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Yeah, they have a railway system already. I used it a few years ago. Nice sleeper cars with some soviet nostalgia style… but it is really slow even by “slow rail” standards so an upgrade is probably warranted.

Yeah, I hope there is an easy way to also add Steam Bigpicture mode from this launcher. Sadly the KODI plugin for that has problems, but this looks like an excellent replacement for KODI.

The XMPP.org Newsletter August 2022

Yes it uses Astericks internally an you can hook that up to any voip service or even your own land-line or GSM modem. But to be honest the setup is quite involved and only for advanced sysadmins.

Its all open source, you can self-host it. But I agree, it is more useful for US or Canada based users given the limited selection of country codes.

Cool, but please: where is MUC support ? 😢

Yes there are multiple such projects now with different pro and cons.

It stands on the shoulders of giants by utilizing very nice existing python libraries for these legacy networks.

The problem is that this kind of class reductionist analysis is completely blind to the negative and exploitative results of the work of these workers. Painting then as victims of capitalism, when they are the same time also active perpetrators of it is actively detrimental to fighting global capitalism.

Yes and a terrible one as I pointed out 😑

The problem is that reducing such dynamics to class struggle is an over-simplification that is IMHO doing more harm than good.

Sure, but I was also referring to the fact that the other three are directly benefitting from the post-colonial exploitation scheme that is deeply embedded in the coffee trade.

Not Antiwork and one of them is not like the other (hint: think about where coffee is grown).

It is true that Slack like chat work-spaces are not a strong point of XMPP (it shines as a personal messenger), but you can set up a system that fulfills nearly all your requirements (I think search is only per room), with ConverseJS Fullscreen (or Movim), a Prosody server and the newish webhook component. Or with Gajim and Conversations as separate clients.

P.s.: “smoothly on mobile” & element ??? The Mattermost mobile client is also not exactly great. In that area at least XMPP is clearly better.

And Slack knows that as well, which is why they hold the chat history at ransom / behind their paywall.

I agree, but the reality is often either no documentation at all or chat history. Documentation takes time and effort, and employees are often disincentivised to write it as it makes them easier to replace.

Can also sync with a CardDAV server to some extent

Too many things to list. It’s a conglomerate of many sub-companies. The article names some examples.

Yeah, this is interesting, and apparently based on some micro-sat company’s technology that SpaceX bought 1-2 years ago.

On a side-node: China’s Baidu GPS-like also includes a similar technology for bi-directional communication that was launched a few weeks ago, but for now it seems to be more targeted at rescue services in east-Asia.

Now also working on izzydroid repo for f-droid. Still early days, but at least it seems to run more stable now 😊

I think what texts like this miss is that the “old internet” isn’t really gone, you just have to look for it a bit harder.

What is really happening is that the internet is eating television, it started with more direct equivalents like Youtube, but it is this general consumption only pattern what makes apps like TikTok popular and which have always existed on TV.

Even in the days of yore of the internet the old 90:9:1 ratio applied, so ignoring the vast majority of users that only lurk is a mistake I think.

Its actually less flamble than kerosine AFAIK.

The river “metro” in Bangkok works quite well, but generally ferries are quite slow and thus not so suitable for medium distances.

I think those new ground effect planes that are basically small, superfast electric ferries might be a cool option though.

I think they are more practical to handle as each powered carriage can move by itself and the smaller engines are probably cheaper to buy and maintain as they don’t differ much from regular truck engines.

Not an appstore but works ok: https://github.com/AppImage/AppImageUpdate

Modern Distros ask if they should “integrate” appimages on the first launch.

Appimages with delta-updates would be probably the best alternative to flatpaks which are indeed unnecessarily bloated (basically they force you to install a second fedora based OS)

I think there is some sort of training that intentionally distorts faces to avoid it being used for deepfakes. I guess the same applies for pornographic images?

Its similar to those CO2 offset addons you can buy with Ryanair. The impact is probably low and fraud involved is likely high, but it is cheap and might be in the end better than a more expensive option that no-one uses/buys.

Du must schon genauer fragen 😅

XMPP funktioniert zuverlässiger, hat die besseren Apps, hat bessere Anrufe, verbraucht weniger Serverresourcen und verteilt weniger Metadaten. Ausserdem ist es nicht Abhängig von einer einzigen profitorientierten Firma.

Ich persönlich halte XMPP für die weitaus bessere Lösung für private Nutzung. Das was du eventuell bald mit Fluffy und Conduit haben könntest ist alles in besser schon mit snikket.org verfügbar.

Genau für solche Compliance sachen wäre Matrix prima, ansonsten für private Kommunikation ehr so lala.

Difficulties moving from upstart to systemd. But hopefully soon.

Is the trunk long enough to sleep in with the tent? The video is not so clear about that.

Sorry, but the main language of this community is English. Please provide at least an automatic translation of your post. Deepl.com does a good job for Spanish.

This only tells us what they do by default and without gag-order. They could still be forced to log specific users and are barred from telling us by legal request.

Furthermore, it is known from Telegram disclosures that the FBI has been approaching staff from messenger companies with the offer of quite a lot of money to act as moles inside these companies.

As long as Signal is a centralized service with servers in the US, neither problem can be solved and that makes Signal inherently unsafe to use.

I was referring to the “no account creation required” and given how other online services seem to be doing fine with accounts I don’t think it is as big of a hurdle as you make it seem.

Of course automatic discovery of accounts based on phone numbers is a different topic, but there are also plenty of people who hate that feature (Telegram has a special feature to not allow that even).

“Public Relations”.

I don’t think Syndicalism is the majority anymore and hasn’t been for many years. And Especifimo is basically unheared off outside Latin America.

The original argument is that Signal does not want to create a social graph of user accounts on their server and rather rely on the already existing one of the users phone book.

But that is very narrow thinking and ultimately counterproductive as others have pointed out here already.

The problem is not the account, but the mandatory phone number verification.

XMPP with the Android Conversations or BlabberIM client works pretty well as an alternative and uses the same high quality encryption as Signal.

Seems to have a bigger trunk than most small cars. Sure two seats only, but that seems sufficient for many people.