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Cute GenZ story. Must have been strange growing up with the mega corp. internet as it was already in the 2010s… and not knowing that the internet was indeed different before. But the internet of yore never truly went away… it just became harder to find especially if you are young and instinctively repelled by “old” not mobile friendly designs.

Hmm, not sure how much can be done with these. Most ML stuff you can self-host requires CUDA or OpenCL, i.e. a GPU.

I am planning to setup a Libre-Translate instance on an old CUDA enabled gaming laptop turned server soon:


Cool would be an auto-translate button on Lemmy posts with Libre-translate API support like it exists for Discourse forums.

Free WiFi access in stations and trains is actually proven to reduce the complaints about train delays. So yes, this is quite on point 😎

Mostly over driven LEDs with insufficient cooling heat sinks. Aka, companies sell LEDs as brighter than their specs and cheap out on the aluminum needed for cooling. Typical effect of price competition where consumers have a hard time telling the difference at the point of sale.

A nice TUI client for XMPP.

Yeah, I kinda agree. But at least advocating for dense affordable housing is not totally unrelated to Solarpunk.

Actually, they promote it as a “simplistic OIDC provider”, but it is also a really awesome OpenLDAP web-management interface including delegating user & group management, password self-service and user invites.

Still, why EV cars and Solar Punk? Solar Punk is pretty anti car in general and rather imagines dense walkable cities with electric public transport.

That’s a fair take I guess. Although the author of the video is a relatively well known Anarchist and is surely aware of what I wrote.

Regarding your last point: you can’t really divide the means (aesthetics) and the desired outcome. If you do that your outcome will be inevitably different from what you set out to do. So while Solar Punk is not so in-your-face political, I think it also does not try to hide its Anarchist roots for anyone who bothers looking for them. If that turns away certain people that is probably for the better as otherwise those people would likely try to distort the idea of Solar Punk (which is a well recognized risk; green-washing and the like).

Because Solar-Punk is precisely not just an “aesthetic”. Imagine someone saying Punk is just colored spiky hair, and you have about the same level of superficial understanding of Solar-Punk. But of course you will find people on Instagram claiming to be Punk now because they died their hair…

If you dig even just a tiny bit deeper, you will see that Solar-Punk is in essence a deeply Anarchist project… a sort of re-branded eco-version of it that was largely developed in response to primitivist / eco-fascist tendencies within the ecological movement.

But Solar-Punk is intentionally not so “in your face” political as it attempts to build a broader support base through diversified means, including art and lifestylism.

Yes pretty much. That seems to the the intended use-case, but I think it could also be used locally to distribute/replicate storage on multiple servers easily.

Of course the “friend” could be also a VPS rented somewhere as an off-site backup.

I think this video was shared before. It seems to be based on a very superficial understanding of the concept.

Edit: actually the video is not the one I thought it was. Andrewism knows Solarpunk very well ofc, so this more of a video aimed at skeptics that are quick to dismiss the idea as too superficial.

I think even assuming all the explanations in the article are correct, it misses the point that for a super-human AI, space is a vastly more resource rich and easy to operate in environment, so it will just leave earth and not bother with us insects any longer as space is near infinite and earth is irrelevant for an AI.

Yeah, I was a bit too excited about it and posted prematurely ;)

Yeah and it would actually work with Lemmy, since pict-rs has a S3 interface. They even list Lemmy as a possible but untested app on their documentation.

I think I will try using Garage for this server once we move it.

Needs a really new Ruby version that is not on Debian Bullseye. So I will postpone setting this up a bit. Looks otherwise quite easy though, relatively simple Ruby app with sample config and systemd service file.

Might be interesting to setup here on slrpnk.net for some common sources like solarpunks.net

I’ll see later today how difficult it is to get running. Luckily google seems to do a good job at translating the docs and the config file itself is in English.

Read-me in Japanese, but it can take sources like RSS or Twitter and repost them on Lemmy and a few other ActivityPub compatible software as well as to webhooks of various chat software.

This isn’t any new tech though, the tricky part is the supply-chain logistics and if they can build a sufficiently cheap hydrogen fuel-cell with residential heating component for it.

No problems upgrading here… but not a huge difference either ;)