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No, first time in my life. #boycottQatar

It’s possible, but I don’t see marketing a bad thing, on the contrary. However, to be honest I can’t think about anything similar to iPhone that was cheaper, better and with better apps, can you give me some examples?

yes, that “kinds combined palm with a phone” it’s not so easy, as it’s not so easy to provide a UI that works fine and it’s easy to use. If this is not innovation, what is it? Now it looks easy, but it wasn’t the case. Marketing per se is not a bad thing, it’s a capitalistic society where companies need to sell and prevail over others and marketing helps inform/promote products.

I think we should deal with the fact that modern times were shaped by iPhones, not by Windows phones or any other pre-iPhone things. Technology evolves and being able to make a product that works for the majority and that its adoption changes the world we live in (for the better or the worse) must be recognised. Saying that Microsoft or whatever did something similar before is nonsense: everything is an evolution from the past. So we can be anti-Apple or anti-anything, but we should accept and stop minimising the fact that Apple changed things and made history.

It seems search engines are becoming less important for researching online, we now focus more on social media or specific websites. Often, I search directly on reddit, imdb, twitter or mastodon, spotify, youtube, stack overflow etc. For the rest, I use Qwant as the main and I’m quite ok with it

Wow a bit clunky but an excellent app!

Interesting project, but I don’t understand why there’s no possibility of translation from English to another language

I believe we come from very different perspectives. Your mother tongue allows you to speak more or less with everyone everywhere (of course with exceptions), you probably watch or listen almost everything in your language. You don’t feel the urge to learn a second language because actually you don’t need it. I have 1 mother tongue that almost nobody speaks, I learnt other 2 languages in order to be able to communicate outside my country and to be able to understand everything I see and read elsewhere. Thus, it is more than usual for me to have contamination from different languages and to hear foreign languages on a daily basis. Needless to say, English is the most used: cinema, tv shows, music, the biggest chunk of pop mass production in the area of entertainment comes from the US and from the UK. With such premise, it is very easy that foreign words or expressions find a way in the national language. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing as such, but you are not closer to learning any Spanish if you say “margarita y churros” or English if you use a random word while speaking in your language. What I can see in Italy is this tendency to abuse of English (even misusing the meaning of the words) when we have perfectly functional words or sometimes translation since forever. I’m not saying that we need absolutely to find a translation for “gamer” or “streamer” which are neologism coming from the US, but there are so many words that do not need the abuse of English. This tendency, in my view, is very sad, because often you hear people speaking 80% Italian, 20% random English words and overall it sounds so poor, so stupid, that it would be best to avoid. Finally, Italian, as French, is a very complex language that require many nuances and long sentences, it’s completely opposite to English which is more direct, snappier and straight to the point. The way we speak equals the way we think, and I believe that the tendency to oversimplify the use of a language that it’s not simple by nature is also changing the way people think in a more superficial way.

In Italy we ended up using (and misusing) English words when completely unnecessary. To us it would sound weird to use translations instead of English words only because we didn’t invest in preserving our language whenever possible. What’s wrong using the national language instead of abusing others? We are the victims of US cultural hegemony and our provincialism.