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luckily, from the warrants they’ve received in the past we know that they don’t store metadata, and the only information about the requested numbers that they’ve been able to provide to the court were the date of registering an account and the last time they were online, both in Unix epoch format:

not much that you can do with two wheels, handle bar, and a place to stand on

the major drawback is that I can’t trust it. It’s got a “premium” version, and that has always meant a slow steady spiral into “you must pay now that we have you by the balls” situation. Another drawback is that it’s centralized, kill the company and so go your passwords I suppose.

you can self-host Bitwarden if you want.

Linux 6.0 likely to be called Linux 6.0

check out LibRedirect addon:

it lets you automatically open links from bunch of services via the alternative front-ends, and there’s a bunch of them that I’ve only discovered by checking the addon’s settings (like ProxiTok or Neuters).

still hoping for someone to make one for Facebook posts and pages, though.

there isn’t much evidence regarding it. Nor you have any evidence that it doesn’t.

and only one of us posted a claim without backing it up with proof.

while that’s true and definitely something to talk about, Fakt isn’t really a great source to share with people.

There are numerous media players like mpv

that are not a part of the browser

they also sell their user’s information.

I wish you a very [citation needed].

I use the official one,, mostly because it’s the one that I’ve learned about Piped from. I’m naively thinking that it’s the least likely one to disappear, even though that’s what happened with the main Invidious instance.

I wish there was an instance with a sane, short and easy to remember URL, like

because some people want to watch videos on their desktop PCs, in the browser, without downloading them.

sadly, for most people email = gmail. you use a different domain and they look at you in a weird way.

man, I miss lockscreen widgets. imagine how cool would they be with something like KWGT!

the app stores data locally, so they’d have to confiscate and search your device, not an online database.

kind of like picking up the phone.

same how it’s been the year of Linux desktop when Windows XP and 7 went EOL?

I’m fairly sure that when you hold on the circle without swiping, it will show you which direction does what. not ideal, but not requiring you to guess either.

I hope we do, and that more and more people get tired of Microsoft’s shit and end up jumping ship.

It even supports DDG’s ones!

not really, they just have a few that look similar to DDG’s. for example, the link above shows !wp as a Wikipedia bang, and while it works, DDG’s !w doesn’t.