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You gotta pay for Twitter somehow…

I jumped to Fedora recently (I was on Endeavor too) and it’s been one of the best first impact I had with a distro in a long time: everything is so clean and just works out of the box.<br> I have no particular suggestion except take a look to the spins if you don’t like the default Gnome desktop (I love Mate so I went with that).

Bukowski being quoted by posers on social media is making him spin in his grave like a fuggin’ beyblade

In the beginning, I didn’t read the “f” and I was like “I’m not clicking that link”…<br> But thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t know it.

The main reason components are so expensive right now is because raw materials are scarce and the supply chain can’t keep up with the demand. And to make recycling easier would alleviate this fact over the long period of time, counterbalancing the rising of prices.</br> Plus, making a phone or a pc easier to recycle means making it easier to repair and upgrade too. This would make devices last longer (while creating job opportunities).

So nothing we do, as a species, is consensual?

Generally speaking, the term “prostitute” involves that the subject is exploited, while a “sex worker” is doing it by their own free will.

You know, I used to work for this big company that exploited me like a slave (making excel spreadsheets for 10 hours straight under fluorescent lights in a cubicle that’s smaller than my bathroom, as a matter of fact).</br> I called that job “rape” everyday for three years and when I quit I had no problem telling that straight to my employer’s face.</br> I’m doing the exact same job self-employed now, do I still call it “rape”? Of course not, because now I’m in control of how I do it and there’s no more exploitation…</br> And I think it should be the same for sex workers, but as long as there’s no legalization and regulation it cannot happen.

Of course regulation comes to both ends: only allowing prostitution to be legal leads to situations like in Thailand or Madagascar, where child prostitution is rampant.</br> In European countries for example, brothels (I use this term for lack of an official one) have strict costumer rules about behaviour, health and hygene.</br>

if you’d like to frame prostitution as a question of workers rights and public health, it’s important to center the debate around the experiences and problems of sex workers themselves

totally agree: in fact when I say “health” I include psichological support.

https://www.fairphone.com/</br> https://myteracube.com/</br> As you can see some people already do: if we all, as consumers, buy them, the market will inevitably move in that direction.

(I’m playing a little devil’s advocate here, but I like interacting with people that have a point). I agree that in an idealistic state, no one should be forced to sell their body to pay rent, but let’s look at the argument the other way: what about people that their only way to get sex is to pay for it? You probably are a good looking and/or sociable person, and that’s why the problem never occurred to you, but there are many people out there for whom is really hard (if not completely impossible) to have sexual experiences, just because of how they look or because they have serious difficulties interacting with other human beings. What about them?

Most of those people do want to become scientists, discovering new things, writers, or something more than basically the toy of the dollar

Of course, but the same principle can be applied to people that work retail or pull a lever in a production chain. Of course prostitution is a product of capitalism, but the same is true for every job. I agree with you that capitalism generates exploitment of people, but that’s the focal part I think we should focus on to make the discussion go further and not making it sterile in the end: TLDR is the exploitment of any kind of work wrong or just prostitution in particular? IMHO it’s the first one…

I don’t like to put it in a socialist vs. capitalist context, I think it is stretching the topic a little bit. I prefer talking about the individual: I don’t think that every people has it’s “dream job”. Sure some people wish to be doctors, lawyers and other professions, but a lot of other people don’t. So in this latter cases, how is it that prostitution in a regulated environment is worse than anything else?

People sell their bodies everyday to make excel spreadsheets for 10 hours straight under fluorescent lights in a cubicle that’s smaller than my bathroom or work in factories where they risk their safety because of old machineries, chemicals and hazardous environments in general. How all of this is considered better than having sex with someone in a controlled environment, where people get checked for deseases before going in, where security guards can keep you safe against violent clients and where you get to pay taxes and work for a pension?

Countries where sex work is legal and regulated (Holland, Germany, Canada, Australia…) all registered sensible drops in human traffic, venereal disease spreading and rapes.</br> People sell their bodies for food or money since the dawn of time and always will, like it or not. Keeping it illegal only favors criminal organizations and fodders a culture in which people are not allowed to do what they want with their own body, whether it is selling it, changing it or whatever. </br> Edit: added links to studies made by people smarter than me.