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Watermarking factual footage in a way that people can verify metadata would also be an interesting tool for journalism to be able to focus on evidence to improve confidence of facts. Taiwan fights misinformation by having easily available tools people can use to verify information and focus on improving critical thinking of the people. fighting the infodemic and pandemic without takedowns and lockdowns seems to be the best approach. Tools that prevent people getting tricked by disinformation and verifying information for the infoedmic and improving clean air with things like CR boxes and c02 sensors and clean air regulation for the pandemic.

I’m surprised it’s not ARM based. It’s wild that apple is the only company moving fully forward with ARM on their computers considering the heat benefits and incredible performance of their m series chips

Starlink is another grift by Elon to continue his ponzi practices of pushing some grand future promise to get suckers to invest in his shit instead of investing in public goods. heres a thread on how much of a mess starlink actually is https://twitter.com/rdrimmel/status/1563158073694310401

governments should be forcing companies to build fiber with all the public funding they’ve been spending on corporate bonuses

Is there any noticeable benefit to the end user from not having systemd though?

If you can find documentation on how they do it I would appreciate you sharing it so we can show to the lemmy devs to simplify their work if they decide to implement it.

Banchan is an online co-op that makes it easy to accept commissions for art. They have a focus on making it simple and safe with the bonus of acting as an escrow which allows you protect your identity which is a great feature for trans artists not wanting to share their bank info attached to their deadname. This is a pretty good complement to using https://comradery.co for recurring payments. These platforms and the fediverse becoming more and more used really gives me hope for worker owned online and offline spaces.

we dont need daily reminders about protons “offers”…

What do you think of including a translation feature on lemmy if we can figure out a privacy respecting way to do it?
I think it would be great to be able to click a button on a comment\post and have it translate to your language. I think its possible to build a way to include this in a privacy respecting way (im not a coder so forgive my ignorance) if we use something like the google translate scraper that is used for this privacy respecting google translate frontend https://github.com/thedaviddelta/lingva-translate Making it easier for people to communicate across languages would be pretty sweet for the fediverse.

no se nada de “faircoins” pero debes de saber que 99.9% de criptomonedas son scams con nada de valor real. incluyendo bitcoin ahora que los “Venture Capitalists” basicamente lo controla y no quieren nada de inovacion si no les gana mucho dinero. El unico valor de las monedas en mi opinion son para “micro-transactions” para poder mandarle alguien como 1 peso directamente envede de un “like” pero ningun servicio tiene esta posiblidad que sirve bien todavia. Creo que monedas stable como USDC en el blockchain Polygon se puede usar asi pero hasta que Ethereum se cambie a Proof of Stake no vale la gana en mi opinion. DAOs tambien son interesante para crear un govierno entre una comunidad pero 99.9% de los DAOs tambien son scams.

por ahora las unica monedas de privicidad buena son Monero y creo que Oxen pero nadie lo usan porque no tenemos la necesidad de usarlas por ahora. Pero cuando Sur America decide de descolonizar de EEUU talves van ser necesario.

AppBrowser.com - see what JavaScript commands get injected through an in-app browser on ios
This is a pretty convenient way to check how snoopy the different in-app browser are. Seems like Facebook and TikTok are pretty damn invasive. I hope this makes Apple enforce privacy in the in-app browsers somehow since I'm guessing Facebook and TikTok will just update their code so this can't be checked anymore instead of ensuring their users privacy\security.
AppBrowser.com - see what JavaScript commands get injected through an in-app browser on ios

Nope. Zuck and the other people leading Facebook have absolutely 0 taste and all they know is how to buy or copy competitors.

yeah it would be really convenient. Peertube lets you comment and subscribe to channels using any ActivityPub account in a really convenient way.

@nutomic@lemmy.ml do you think this will be implemented in lemmy soonish? (does @ing people like this give them a notification?)

Stackoverflow is one of the most useful websites online imo and I think it would be great to be able to mark comments as the one that solved your issue and also have the ability to "follow" a post and/or comment thread so you get notifications on updates to a post or comment you didn't post.

a study run by harvard is supposed to matter now that it supports this absurd claim?

do you not think theres a chance people asked to answer these surveys maybe dont feel comfortable saying they dont approve of their government?

im open to learning and have been reading links while youre just repeating “you dont think china is holy and does no wrong because RACISM” will you believe anything you read as long as it says “china good” is there anything you’d admit has been a bad thing? Maybe the famine in the past? or the concentration camps in the present?

are you denying slave labor is being used in xinjiang and factories to make smartphones etc for the west?

just keep repeating that its racism i guess if that makes you feel superior

pure unhinged racism? if a study said 96% of people supporting a government (any government) its wild to take that and not understand its ridiculous

if it said 96% agree everyone should drink water you could assume its a shady poll lmao

I am. Do you read them and not think its shady they won’t talk about the workers conditions that allowed the country to do this? Slave labor made the US so powerful and rich too.

