My interests include IGI (A videogame that really describes my personality), programming (Who doesn’t like having computers do their job), Math (Obviously we have to respect our universe’s language), Computer science, Linux, FOSS and technology.

I do hate the current education system a lot.

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All the comments and posts I make at a website are generalized and meant to be publicly viewable, I prefer data permanence.

I wish there were a standard which defined these kind of stuff

I don’t really care if Google took XMPP protocol and used it internally. That counts as “building on open-source stuff”, they can do if license permits. But they didn’t really killed the federated communities that uses it on a daily basis.

I wish buyouts and sellouts like this happen more, just so the fediverse can get more attention. Will direct many people to the FOSS world as well <3

I prefer a native client for jabber, but this seems so neat that I might start using it.

IT has always been a thing since the 50s, and no matter how big they grow, they can’t force centralized portals on all 7.9 billion people, so the result will always be biased.

I am not currently, but wish to be that in my future.

Excluding the 5 options proposed in this article for Debian’s decision considering non-free firmware, my suggestion would be kick-starting the production of hardware of various use-cases with free firmware on which the official image would run. The non-free image would be still be developed unofficially.

Google trying to format the web design according to their own will, obviously the FOSS guys have to prevent it.

For me, the whole world is every country except the US.

Yeah, I know that but what was I trying to say that those counter examples have the most popularity when it comes to end-users using their computers.

Once again, a laptop which follows very good design principles but very high in price.