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Did you copy/paste this from GPT as a joke?

(if not, please receive this compliment that your writing is extremely clear and decisive).

That’s true.

Lyft and Uber are taking advantage of both:

  • the drivers (who are sub-contracted, legally-unassisted, and underpaid)
  • and the passengers (surge pricing).

Even worse - those companies SEEK to replace drivers with self-driving vehicles. They will terminate their entire sub-contracted workforce (the drivers… the people who do the actual work), without obligation.

This has been their goal from the start.

Although… in youtube’s greedy, ad-spamming opinion - those apps are certainly infamous.

But I do see why those apps don’t count… as, from our standpoint, they are purely simple, awesome, and free. (and they really are)

This is my favorite one so far. It’s perfect.

Animals are better at running, swimming, and playing piano.

Plants are better at blossoming and photosynthesis.

The classic ==> its evolution…

  • Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero ==> Burnout Paradise

  • Phantasy Star Online ==> Borderlands 2 (online co-op)

  • Perfect Dark ==> Battlefield 3 (online multiplayer)

cool question georgy :)

[ whoever down-voted this - I’m curious to know why? ]

Is your question a form of experimental philosophy?

That’s true. Much better to have clean form with 10% less weight.

Plus, in the long term, it accelerates the progression to heavier weight (especially with the avoidance of injuries, like you said).

The most frequently-used are direct links in the bookmarks bar (with single-letter titles, to display 25 across).

All others, I keep in folders.

To access the ones in folders, you can just type a keyword in the url-bar, and a dropdown will display relevant bookmarks (using chromium).

(for example, you can type ‘coconut’, and bookmarks which contain that keyword will appear)

To be fair, if form and function are the same, then this entire question is tautological. (which is a valid perspective)

For example:

  • You could make a fork that stabs food perfectly (function).
  • You could make that fork shiny, with ornate designs (form).

You could say that both are examples of function, because artistic beauty has a functional purpose (to enhance free expression, and emotional impact).

And that is the frivolity of words… They are mostly redundant (and exist for the beauty of form (which is a function)).

I don’t know why people use twitter for anything…

The UI is bloated, it’s difficult to follow threads, and it loads slowly.

Even worse is when someone shares a twit image or video, to a site like lemmy or reddit. Then hundreds/thousands of people will have to wade through that twit slop.

Much better to just post the image directly, and leave twitter out of it.

So yeah, I agree with you.

The main ‘mood fixes’ for me are:

  1. Sleep a lot (the most important)
  2. Hard exercise (like sprinting or pushups)
  3. Read a couple chapters of a book you actually like.

And to deal with the actual ‘causes’:

  1. Write a list of what causes the anxious / bummed feelings.
  2. Divide that list into two groups - “Thing I can change” and “Things I can’t change”.
  3. Beside each item on “Things I can change”, write a good idea for how to fix it.
  4. Pick ONE IDEA from “Things I can change” and start doing it (and decide to enjoy it).

Something I notice… after doing those ‘lists’ and ‘mood fixes’… the situation is usually not as ‘hopeless’ or ‘complicated’ as it seemed.

Feel free to share your lists/ideas (or feel free to message me if you’d rather discuss it in private). I will be honest and encouraging.

Hey I think that is a great idea. I agree that mental/spiritual freedom is reached through the breath.

That will be a great strategy and you can definitely help people who are ready to try it.

I have an instance running on a 1GB RAM server.

It’s just for feature development, but it runs smoothly.

The key (for google) is to use search parameters. Such as…

site:stackoverflow.com “javascript” “header”

  • site:stackoverflow.com - includes only stackoverflow.com results.
  • “javascript” “header” - those terms must exist on a webpage, for it to be included in search results.

And Startpage gives the same results as Google, but without trackers or AMP results (via an automatic proxy)

Also, it’s good if you have an urge to help people.

I’m just trying to talk with you about the best way to help someone overcome struggles.

I agree, it’s not their fault.

The question I’m asking you is:

  • If your intention is to ‘troll’, can you really help someone?
  • Are you gonna offer them months of sincere encouragement?
  • Do you have an idea for how to heal them?

It’s good to be kind.

But if your intention is to ‘troll’, can you really help someone?

Say a person answers your question - “my dad was an alcoholic and my mom was a skitzo.”

Okay - then what?

  • Are you gonna offer them months of sincere encouragement?
  • Do you have an idea for how to heal them?

If not, then it’s a pretty shallow ‘kindness’.