate revenue when faced with death by poverty.

If you cant engage with any of my points there is no use talking.

Is just heinously bad faith. You do know exactly what i know about “drugs” but you hide between english language. Narcotics, we are talking about narcotics. Or do you, “Ghost of Faso”, think the drugs Sankara imported were heroin and LSD?

Yes, Sankara 100% imported heroin, its used in hospitals and is vital.

I doubt he did with LSD as its a niche drug that would not have been widely understood or avilable at that time.

You seem to think me advocating for a pro-drugs approach is me wanting heroin to be legally avilable in your local corner shop, its not the case; Id want it avilable to those who need it and for those who want to do it recreationally I would want them to have acsess to safe ways to do it away from the streets, as well as give them education + housing so they would be more likely to stop doing it.

Bullshit. We do know more about it, true, but still did nothing with that knowledge. Imperialist and compradors are still enslaving people with the drugs and booze just as in XIX century. And they do know better how to do it too.

Point to ‘enslavement’ going on of other countries through drug policy. The only ‘enslavement’ going on is that of the American underclass, with the goverment using it as a justification to arrest millions of leftists and remove there right to vote.

In terms of foriegn policy, yes they use them as leverage to destablize countries; this is only an avilable option to them because it is illegal globally, and as such can be used as a wedge anywhere they need it to be used. If the global status quo was ‘legal’ do you really think it would be an effective tool for the CIA? Of course it wouldnt, it would be accountable to govs rather than gangs.

When socialism collapsed, narcotics became immediate and huge problem everywhere in a single year or two. Despite drug policy in this countries remaining mostly unchanged!

Yes, the collapse happened and the black market stepped in. Would it not be great if the black market did not even exist to begin with, because we had an actual accountable market instead?

This is why your approach is unscientific, you attribute the effect to the cause and the cause to the effect when the reality of the issues with drugs in a global sense is that when you remove the legal protections/gov protections for a trade you inevitably end up with the only language avilable to use is violence, when people are faced with economic depravity.

but dealers just as other deadly parasites get wall.

lets hope no goverment ever makes a drug you need to survive illegal buddy, I dont think you would have the same attitude.

I’m in good company then, with “social fascists” such as Marx, Lenin, Mao and every AES in past or present existence.

The difference is we have acsess to so much sociological theory as to why drugs are not as bad now that continuing there stance on it is reactionary.

If you really think the USSRs drug policy is something worth emulating, they literally just copied the UNs drug policy lol.

There where many critics of its policy within the USSR, they called it

In our opinion, the adoption of the Decree of 22.¢.1987 is indicative of the Soviet authorities’ resignation to their complete inability to solve drug problems in a constructive and humane way.

Lebedev in 1987

If you did read Lenin you would know he calls for working with the underclass, not executing them as you seem to think is acceptable.

Its unscientific and yes, reactionary.

theory posting power hour
post some fucking bangers il start https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1931/01/12.htm > In answer to your inquiry : > National and racial chauvinism is a vestige of the misanthropic customs characteristic of the period of cannibalism. Anti-semitism, as an extreme form of racial chauvinism, is the most dangerous vestige of cannibalism. > Anti-semitism is of advantage to the exploiters as a lightning conductor that deflects the blows aimed by the working people at capitalism. Anti-semitism is dangerous for the working people as being a false path that leads them off the right road and lands them in the jungle. Hence Communists, as consistent internationalists, cannot but be irreconcilable, sworn enemies of anti-semitism. > In the U.S.S.R. anti-semitism is punishable with the utmost severity of the law as a phenomenon deeply hostile to the Soviet system. Under U.S.S.R. law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty. > J. Stalin > January 12, 1931 > First published in the newspaper Pravda, No. 329, November 30, 1936