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Well guys Europeans, what can I say, for example, my salary is about 250 euros per month, of which I pay about 80 euros for utility bills for an apartment. The question of the ratio of salaries in your country. From Russia with love. So don’t cry! And every six months our prices are growing by 10-15%.

I got lost in general, and began not to understand the significant difference between these platforms… maybe someone knows what the difference is, let us know…

Like Plasma but didn’t like KDE (Windows style) more prefer Gnome DE, we need more DE based on Plasma, not GTK

Does it have or has no one been doing it seriously?! By creating a filter from whom does the email come!? Like in messengers…

With a 99% probability, I can determine a person’s age, sometimes without even seeing his face directly.

кросс-пост из: https://lemmy.ml/post/205067 > Looks like someone is trying to revive FirefoxOS properly (not like KaiOS).