Then why are the only sources you linked, western supremacist ones? You don’ support the US, you just believe everything they tell you about their trade war enemy?

cuz the US/UK and Russia has gutted every other country from having any kind of press from having the time\money\want to investigate things happening in other countries?

and i dont believe everything they say about China obviously theyre biased and always lead with China Bad but theirs some truth in parts of it.

im not say “china bad” im saying “thin skinned billionaire authoritarian bad” but ok

ive already stated ive learned some thing from some of ur links

its pretty wild you will see articles about billionaires and go “cant trust these evil racist rags” and then link a article that states “96! percent of people approve of the government” and think thats reliable. 96% dog. come on


also yeah nobody owes me shit, if you think im arguing in bad faith dont “feed the troll” im already getting downvoted to hell block me and move on if you think im “coming at your throat”

ive actually learned a couple things from muad_dibber@lemmygrad.ml

“your western countries” how many times do i gotta say i dont support the US etc? The US is using the global south and the poor people in china and the congos for their fancy phones etc while the terrible working conditions are enforced by people you seemingly think are holy?

lmao you just proved my point. you will repeat some sus shit a piece of shit says\does as long as its targeted towards your “other”

you think calling a random non white person a cracker is standing up against white supremacy?

im saying its depressing that some people think doing the things the bad people do towards people they see as the enemy is good

The real wage (IE the wage adjusted for the prices you pay) has gone up 4x in the past 25 years, more than any other country. This is staggering considering it’s the most populous country on the planet. The US real wage by comparison is lower in 2019 than it was in 1973.

thats impressive, ill read about this.

96% of Chinese are satisfied with the national government

… do you really believe this lmao im sure theyre totally honest when asked if they approve and their in no way scared to say otherwise.

its only “funny” in the god this is depressing so imma laugh it off. cracker doesnt compare to its opposite term and im not white nor a white supremacist. I just say its “funny” cuz yall seem to subscribe to the idea that if people you dont like do something bad doing the opposite of the thing must make it good.

In this case, china lifted 800 million people out of poverty and went from a literal dirt poort nation to the only nation capable of rivaling the united states in 50 years while simultaneously being treated as a rival enemy nation by the most powerful nations in the world during this time.

yeah and thats badass. China also prioritizes its peoples health and isn’t letting its population become disabled by an infectious disease that can be slowed\stopped if the world cared more about people than profits. I didn’t say china is evil tho im saying yall are being manipulated and simping for billionaires who dont care about its people.

and if i point out the fact that it got pulled out of poverty partly by people forced to sleep in factories with suicide nets and concentration camps of minorities (or whatever equivalent shady shit was happening back then) yall cant say “yeah its terrible they’re doing that and they shouldn’t do that” but instead yall will bring up random shit the US does and go “what about blah blah blah that the US does” like if im in here saying the US is good and call me anticommunist or reactionary or whatever other slur is cool to say in your circles.

who’s anticommunist? I’m just trying to point out that y’all are simping for people who dont care about communism or the well being of the people they govern.

its like i point out the pope is using Catholicism to control catholics while raping children and y’all think I must be an evil anti-christ for pointing that out.

isms are pretty damn corny tho, can we just enjoy and implement things and ideas without making cults out of them?

the far right is extremely anti-black so it makes sense you would call me a cracker cuz a lot of you think since the far right \ capitalists are evil you have to be 100% the opposite of whatever they are.

was that not clear in me saying

funny youd call me a cracker though since yall try your hardest to be the exact opposite of far right freaks


China is quite literally run by billionaires.

China’s parliament has about 100 Billionaires and their wealth disparity has only been growing

also why do y’all keep bringing up the US? The US is run by billionaries and is full of wage slaves with no healthcare. no one here is simping for the US or saying its doing good.

I’m surprised there isnt an OpenWRT type OS for printers yet.

At least printers are barely needed anymore

I didn’t even say fuck china. I have love for china, the people and the culture are great. i just dont simp for billionaires because they wave my favorite flag like yall do

im not white lmao its funny youd call me a cracker though since yall try your hardest to be the exact opposite of far right freaks

Have y’all considered the “communists” in power are manipulating the peasants just like the “capitalists” in power do to their wage slaves?
Seems like most of y’all just think that since the “capitalist” countries are run by corrupt power hungry pricks that means the “communist” countries must be the good guys. They’re all run by power hungry billionaires and you’re all being played. (All the “” are cuz no country is run by anyone who follows the religions i mean economic theories, they’re all run by power hungry people who use the people and pit them against eachother to distract from the fact were dying and working for cults) inb4 the ban hammer (and sickle?) drops on me

Lmao I wonder why Taiwan claims its china and not that its an independent country. Surely not because of the threats.

They should visit Puerto Rico, it wouldn’t cause a temper tantrum and would hopefully inspire Puerto Rico to stand up against the imperialist country thats got them by the balls like Taiwan is trying to do.

Y’all simp over a billionaire who’s so thin skinned he banned Peppa Pig and Winnie the Poo.

espcially all the tankies from the lemmygrad instance