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So you have the same approach of generating a title from the post body. Only you do it on the frontend and not the backend. In Lemmy that might be a bit complicated because the body is already optional, and we would have to somehow encode that either title or body must be set (or both).

Could you show an example screenshot how that looks like? I cant really imagine it working in Lemmy.

Posts without title would completely break post listings in Lemmy.

The Activitypub standard doesnt mandate any specific properties, not the title and not even the content which Mastodon sends. Thats one problem with Activitypub, you can send almost anything you want and its technically valid (even if no other platform can handle it). However the presence or lack of a title isnt really related to groups.

Should Mastodon users be able to create threads on Lemmy?
There have been some requests to make it possible for Mastodon users to create threads on Lemmy. At the moment this is not possible because Mastodon cant set the title field which is mandatory in Lemmy. The same problem affects other projects like Pleroma or Friendica (where title is optional). It is unlikely that Mastodon would make any change in this regard, so a workaround in Lemmy would be necessary. I implemented such a workaround which makes the title optional when receiving a federated post, and uses the first line of the content instead. This workaround could also be made configurable per instance or per community. But to be honest I am not sure the workaround is a good idea in general, as it could result in bad titles, and generally more low-quality posts. Thats why I want to know what the community thinks about it.

In addition to what @Austin_Skeldon@lemmy.ml says, another problem is that each software prefers to implement things in their own way, and not in the way that would be most compatible with other software. This is partly the fault of Activitypub, because its such a generic protocol that the same information can usually be represented in many different ways.

Another big problem is funding and thus developer time. Only few devs are paid to work on Fediverse software, and its not enough to keep up with all the work. So compromises have to be made, and often a nice user interface or other features are seen as more important than perfect federation.

All that said, I imagine the area that China is concerned with would be AI generated content passed off as news. You can easily generate deepfake video of a politician for example, and having rules to prevent such a video being passed around as real seems prudent.

The solution to that is verifying sources and cross-referencing to make sure that its actually real. It has been possible for a very long time to edit images and videos in a way that appears real, AI just makes the process faster.

This is ridiculous, how would you even determine that a given image was created or edited with AI? And what about images that were generated with Photoshop, do they also require a watermark?

Content on stack exchange is licensed under creative commons, so in a sense they are encouraging others to reuse it.


You can make a post to ask for a dev in !lemmy@lemmy.ml, maybe also on Matrix and in the rtl Github issue.

That sounds great. I hope you can find a developer who has some experience with open source, because many of these changes should be merged into Lemmy directly. Especially RTL support (or rather bidi) has been requested by many people. In fact there is already an RTL fork of lemmy-ui which could help you get started.

The other changes you mention could also be merged directly into lemmy-ui (except the homepage redesign i guess). Then others can also benefit from them, and it would be much easier for you to upgrade to new Lemmy versions. I suggest you open issues to discuss these changes (or look for existing issues). You can also join the Lemmy Dev Matrix chat.

Yes you can add our github as a remote in git, and pull/merge changes manually (which you have to do anyway). In fact it doesnt make any real difference where your repo is hosted.

What kind of changes do you want to make?

Not a lawyer but afaik the only legal requirement is to take down illegal content when you are notified about it. That happened one time before, the hosting provider informed us about some illegal images, we deleted them and all was fine.

Thanks for the suggestions. I really like fedibb, already registered it :)

What would be a good name for a lemmyBB flagship instance?
I dont think lemmybb.ml sounds good, so im looking for other suggestions. https://github.com/Nutomic/lemmyBB

We shouldnt evaluate it, or otherwise our operating system might crash.

Yes I banned that user, because he consistently broke the site rules, and even kept breaking them after receiving a one week ban. Its really simple, if you dont follow the rules there will be consequences, if not other users will also be encouraged to imitate such bad behaviour.

The way rules work is pretty simple. Whenever you post in a community ending in @lemmy.ml, you are a guest on that instance and need to follow the rules in the sidebar, or face the consequences.

Other admins also didnt see any rule violations in the comments you shared above. We simply dont have a rule against promoting Lemmy instances, in fact we encourage it because thats the best way for Lemmy to grow. If you have a problem with other instances, I suggest you talk to the admins directly, or alternatively block the instances so content from there wont be visible at all to Lemmygrad users.

Reports work in a very basic way for now. Basically they are sent to all mods of the community, and to instance admins. If any one of them decides to resolve the report, others will generally not see it anymore. Also, the action of resolving a report isnt federated at all. So basically, a report needs to resolved once on each instance. Here is an issue about improving reports, feel free to add suggestions.

I would say that the comments you mention are simply subjective views of these two individuals. You might not agree with those views, but calling it lying seems exaggerated. I also dont understand how you can hold the entire instances responsible for actions of individual users. In any case, I will discuss this with our admin team.

How can we make Lemmy easier for new users?
I'm curious to hear if you have any thoughts or ideas about this. As a developer I understand very well how Lemmy works, and cant tell at all what might be difficult or confusing.