“wheat is capitalism. brown rice is socialism. and then when you have white rice, that’s communism”

I’m not a man, I’m not a woman. He/him. 20s

I’m a student of Marxism-Leninism.

I’m literally the Joker if he was given risperidone and a dog

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I was referring to your break from lemmygrad. I wish you strength for your project in June. I’m currently focusing on an important academic goal so we could be in similar situations.

Life is beautiful. Don’t feel forced to share where you are but to avoid worrying people you could add “currently touching grass” to your bio. I hope your break is helpful and recharges you.

I should make an email or an XMPP so our bond is never broken 💔

Follow me on Twitter @CIA and add me on Discord #gaysex420 [joke, don’t bother #gaysex420 I don’t know them]

I think the genzedong matrix server is having a lil hiccup. Pls upvote so it heals 🙏

You’re the one Italian user we can point out when they accuse us of being anti-italian

If you can make a tent for your bed in some sort of canopy bed imitation, you will sleep warmer. Small spaces are easier to warm up in general.

Lemmy has profile bios. If you click on frippa’s username you will see he calls himself an “Italian Communist”. Be sure to send your condolences to him 😔

Just a bunch of people who hate it when they try to 3D print John Lennon and get this random guy /s

Unironically libs’ interpretation of the scene

and then drone strike you because you copied an email

China may tolerate anything BUT email plagiarism

You know, I can’t believe we let sports go this far

If Xi wants to have a ride on an electric scooter I say we let him

Bullying LGBT teens is shameful. Comparing them to fascists is one of the most transphobic shit I’ve read in a while.

Milo Stewart was a kid that got mob-harassed and has grown into a well informed trans adult. Their current opinions are worth hearing and it’s a shame you let yourself speak from your reactionary ideas instead of information.

What a great loss. “The Alpha’s Fated Encounter”, “Secret Daddy”, “Single Dads’ Club” and more 😔

I don’t know where you live, but Kindle let’s you borrow library ebooks (with Libby or Overdrive) in some countries.👍

I checked it out and apparently a linked Goodreads account contributes to the Kindle recommendations… Time to quit Goodreads, comrade.

Kindle Unlimited is a treasure. I have no idea why it’s so horny and weird

You can’t question the Amazon algorithm

No reason to trash a perfectly usable device

The Yugoslav doesn’t make videos or tweets in Serbo-Croatian and the Iraqi doesn’t make videos or tweets in Arabic. Conspiracy confirmed??? /s

Please don’t publicly post my discriminatory messages against Italians. Those were just jokes

Could be some dumb Appple restriction. My Android browser lets me preview the channel but almost begs me to open it with the Telegram app. You can try archive.org or download the Telegram app, you don’t need to join a channel to preview it.

I reposted everything and provided a description of the images they sent. You don’t need to visit the link :)

I assume these are the posts, from Telegram channel @mangopress:

[Screenshot of this tweet (link)]

Radlib American ‘leftists’ interview ‘Marxist’ who hates his own country & simps for American liberals by pushing lies about #Donbass.

The way the Americans frame it as if the are telling you gospel truth. American ‘leftists’ go against the entire world

A new Telegram post quoting the previous one:

[Screenshot of the thumbnail of a video by Hakim called “What’s going on in Iraq?” (link)]

This is not new for Hakim, having this thumbnail for such a video ESPECIALLY after the assassination of Soleimani, along with some anti-Shia remarks.

All those videos on Iraq without uttering a word about the Axis of Resistance, a deafening silence.

THEN insisting on watering down and referring to the main bulk of Iraqi popular resistance against ISIS and American influence (the #PMU) as “Iran backed Shia militias” as if its a derogatory thing.

First post: https://t.me/mangopress/10687 Second post: https://t.me/mangopress/10688

I thought you were going to sleep. I’m gonna tell your mom and she’ll take your phone.

Now we’re calling each other g*mers. What happened to “Be civil” rule.

I was laughing at sharing a meme and you bring crapitalism. Boo!


I will comment that the fatphobia on the books is bizarre. These are children’s books.